Web Baby Shower: Convenient, Fun, Clever!

Web Baby Shower Customer Testimonials

I’m Halle from North Carolina, and I hosted a Web Baby Shower for my sister. She lives in California, and our family and her friends are scattered across the country, making a traditional shower very impractical. Web Baby Shower removes many of the barriers to sharing in a friend or loved one’s pregnancy — it is a very effective way to bring together people from all over, either on their own time or all at once via Skype. Bonnie’s help and support in making the shower run smoothly was amazing. I got lots of compliments on how much people enjoyed participating. Thank you, Bonnie!

Q: What would you like to say to someone thinking about using Web Baby Shower right now?
A: Do it! Web Baby Shower is well worth the investment of money and setup time. You won’t regret it!

Q: Choose three words to describe Web Baby Shower:
A: Convenient, fun, clever!

~Halle, Sister of Expecting Mother, North Carolina, USA