How To Use Wedding Hashtag Generators For Your Baby Shower

So you’re almost done planning: baby shower checklist done, planner template filled.

You have your theme, your venue, your guest list, and almost everything else you need. Now all you have to do is settle on whether or not to use a baby shower hashtag

Short answer? You should! Not only is a  baby shower hashtag a great way to personalize your baby’s entrance into the world, but it will also be a great tool to keep photos of your event easy to find on Instagram. Often, generic tags like #baby or #newborn fill up fast, so your content will be buried as soon as you post.

A unique baby shower hashtag, however, will ensure that you will always be able to find your content.

But wait! You’ve already spent so much time planning every intricate detail of your shower (even how your baby photos will look like); your creative energy has been spent. Well, that’s okay. Because the purpose of this article is to teach you how to use a wedding hashtag generator to create a hashtag for your baby shower.

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But first things first:

What Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag, which is a word or phrase, denoted by the # symbol to group topics together on social media. Their primary function is to help people easily find topics of interest.

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What Is A Wedding hashtag generator?

A Wedding hashtag generator is an online tool which helps couples take the guesswork out of creating hashtags for their weddings. The way it works is by having you input personal details like your names, ages, wedding date and then the generator will use that date to create a unique hashtag.

The good news is that, with a little tweaking,  you can use this tool for your baby shower hashtags as well.

webbabyshower hashtag examples from wedding hashtag generator

Why You Should Choose A Wedding Hashtag Generator

Unfortunately, there are no existing baby shower hashtag generators. (well not yet… but stay tuned 😉

Since weddings are just as special a time as a baby shower, it’s fitting to use a wedding generator for your baby shower. You can use many of the same details,  but just swap out your wedding details for your baby’s birth details. For example, instead of just combining your last names, you can tack on the word baby in front of it. If your last name is, say, Jackson, your hashtag might look something like #BabyJackson2020.

How Do Hashtags Work

Hashtags work by grouping together all the content that’s been tagged under that query. To search for a specific hashtag, just enter it into the search bar of your preferred social media app, and everything under that hashtag will appear. For example, if you click the #babyshower hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, every post that’s ever included that hashtag will pop up.  Depending on the app, you might be able to separate the posts by most popular and most recent.

Where Can You Use Hashtags?

Hashtags can be used on any of the most popular social media platforms. Think Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Tik Tok. You can also use hashtags on Youtube, to tag your content.

Why You Should Use A Hashtag

Most people use hashtags to broaden the discoverability of their content and make it easy for people to find. For those throwing baby showers, using a hashtag means that all of the content captured and posted by guests and families will be easily searchable and grouped together.

webbabyshower instagram hashtag search

How To Use Popular Hashtags Effectively

1. Keep Them Simple And Relevant

It may be tempting to create over the top, complicated hashtags, but they will be hard to remember. Keep things simple and use hashtags that will be easy to spell or that sound catch.  E.g: #ShoweringSarah #WatchThisBump #WelcomeBabyKay2020

2. Search The Hashtag Before You Use It

If you want to use existing hashtags, make sure that you are using it in the correct way and it is appropriate to your post. For example, if you are posting a photo of your cake then you can use a simple and popular hashtag like #babyshowercakes

3. Don’t Over Use The Hashtags

Use a maximum of two hashtags per post. 

Overusing hashtags can make your followers feel that you are spamming them instead of sharing your experience to them. Also, some platforms like Pinterest might demote the value of your post if you use too many hashtags.

Best 5 Wedding Hashtag Generators 

Ok basics covered. Now how do you hack a wedding hashtag generator for your baby shower? Lets cover the best ones to use and how to use them. Since these are wedding hashtag generators, we will show you how you can tweak some of the results so that it will be more appropriate to your baby shower.

Wedding Wire

webbabyshower hashtag generator website

First up is WeddingWire. Simple to use with a clean interface, WeddingWire is a great free resource to use for your hashtags. As pictured above, you will be required to input details like your name, your partner’s name, and your wedding date

But since this is for a baby shower, try swapping out your partner’s name for your baby’s name and your wedding date for your baby’s due date. It may take a few tries to come up with something that you like, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and adapt it for your baby shower needs.

Once you input your details, WeddingWire will return three hashtags by default. To get more, you must give them your email address, which they will use to send their other ideas to.


webbabyshower hashtag generator website

Shutterfly is mostly known for being a popular personalized stationery website, but it’s also home to a robust wedding hashtag generator. Like WeddingWire, you must input similar fields onto their form. But unlike WeddingWire there are way more hashtags to choose from. 

You can also click through on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see if that hashtag is taken so you can have a unique hashtag which is a very useful feature considering you’re using this to share your content with your friends and family. A tip to get started: Adding the baby’s name and words like bump into the field can give you some great baby shower hashtags.

Past Book

webbabyshower hashtag generator website

Past Book is super quick and easy to use. 

Although it only provides one hashtag at a time you can continually refresh to get a different hashtag, which is extra helpful when you are trying to tweak it to make it baby shower appropriate!

Random Word Generator

webbabyshower hashtag generator website

Random Word Generator allows you to decide how your hashtags will sound like, such as traditional, fun, or upbeat. It also asks you how many hashtags you want them to generate. The sheer amount you can create in one go will seriously help in trying to hack the generator for a baby shower.

Wedding Hashtag Wall

webbabyshower hashtag generator website

Wedding Hashtag Wall is also super easy to use.  However, it does have less fields than our other options on this list, so it may pose more of a challenge. The upside is that it does return a really long list, which should help spur your creativity!

4 Simple Steps To Use Any Tool

In the wedding hashtag generator world you could simply fill in the fields as required… however, to hack it, you’re going to want to get a little bit creative when it comes to making it baby shower appropriate.

How To Hack The Generator For You Baby Shower

webbabyshower how to use baby shower generator infographics

1. Input your information in the field box. 

You will be asked with your Fiancee or Partner’s name, but you can put your daughter or son’s name on it instead.

2. Play Around With the Tool

You can try out typing different things into different fields to find the best result.

3. Click Generate

Jump to the results section to see your results.

4. Choose The Best Hashtag

Filter out the hashtag and edit the ones you like the most. There are some results that are applicable already without changing them but there are some that are not.

5. Edit If Needed

Feel free to change it accordingly.

6. Copy it!

Copy the hashtag and use it!

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Build Your Shower

How To Make A Customized Baby Shower Hashtag

You can easily make your own unique baby shower hashtags, it just takes a bit of thought, We’ve made some great examples below to help get your creative juices flowing!

Our Examples

  1. Use the baby’s name: #NoahinNovember #WelcomeBabyJosh 
  2. Use the Mother’s Name: #JanesBabyBump #SarahIsReadyToPop
  3. Use the Parents’ last name: #SmithBabyShower #JonesSprinkleParty
  4. Gender: #itsagirl #ourlittleprince
  5. Theme #safariparty #beachshowerparty
  6. Due date or month:: #december2020 #january2021

Popular Hashtag Ideas

  •  #babysprinkle 
  • #mamatobe 
  • #babyontheway
  •  #bunintheoven 
  • #LittleAngelisComing 
  • #32weekspregnant 
  • #babybumplove
  •  #bakingbabywilliams 
  • #NicetoMeetBabyElle 
  • #ourbabyishere 
  • #babyshowerday

It’s Easy To Make An Awesome Baby Shower Hashtag

Did you enjoy this article? We sure hope so! Baby shower hashtags are a fun way to personalize and celebrate the birth of your baby. With all the tools we shared, you’ll have a blast making your very own unique hashtag for your baby shower.

So go ahead, give it a try!

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We  Want To Know Your Baby Shower Hashtags

Comment below and let us know what awesome hashtag combos you came up with!

Alia S. is a freelance content writer and strategist who resides in the Midwest. In her free time, she keeps her nose buried in a good book or enjoys the scenery around her home town.

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