WebBabyShower Contributing Writer

Alia Savage

Alia is a writer who resides in the midwest with her family. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she’s reading, cooking or spoiling her cats.


  • Alia got her start, within the writing industry, writing for various content mills, which taught her how to research nearly any topic of interest. Eventually, she moved on to write pregnancy and baby articles for Baby Gaga.
  • She’s also written pop-culture centered articles for The Richest and The Talko, and vegan lifestyle blog posts for Tarabusi Creek.
  • As of Fall 2020, she is a listicle writer for ScreenRant.


  • Ali doesn’t have a degree but she is currently working on going back to school to earn it.

Alia has freelanced for WebBabyShower since June 2020. 



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