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Baby Shower Planning for Millennials!

Back in the day, baby showers were thrown by friends, not relatives … men were never invited to partake in the festivities and nobody talked about budgets.

However, times have changed, and many parents-to-be, family members, and friends are throwing baby showers, everyone’s invited and it’s even online! Baby showers are a celebration of life and family, and in fact, these days it’s not uncommon to have more than one baby shower, especially if the parents-to-be have a large family, co-workers, several close friends, or even all of the above but long distance.

Planning a shower in a pinch? Check out our guide on how to throw a last minute baby shower.

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How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

Whether you plan to host a traditional, in-person baby shower party, a virtual party, or both, WebBabyShower recommends starting about 2 months beforehand, with a solid four – six weeks of planning, making preparations, hosting an in-person party and/or coordinating a virtual baby shower. Lets get to our baby shower planner guide.

What’s Expected: Traditional, In-Person Baby Shower Parties

Traditional, baby shower parties, in person, typically last about 2 – 3 hours and include mingling, food & refreshments, games and opening gifts. Most people who are familiar with baby showers will be familiar with, and expect, this format.

What’s Expected: Long Distance, Virtual Baby Showers

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

If you plan to throw an online baby shower, then it could last up to several weeks, depending on how you to decide to let your guests participate. Online baby showers can include website features such as guest books, games, gift registry links, photo album, videos and so forth that guests can visit and participate in as they have time. An online shower can also include a live chat or video call via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or other similar services.

Most people are not familiar with the online baby shower format and you will need to guide your long distance guests through the process of participating in a long distance, virtual baby shower.

That is why WebBabyShower is pleased to present this innovative, one-of-a-kind baby shower online planner that incorporates planning ideas and tips for traditional, in-person baby showers, virtual baby showers — and both together! “Baby Shower Planning For Millennials!”

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower so Everyone Can Celebrate!

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Build Your Shower

Baby Shower Planner Timeline

Long Distance Baby Shower Planning: Setting A Budget

webbabyshower private set up

When planning any type of event, it helps to sit down with your bank account balance, and any co-hosts if you plan to have them, and think about what you can realistically afford to spend on hosting a long distance baby shower.

There is a little bit of “chicken and the egg” with setting a budget, because you may need to first do some research on what format you want to use plus the costs of supplies and venue rental if you are also hosting an in-person shower.

Luckily, WebBabyShower has an inexpensive one-time fee which makes it very easy to include a virtual baby shower at WebBabyShower in your budget!

If you need help getting started, many spreadsheet software packages and online spreadsheet applications have templates for event budgets.

If you prefer something you can get your hands on, the WebBabyShower Baby Shower Planning Guide includes a budget template.

Setting A Baby Shower Date

Baby showers, whether they are long distance, virtual, in person, all of the above, are generally held during the last trimester of pregnancy, or about 1 – 3 months before the expected due date. Keep in mind that due dates are just estimates and the baby can come any time in the two weeks before the due date, up to two weeks after the due date. For this reason, you really should not plan a baby shower any closer than one month before the due date. In the case of twins, multiples or an at-risk pregnancy, the shower should be held even earlier. It will also give the momma-to-be time to organize all the fabulous shower gifts and stock up on anything additional items she needs after the shower.

Setting A Baby Shower Date Considerations: In Person

  • Make sure the mother to be is available on your desired shower date!
  • If you plan to hold a surprise shower, you will have to be sneaky about making sure your guest of honor is available and does not make other plans. Pregnant women can be terribly stubborn and cranky, so enlist an accomplice to “book” her for a fake appointment if needed.
  • If you plan to have the shower anywhere other than your own home (location info), then you would need to make sure the desired venue is available before setting a date.

Setting A Baby Shower Date Considerations: Virtual

  • If you plan to use WebBabyShower for your long distance, virtual baby shower solution, you can sign up any time, and we usually recommend signing up for your WebBabyShower towards the end of 2nd trimester / beginning of 3rd trimester. Your WebBabyShower will run until 30 days past the expected due date (approximately) you enter when you sign up (please see the Terms of Service for complete details).
  • In order to include as many family and friends as possible, WebBabyShower recommends letting your guests participate in the online shower over a period of a couple of weeks.
  • If you plan to use Skype, Google+ or another live video chat service, then the “In Person” considerations above would also apply. The nice thing about using a video call, is that you can hold more than one!

wbs hd giraffe yellow 2000 | baby shower online planner | WebBabyShower

Compiling A Modern Baby ShowBaby Shower Guest List

Traditionally you would invite only women to a baby shower, from both sides of the family, the mom-to-be’s girlfriends, and of course, the mom-to-be. Times have changed however, and potential invitees could be the dad-to-be, grandpa-to-be, and anyone else! The real question is, what kind of baby shower do you want to throw? Is it women only? Will the parents-to-be have another baby shower for family only? If so, you might consider hosting a friends-only baby shower. Another popular trend is to host a co-ed couples baby shower. Of course, if your baby shower will be online, then everyone is invited!

Whether to invite children to an in-person shower is another matter for consideration. If the baby-to-be already has a brother or sister, then inviting other kids might be a great way to get them involved in celebrating their new sibling. Depending on how old the older siblings are, they might be able to lead the other kids in activities. Seven is about the right age. This way, they’ll feel as though they are included in hosting responsibilities. Or, you might even consider hiring a babysitter for the event.

Guest List Considerations:

  • For planning purposes, you should have your guest list finalized within 4-6 weeks of your baby shower date
  • Make sure your desired venue can accommodate a group the size of your guest list
  • On the other hand, if it is to be a small, intimate shower, then make sure the location reflects that too
  • In order to avoid stepping on toes, make sure the expecting grandmothers and any other cherished friends and relatives are invited — even if you do not know them personally.
  • Even though it is not quite time yet to send invitations, as you start putting together a guest list, you should also be thinking about how you plan to send the baby shower invitations. Do you need:
    • Snail mail addresses for printed invitations?
    • Email addresses for your WebBabyShower Guest List?
    • Is everybody Facebook friends? You can also create a private Facebook event and use it to invite everyone to your WebBabyShower and/or an in-person, traditional shower!

      In today’s world, just a mailing address may not be sufficient!

See how a great online baby shower works

Throw a party

| baby shower online planner | WebBabyShower

Choosing A Baby Shower Location

Once you have a general idea of the number of guests, a date or dates in mind, and a handle on your baby shower budget, start compiling venue options.

Baby Shower Location: Traditional

Traditionally, baby showers have taken place in the home of the hostess. But, with all of the attention that “celebrity baby showers” have been getting lately, many hostesses and even expecting moms may want to broaden the scope.

Consider a restaurant, a park picnic, a reception hall, or even a day at the spa with a catered lunch! Pick a location that reflects the personality of the mother to be and that can accommodate your entire guest list (or that is intimate and cozy if you have a small guest list!).

If you want to combine both a traditional in-person shower with a virtual shower, then you also need to consider whether your preferred venue has good Internet or Wifi access, if you need to bring your own equipment, and/or if the venue requires that you use their equipment and any related fees.

If you expect one of your guests to use their own phone, camera, video recorder, tablet or laptop computer to run the “virtual” portion of the shower, then you also should designate and delegate that ahead of time. WebBabyShower also recommends running at least one “test” at the venue ahead of time, if possible, to make sure that all of the technical requirements are working and in order for the big day!

Baby Shower Location: Virtual, Online

While you can host a virtual baby shower at almost any social website, WebBabyShower is already designed to meet the specific needs of baby showers, pregnancy celebrations and birth announcements … with no advertising, no social experimentation and lots of fun baby shower stuff for you and your guests! And, all you need is a WiFi or data enabled smart phone, tablet or laptop to use it!

WebBabyShower offers a place where everyone can visit and play games, sign the guest book, view photos, watch videos, place their Birthday Bets and view gift registry information at their own pace or leisure. And, your WebBabyShower can integrate with your favorite live chat or video chat program, such as Skype, Google+ Hangouts and more, if you want to do that too.

If you haven’t already, please get to know WebBabyShower!

wbs hd rhinos 2000 | baby shower online planner | WebBabyShower

Baby Shower Themes

You’re throwing a baby shower! To help you set a format for your baby shower it is often easier to first decide on a theme. Themes serve as inspiration for decorations and games, invitations, favors and even the food. Please note that this baby shower themes article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partner, Beaucoup. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Themes can be as simple as a color scheme like blue and white if you know the parents-to-be are having a boy, or pink and white for a girl.

A theme also makes shopping for supplies a breeze! For example, if you are using a Rubber Duckies theme, you’ll pick the invitations with ducks, duck decorations, a baby bath centerpiece filled with water and floating rubber ducks, small rubber duck favors, and yellow foods. Fun right?

You can also base the theme around the season you’re having the shower in, a really popular example of this is a winter wonderland baby shower.

Need more ideas for a baby shower theme? Your in-person baby shower theme can co-ordinate with your WebBabyShower Theme! Please note for licensing reasons, WebBabyShower cannot match exactly, but can coordinate nicely with many baby shower themes from the web’s most popular baby shower boutiques including:

For more ideas on coordinating your WebBabyShower theme, check out how WebBabyShower works.

Whatever theme you choose, it will help focus the organization and make your baby shower a memorable one for the mother-to-be and your guests.

online baby shower invites

Baby Shower Invitations

Once you have finalized a guest list, venue, baby shower format and picked a baby shower theme, it’s time to get the baby shower invitations out! Please note that this baby shower invitations article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partners. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower to continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Baby Shower Invitations: Traditional

About 4 – 6 weeks before your shower date, you should finalize the guest list to allow enough time to send the baby shower invitations, and to allow the guests time to clear their schedules and find that perfect gift. Invitations to any baby shower are the guests’ first clue as to the style and/or theme of the baby shower.

If your looking for printed invites, there are many options for selecting or creating your own baby shower invitations online, including baby shower specialty websites such as, Swoozie’s or or you can also use a local print shop or stationery store.

Note: If you go the printed invitation route and you plan to include a WebBabyShower, please double-check that you have correctly copied and pasted your unlisted WebBabyShower URL onto the printed invitation. Since your WebBabyShower will be unlisted, if the URL is not correct, then your guests will not be able to find it.

Baby Shower Invitations: Virtual

If you are planning to host a virtual baby shower instead of, or in addition to, a traditional shower, you should still send your WebBabyShower Invitations out about 4 – 6 weeks before any scheduled Skype, Google+ Hangout, or other live video call so that your guests can visit your WebBabyShower, participate in the online shower and get any needed accounts set up for a video chat. If you are not planning a video chat, you should still give your guests plenty of time to visit your WebBabyShower and participate in the online shower when they have time.

In addition, because people in general are not yet as familiar with WebBabyShower and the virtual baby shower concept, you should plan to send out the initial WebBabyShower introductory invitation, as well as two – to – five additional updates using the WebBabyShower Invitation Manager. WebBabyShower makes this easy for you by providing several pre-written and pre-formatted invitations and updates for you to send to your guests.

Using the WebBabyShower Invitation Manager, makes it easy to invite your guests to your virtual baby shower and you do not have to worry about getting the URL or other details correct, because we include them all automatically for you! If you use the WebBabyShower Email Invitation Manager, your invitations will match your WebBabyShower theme. You also have the option to share your WebBabyShower home page on Facebook, or copy and paste pre-written invitations into an email of your own!

Baby Shower Invitations: Combo

Last, if most of the guests are already on Facebook, you can choose to create a private event and use it to invite your guests to your WebBabyShower and/or a traditional shower. Again, please make sure you carefully copy and paste your unlisted WebBabyShower URL so that your guests can find it! Also, WebBabyShower cannot help you with taking down a Facebook event when you are done with it — please make sure you delete the event when you are done with it!

WebBabyShower Header Image Gift Tag

Baby Shower Favors

Don’t send your guests away empty handed! Make sure they have a nice little token to remind them of the special time they had at your shower and to thank them for attending. Please note that this baby shower favors article contains links to WebBabyShower’s affiliate partners. If you click through and make a purchase, it will help WebBabyShower to continue to offer this online baby shower planner and the WebBabyShower virtual baby shower service.

Baby Shower Favors: Traditional

I personally prefer favors that have a more practical side to them like a soap or even a candle — or a yummy side like cookies or chocolates (try Announce It! Favors)! If you’ve got a lot of time before the shower, you can even make your own favors.

Need ideas for baby shower favors?

The experts at A Gift Personalized recommend keepsake items personalized with the date of the baby shower such as baby shower picture frames and personalized bud vases. Both of these items make great keepsakes without breaking the bank. You should also pick up some items to use as prizes for the winners of your Baby Shower games. Gifts such as compact mirrors or small jewelry boxes work well as prizes.

You can also head over to Beaucoup and check out their baby shower favors & gifts section.

Baby Shower Favors: Virtual

This is the one part of offering an online baby shower service that I wish I had a magic solution for everyone! The fact is that each situation that warrants a long distance baby shower is different and, in order to include as many people as possible, WebBabyShower does not want to impose any one way to handle things like favors.

If you have the time, energy, snail mail addresses and money for postage, you certainly could purchase “traditional” baby shower favors (see above) and mail them to your guests.

Most online baby shower hosts, who choose to do favors, opt for online gift certificates since those can be distributed with just an email list. At this time, WebBabyShower is not able to help coordinate with this, however.

Some hosts just skip it entirely. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do favors for an online baby shower.

Baby Shower Planning: Final Details

It’s almost time! You’ve organized, planned, shopped, and now there are just a few days left to the big event!

Baby Shower Final Details: Traditional

Finalize Menu and Go Shopping

Now is the time to finalize what you are going to serve at the baby shower. Write down all the ingredients, beverages, and place setting needs that you might have and let’s hit the grocery store. Now’s also the time to take inventory on what you might be missing. Need any extra film or decorations that may have been left out on the first round of shopping?

Confirm Reservations

If you have reservations for a baby shower venue, call and re-confirm. Ensure that the venue has enough chairs, tables and dishes, and that you’ll be let in early enough to set up any decorations.


Here are some other ideas that you might want to take care of in this last week before the baby shower:

  • Designate a photographer and/or videographer to capture the event for the parents-to-be
  • Take a photo of each guest with the parents-to-be as they leave the baby shower, and include the photo with each thank you note
  • Create a gift tracker, or use a guest book, and designate a gift recorder so you know who to send a thank you card to
  • Have a small back pillow and footstool for the mother-to-be so she can be comfortable

Baby Shower Final Details: Virtual

If you plan to use a video chat, make sure that either you or your designated “techie” person is completely set up and ready to go with whichever video call or chat service you have chosen. It is also a good idea to do a test with the expecting parent(s) to make sure the guests of honor don’t get left out of their own virtual shower!

Send out at least one reminder “update” email through your WebBabyShower Invitations Manager. Your guests are busy and since they don’t have to travel, it is helpful to remind them that your online shower is still ongoing and they still have time to participate.

If you have chosen to mail favors or party goodies to your guests, you should purchase those and mail them after an invitation or two have have been sent out. With a virtual shower, this could also wait until the shower is completed and be sent as a thank you; it’s up to you!

Baby Shower Planning Final Checklist

There are always a few loose ends to tie up on the day of a baby shower or almost any celebration. Whether your baby shower is traditional, virtual or a little bit of both, the best thing to do is make a list.

Baby Shower Planner Template Final Details: Traditional

wbs online planner | baby shower online planner | WebBabyShower

Don’t forget to put picking up any balloons or last minute decorations on the list.

A tip for food, set the food around the room in different spots. Put the chips on one side of the room and the beverages on another. This will encourage your guests to mingle.

If you are including “remote” guests via Skype, Google+ Hangouts or other type of video chat, designate a guest to keep an eye on the webcam or mobile device and make sure that the remote guests always have a good view of the current activities in the room. Also make sure that the expecting parent(s) “visit” with the remote guests specifically from time to time.

Be sure to give yourself time to get ready for the shower and Enjoy!

See how a great online baby shower works

Throw a party

| baby shower online planner | WebBabyShower

Baby Shower Planner Template Final Details: Virtual

As your guests begin to participate in your WebBabyShower, make sure you respond to their posts on the Guest Book, or ask the expecting mom to do this as a way to thank your guests!

If you have chosen to play the online baby shower games, make sure you set a deadline, let your guests know about and then declare the winner! If you choose, you can also mail physical prizes or email gift certificates to the winners!

It is helpful to still send another “Update” or other message using the Invitation Manager to remind your guests to visit the site and participate.

Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy your online shower! You will love watching it grow as your guests sign the guest book, play games and comment on all the fun things you’ve added to your WebBabyShower.

With WebBabyshower, you will have access to six online games that are can be tracked via a high score board, fourteen awesome printable games and six interactive Google slide games.

If you are including a Skype, Google+ Hangouts or other type of video chat, make sure that you and the expecting parent(s) log in first so that you are not “bumped” out by any limits to the number of participants.

And last … don’t forget to download and print your WebBabyShower Printable keepsake before your virtual baby shower ends!

Printable Baby Shower Planner Template … From WebBabyShower!

WebBabyShower is pleased to offer its very own Baby Shower Planner Template that includes:

All in one easy-to-grab PDF document! (requires the free Adobe PDF Reader).


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