The Hybrid Baby Shower Advantage: Easily Combine Your In-Person and Virtual Shower

When you’re hosting a baby shower, you’ll want to include as many loved ones as possible to celebrate the mom-to-be. But what if there are many relatives and friends scattered throughout the country, or even the world, who likely won’t be able to attend in person?

You also might want to keep the guest list to close family and friends but are also looking for ways to include everyone in the celebration.

This is where a hybrid baby shower comes in. With a hybrid shower, you can host guests from all over the world, or hold separate parties so that all loved ones are included.

Keep reading to see how a hybrid shower can help you include loved ones no matter where they live

What Is a Hybrid Baby Shower?

A hybrid baby shower is simply an in-person shower with an option for guests to attend virtually.

Just like a traditional shower, a hybrid shower will be held at a physical location such as a house, restaurant, or other event venue. Some guests will travel to the physical location to attend in person, while guests who cannot will attend online.

Recently, hybrid showers have grown in popularity, and guests better understand the concept of attending an event remotely. In fact, your friends and family may be relieved to attend virtually if they live far away or have Covid concerns.

A great way to include your distant relatives in the celebration is to throw a hybrid baby shower. You can invite close friends and family to an in-person shower, and include more guests as part of a hybrid shower. A hybrid option makes it possible for you to include more people, and shower mom-to-be with even more love.

Who Can You Include When You Combine Virtual and In-Person?

A hybrid baby shower gives you the opportunity to invite everyone to the big celebration.

Your relative who lives several states away? Put them on the list! Your unvaccinated friend? Send them the virtual event info! Everyone can come to a hybrid shower!

Here’s a pro tip: throw multiple small baby showers. Believe it or not, this is already a common practice — 72% of registrants on Babylist have more than one shower.

When taking a hybrid approach, you can throw one shower for your in-person guests and then host another shower for the virtual guests. You can also host both in-person and virtual guests together at the same event — and we will share helpful tips in this article on how, but you may find it easier to manage them separately.

Why Do You Need a Hybrid Baby Shower?

types of baby shower hybrid
Image from:@kittylinn

Parents-to-be and their guests love the hybrid approach. It’s inclusive, flexible, and convenient.

A hybrid baby shower gives your loved ones the chance to celebrate your baby, regardless of their location or ability to travel. Many local guests will choose to attend in person, but don’t make any assumptions — some locals may still prefer to party virtually.

You may also have guests who postpone their RSVP until close to the event. With a virtual option, this becomes less of a hassle. Your hybrid shower gives a fun and flexible last-minute option for last-minute guests.

And, a hybrid baby shower is easy to create, especially when you use a platform like WebBabyShower.

Are you nervous about keeping everything organized while throwing an in-person and a hybrid baby shower? With our service, you can throw a virtual baby shower with an in-person baby shower. You can keep your entire guest list organized, and share shower information on the easy-to-access website and mobile app.

WebBabyShower allows you to communicate with both your in-person and virtual shower guests through digital invitations and RSVP tracking.

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How to throw a Hybrid Baby Shower

You can throw a virtual baby shower and an in-person shower on the same day. Or you can opt to host them separately. Ultimately, it’s about what makes the most sense for you and your guests.

Let’s talk about how WebBabyShower can help you do both.

How to Do a Virtual and In-Person Shower on Different Days

We recommend throwing your virtual and in-person showers on different days. By throwing separate showers you will be able to attend to each of your guests and help everyone feel included. Plus, your virtual guests won’t feel left out when they see in-person guests interacting with the parents-to-be while they sit on their couch at home.

Invite your close family and friends to your in-person shower. On a separate day host other guests and those who live far away with a virtual shower.

Our tip: If your guest list for your virtual shower becomes too large, throw multiple virtual showers so you can engage with all of your guests over the call. A smaller virtual shower will allow you to talk to everyone in attendance and creates a more intimate experience.

WebBabyShower allows you to create different guest lists and send invitations tailored to each of your guest lists. That way you can keep each party separate and organized.

How to Do a Virtual and In-Person Shower on the Same Day!

There are a few ways to approach your hybrid shower with virtual and in-person guests attending on the same day.

You can do this by having a Zoom call before the in-person party starts, letting the online guests see the decor, play games, and talk with the new parents.

For guests attending virtually, you can use the instant video call feature on WebBabyShower to do the same thing. WebBabyShower’s built-in video call has adorably-matching shower themes for your video backgrounds. You’ll also find sweet emoji-reaction animations, and a screen capture option to grab those great virtual gender-reveal moments.

Although some hosts like to break up their hybrid shower this way, you might also decide on doing everything at once by having a virtual Zoom call and an in-person baby shower at the same time. It depends on preference and the size of the guest list.

The size of the guest list can affect the virtual baby shower if you keep it separate from the in-person one.

For example, if you have a large number of virtual guests for the Zoom call — say, 50 or so — then there won’t be much one-on-one time with each guest. It will feel more like a live stream than a time to interact with the new mom.

This can work fine if the mother-to-be and the guests don’t mind, but if this isn’t the way you want the event to go, you might consider some individual calls instead, or at least Zoom calls in smaller groups.

The Easiest Ways to Throw a Hybrid Baby Shower

Divide Up Your Guest Lists: In-Person and Virtual

Split your invitation list into two parts: in-person guests and virtual guests. This will help you stay organized on the participants for each portion of your baby shower.

WebBabyShower allows you to create multiple lists, so sorting and managing your guests is simple.

Next, decide whether you will hold the in-person and virtual portions of your shower on the same day or on different days.

If you decide to hold the event on the same day, you may want to notify guests of the shower format using a message like this:

“Our baby shower will include both in-person and virtual guests. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate with everyone! We hope you will be able to join us _____________. Here are the details.”

Fill in that blank space with “in-person,” “virtually,” or “via Zoom.”

If you decide to hold the events on separate days, there is no need to mention that you will be holding both in-person and virtual events.

WebBabyShower allows you to have as many guests and guest lists as you like. Plus — to make things even easier — we have an events page so you can create multiple events.

Spread the Word! Send Invitations for Your Hybrid Baby Shower

WebBabyShower creating an invitation

Once your guest lists are organized, you’re ready to create and send invitations!

You may decide to use paper invitations, or you might opt for digital invitations.

For a hybrid shower or a virtual shower, digital invitations are usually more convenient for your guests. You can add clickable links to the invite, making it easier for them to find the website and the video conference platform for your event.

There are many services that help you send digital invites for your baby shower. As you review your options, be sure to consider:

  • Customization options
  • Built-in tracking
  • RSVPs directly from emails
  • Option to include a baby registry link

WebBabyShower gives you all of these features for your invitations and more. Our invites have tracking so you can see who has replied — plus, you can “remind” guests, and they can use the RSVP button to reply right within the email invite.

Take Care of Virtual Guests: Assign a Dedicated Co-Host for Virtual Participants

If you plan to hold your in-person and virtual shower simultaneously for a truly hybrid shower, be sure to choose a co-host to be responsible for the virtual participants.

This person will be in charge of opening the video conference, helping virtual guests with any technical issues, managing the webcam to ensure virtual participants can see the action, and so on.

Entertain Your Guests With Party Games!

Just like a traditional shower, your hybrid baby shower should have games to keep your guests entertained. Consider adding two or three games to your party agenda.

As you choose your games, be sure to pick activities that both in-person and virtual guests can fully participate in.

Browse through our full list of baby shower games and look for options that will fit well with your hybrid party plan. Games that are easy for in-person and virtual guests to play together include Candy in a Bottle, Baby Emoji Pictionary, Baby Shower Alphabet Game, Baby Shower Scattergories, and Baby Name Race

WebBabyShower game scoreboard

Remember the Registry!

Be sure to include your registry information on the baby shower invitations and the baby shower website (if you create one).

You can easily add a link to your gift registry when you use WebBabyShower. And, if you want ideas about what items to put on the registry, check out our helpful article about How to Choose the Best Baby Registry.

Add Glitz and Glam! Decorate for Your Big Event!

Whether you’re throwing an in-person, virtual, or hybrid baby shower, you’ll need decorations! For a hybrid baby shower, you’ll want to decorate the entire room where the party takes place and make sure that virtual guests can see the decor, too.

Check out our article on the best baby shower themes to choose from.

Plan Virtual-Only Activities

There will be times during your hybrid shower when the virtual guests and the in-person guests will need to be doing different activities. This is totally fine. Plan some activities just for the virtual guests, and ask your virtual co-host to facilitate those activities when the timing feels right.

Virtual-only activities might include video well wishes, online quiz games, and polls, which work best in a virtual setting.

Identify Activities for In-Person Guests

Some portions of the shower will work best for in-person participants. It’s good to recognize these activities in advance so you can plan accordingly for your virtual guests.

For example, perhaps you plan to serve food only to the in-person guests. You may wish to do that at the beginning of the shower, and have the virtual guests join afterward. If you plan to serve food from 12:00 P.M. to 12:45 P.M., ask your virtual guests to join the shower at 12:45 P.M. to participate in the games, gifts, and so on.

Find the Perfect Webcam and Computer Screen Location

Before the shower, try out a few different locations to set up the webcam and computer screen. Make sure that the room is bright enough without any light shining directly on the screen or webcam.

Put the camera and screen in a prime location. Your virtual guests will want to see the decorations, parents-to-be, other guests, and gifts. Keep in mind that your in-person participants will want to see the virtual guests, too!

Sound Check!

A virtual event with audio issues puts everyone on the fast track to frustration. Stop this from happening by working out the audio in advance. Using the standard microphone on your computer will probably pick up too much background noise and possibly create an echo.

Instead, consider using a wireless headset, a stand-alone microphone, or even something like an iPhone headset.

Keep the Party Going

webbabyshower all emails sent through invite manager

Use WebBabyShower to keep the celebration going long after your hybrid baby shower comes to an end.

You can use the invite manager to send out pregnancy updates and bump pics, and — once your little one arrives — you can email out a cute birth announcement and post photos to the gallery for everyone to enjoy!

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!

Preparation is essential for a successful virtual event. Do a run-through with a couple of friends or co-hosts before the actual baby shower. That way, you can handle any technology problems before the party.

This will also help you to think through your timing to make sure the virtual portion and the in-person portion of the shower stay aligned.

Outdoor Hybrid Baby Shower

Outdoor baby showers are so fun, and they provide an excellent setting for a party. From gardens to patios, there are many ways to host an outdoor baby shower. Still, there are a few unique challenges that accompany a hybrid outdoor baby shower.

But, as long as you know of potential problems in advance, it should be easy to maneuver around them and make this a great event!

With hybrid baby showers, there is, of course, going to be a virtual element. Therefore, you’ll need electronics like laptops, power cords, and possibly speakers. This means you’ll need to think about the weather — if it rains, electrical equipment can be a problem.

Make sure you have some form of shelter to keep electronics dry in the event of a rainstorm and have a backup plan (an indoor space) that you can move the party to if necessary. And, believe it or not, sunshine can also be a problem — so you’ll need some shade so that your laptop screen is still visible during the event.

You’ll also need extension cords to have more freedom with where you can place laptops and electronic devices.

Also, be aware that sound doesn’t carry well outside. You’ll want to bring some speakers so that it’s easy for your in-person guests to hear your virtual guests. This will make everyone feel more included in the event.

Since you’ll be outdoors and the weather should (hopefully) be nice, some cocktails or mocktails are a good way to celebrate. Check out these fun cocktail and mocktail ideas to help you get started.

virtual outdoor baby shower
Image from: @kaisydaisy

Techy Tips for the Big Day

If you’re going to be using a camera or a laptop to host virtual guests, getting the technology stuff right is super important. No one wants the screen to freeze or a computer to turn off in the middle of the event.

Here are some ideas to keep your tech working correctly.

WBS hybrid baby shower tech tips updated | WebBabyShower

Test Everything

Double and triple-check everything!

The best way to be prepared for anything is to practice, so this is super important. It would help if you did a couple of test Zoom or video calls, as well as have your co-hosts practice playing any virtual games.

This makes it easier to troubleshoot and help your guests handle any issues on the day of the party.

Have a Plan

You need to have an order of events planned out. When will you play games? Will there be a chance for everyone to talk to the other guests and the mother-to-be?

Knowing what order things should happen in will keep the event on track, stop people from being bored, and keep the things from moving too quickly.

It’s a good idea to add your agendas to a Google slide so that you can share it with your guests — that way they will know what’s going on as well.

That’s what Lisa did during the super successful baby shower she hosted through WebBabyShower.

Make All Guests Feel Included

If your virtual and in-person parties are going to take place simultaneously, be sure to plan activities that include everyone, including games that you can play virtually and in person.

That way, no one feels left out.

Have a Back Up Plan

Sometimes technology fails. Your video conference software might go down in the middle of the call. The audio might drop. You might lose the internet connection.

Consider in advance how you will handle each of these scenarios, and plan the messages you would send to virtual guests in the unlikely event that one of these issues occurs.

If you plan in advance, you will be ready to tackle and conquer anything on the day of your event!

WebBabyShower Makes Hybrid Showers Easy!

Using WebBabyShower, your guest list can include everyone you care about — regardless of their physical location. You’re not limited to just locals and neighbors (although they are welcome, too), as you can also include distant family and friends in the celebration!

Just like with any big event, a website can help keep everyone up to date with important information.

You can create your own baby shower website using WebBabyShower, then add details about the event, upcoming games, photos, and more. Everything your guests need will be in one convenient place — no wondering about times and dates, activities that are planned, or what to expect.

webbabyshower events page | WebBabyShower

It will keep everyone on the same page and may save you from answering a lot of emails with questions about the party.

When you use our invitation system, you’ll find that it’s a super easy way to keep track of everything. You can send invitations via email, and only send invites to part of your list (if you wish) — which is particularly useful if you’re dividing in-person and virtual baby showers.

You’ll also see if your emails have been received, which is helpful for planning purposes.

Another simple aspect of a WebBabyShower party is your gift registry — it’s located on your website, making it easy for guests to find.

Your guests will also notice the virtual guest book. There, they can leave a note for the new parents either before or after the baby shower date, which is a great way to create a memory!

Last, the gallery page is a fun way to show off pregnancy photos and pictures of the party. After the baby shower, upload the photos to the site and easily share them with all the guests.

webbabyshower gallery page | WebBabyShower

There are plenty of reasons why WebBabyShower is both the simplest way to create an unforgettable event and the most comprehensive. We’ve thought of everything, so you can quickly plan a hybrid baby shower that will amaze your guests and help to create wonderful memories.

Indoor Hybrid Baby Shower

Worried about the weather? An indoor event is a good idea, as you won’t have to worry about rain, wind, or cool temperatures. Plus, it can actually be pretty easy to host a cozy, hybrid shower indoors — you just need to plan for it.

Make sure that the laptop or camera you’re using is set up in a way that your virtual guests can see the entire space. You want them to be able to check out the decorations and interact with in-person guests and the mother-to-be.

Depending on your location, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

When you pick out your venue, walk around and imagine what you will need for that day. Where will the camera be? Will you need speakers? Are there wall outlets to plug everything in? Where can you set up decorations and centerpieces?

If you ask yourself questions like that, it should help you figure out if a venue is the right place or not.

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