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2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

2016 was a fantastic year at Web Baby Shower! At the conclusion of their Web Baby Showers, hosts are given the opportunity to participate in an anonymous Customer Satisfaction survey that is run by Survey Monkey. Here are the results for 2016:

  • Star Rating: Web Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower ReviewsWeb Baby Shower Reviews
    4.8/5 stars!
    All hosts rated Web Baby Shower “5 Stars Excellent” or “4 Stars Pretty Good”!
  • Satisfaction Rating:
    75% ~ “Very Satisfied”
    19% ~ “Satisfied”
    6% ~ “Not Satisfied”
  • Ease of Use:
    63% ~ “Very Easy”
    37% ~ “Somewhat Easy”
    = 100% Easy!

    Here are the specific comments about Web Baby Shower’s Ease of Use:

    • Clear and specific instructions there were able to be followed
    • My computer skills was the only limitation. Information is easy to load onto the site making corrections was challenging for me but my daughter was able to make corrections and changes easily.
    • Web Baby Shower was easy to use. And a lot of fun for the guest[s].
    • I have my own website & so using your program was seamless and simple!
    • The access was made easy and it took very little fiddling to get things looking like I wanted it to.
    • The video option was difficult and it didn’t work. That’s OK though, as there wasn’t a lot of people interested in watching it live.
    • It was very easy to customize the website for my shower. Instructions were clear, and steps were logical.


  • Would You Recommend Web Baby Shower To Friends & Family?
    94% ~ Yes!
    6% ~ No
  • Three Words To Describe Web Baby Shower:
    • Easy, easy, Creative, Creative, Easy, Easy, Fun
    • Affordable, fun, Wonderful, Easy, Fun, Cute, Adaptable
    • Fun, interactive, Innovative, Fun, Well thought out, Fun, Ingenious

Web Baby Shower Is The Greatest Idea Ever!

Web Baby Shower Reviews

Star Rating:Web Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: ExcellentWeb Baby Shower Rating: Excellent (5/5)

  1. What problem or situation made you look for an online baby shower solution?
    Family in other states


  2. Why did you choose Web Baby Shower?
    I liked the price and its setup


  3. What was your favorite thing about using Web Baby Shower?
    The ease of using.


  4. What was the process like personalizing and using Web Baby Shower?
    Very easy.


  5. What would you like to say to someone thinking about using Web Baby Shower right now?
    You won’t regret it! If you have family in other states, they can click on registry links, see the ultrasound pictures you upload, and its private. Only the people you want to see, can!


  6. Choose three words to describe Web Baby Shower:
    • Easy
    • Cute
    • Fun


  7. Is there anything else you would like to add?
    Greatest idea EVER!!!

~ Lori Thompson, Expecting Grandmother, Oklahoma, USA

“It Was Wonderful”

Web Baby Shower Reviews

“We could not be happier with the Web Baby Shower website! It was wonderful. Easy to navigate, cute, thank you so much for it. My niece is living out east, the rest of the family is in the Illinois and Texas and this was just such a great way to connect everyone. Thank You Again!”

~ Cindi, IL, Aunt of the expecting mother