Adoption Baby Showers

Tips For Using WebBabyShower for Adoption Showers

WebBabyShower can also be the fun and easy way to host an adoption shower online! 

While the typical plans of service at WebBabyShower are 6 to 12 months, we are happy to work with you until your adoption has been completed. WebBabyShower is very baby oriented! 

Expected Adoption Dates

When using WebBabyShower for adoptions is that when you sign up, you will need to enter a valid date for the expected due / adoption date, that is within one year from the date you sign up. However this is just for our internal planing, so feel free to set a ‘due date’ for the full lenth of your plan, even up to a year away!

Birthday Bets

At this time, Birthday Bets does not specifically support adoptions, but if the adoption is for a baby that has not been born yet, you like you can use the “Additional Bets” or any other “bets” that make sense for the adoption.

Our Themes

While our themes are not specific to adoptions, they are to new babys so we are confident our offereings can work for you. Please check out our gallery page to get a sense of the themes availabe.



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