Baby Shower Scrapbook Idea

Baby Shower Scrapbook Idea: The Web Baby Shower Printer-Friendly Keepsake

Turn Your Web Baby Shower virtual baby shower into a keepsake baby shower scrapbook that everyone can cherish for years to come!

First you need to sign up for Web Baby Shower and invite your friends and family to participate! Once you have a Web Baby Shower full of Guest Book signatures, Birthday Bets, Photos, Game High Scores, and so forth, you can use the Printable Keepsake to print a commemorative baby shower scrapbook. Here are some ideas for binding and preserving the printable keepsake in a baby shower scrapbook:

  • Get a fabric or “leather” bound scrapbook binder in 8.5×11 size or a clear view binder in a cute color, plus enough archival sheet protectors for all of your Web Baby Shower Printer-Friendly Keepsake pages (see product suggestions, below)
  • Print your Web Baby Shower Printer-Friendly Keepsake on acid free paper (check, but most printer paper is nowadays)
  • If the margins just are not coming out right and you’ve pulled out enough hair, you have may want to use a paper trimmer to cut off those annoying margins and then either place directly in a sheet protector or mount on a piece of cardstock and then put in the sheet protector
  • Place all sheets in sheet protectors and place in binder
  • I am recommending a 1″ – 1.5″ binder in general to hold your pages with sheet protectors. If you have a lot of guest book comments, photos, games, etc, then you may need a larger binder

I cannot make any guarantees as to the suitability of these products; these links are offered as suggestions only. You obviously can also shop your local scrapbook/hobby store.

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