5 thoughtful, versatile Hawaiian baby shower theme ideas

A thoughtful theme can make a baby shower even more unforgettable, especially if you get creative with decor, music, and food. We’re constantly adding new ideas on our blog to help get your creative juices flowing, ranging from trendy to classic baby shower party themes.  

We now offer over 120 baby shower themes, with our Hawaiian theme as one of our cool, newest additions. If you’re looking for a theme we don’t offer yet, just remember that you can upload any background theme or image you find to your shower website to make it feel uniquely your own!

Traditional Luau Inspired Celebration

For native Hawaiians (and those just dreaming ;-)), we’ll cover a range of ideas to help you create the vibrant and festive feeling of a traditional Hawaiian luau.

For starters, we encourage you to consider incorporating authentic Hawaiian music, dance, and attire to really set the party mood! Below we’ll share invitation and decor ideas that integrate the natural elements of Hawaiian culture – all to help you create that dreamy luau celebration.

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Hawaiian Themed Baby Shower Website 

For families that want a low-key shower, or have family and loved ones who live out-of-town, we offer the idea of virtual baby showers as an add-on to your in-person event. With a virtual shower, not only are details such as the registry items and baby information all in one simple location, but also your themes and invitations can be personalized (just like an in-person shower, but without all the challenges and budget constraints!)

If this is something you’re considering, we offer a ready-to-go and personable Hawaiian baby shower themed website, where you can enjoy the experience of having a themed party all from the comfort of your own home.

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Luau themed Invitations

A Hawaiian themed baby shower calls for luau-themed invitations. For a virtual shower, we have a built-in invite system where invites are sent via email and text/sms with the luau theme of your choice. Additionally, these invitations can go to an unlimited number of guests, and can be used as an email-sending feature too, for pregnancy and other exciting updates after the shower!

Invite themes to consider for paper invitations

As for invitations for an in-person shower, we love a luau-themed invitation which incorporates tropical flowers or fruits from the island. Another option is a festive tiki bar themed invitation, featuring a cute hut and some coconuts…or if you want to create a more beachy vibe, send a customized message in a bottle invitation! Whichever you choose, remember to add any details you’d like guests to be aware of, such as dress attire, registry information, address, start time and RSVP details.

Decor and Party Arrangements

Tiki Torches and Flower Leis

Tiki torches originated in the Polynesian culture as a sign of fertility. As a tribute to the culture, tiki torches are a wonderful, festive way to light up the party area for a baby shower. Lei garlands, whether made of tropical flowers such as hibiscus or orchid, or with pretty artificial flowers, are a delightful way to sweetenthe guest experience. For an extra-special detail to your Hawaiian themed baby shower, surprise your guests by greeting them with leis upon their arrival!

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Vibrant Tropical Flower Arrangements

Bring the beauty of the Hawaiian islands to your home. When people think of Hawaii, most often they think of fresh tropical flowers like birds of paradise, hibiscus and plumeria. These are wonderful to sprinkle the room with, offering beauty and fragrance, and can serve as an elegant choice for a table centerpiece.

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Sandy Beach-Themed Backdrops

A backdrop is always a great way to bring people together at a baby shower. One option is to have a beach-themed photo backdrop with props like surfboards, sunglasses, and more leis. For a laugh, also consider homemade backdrops where everyone gets to look pregnant for a minute! Think of those hialrious backdrops you see at beach boardwalks and circuses.

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Food & Fruits

Hawaiian Luau Buffet

If you’ve ever been to a traditional luau, you know that a full experience means a roasted pig and many delicious, traditional food dishes. If you want to offer guests the full experience, consider ordering a roasted kalua pig and lomi-lomi salmon, as well as easier dishes to manage like poke, poi, and haupia. Food is a great place to indulge especially if you’re staying away from large budget decoration items like a full-on tiki torch route.

Tropical Fruit Platters

Tropical fruits are a truly wonderful way to create an island-like feel to the party, without going overboard on budget. Have fruits like pineapples, mangoes, and papayas on the short list – for those of you that live in larger cities, these should be relatively easy to find.

Tiki Bar with Mocktails options

A tiki bar is a great way to entertain guests and add a touch of festive flair to the party! Some Hawaii and tropical-inspired mocktails ideas include the Piña Colada Mocktail, Virgin Mai Tai, Hibiscus Vanilla Mocktail, and Blue Hawaii Mocktail Punch.

We love these options because not only do they come in vibrant colors that go along with the theme, these drinks can also be made into cocktails (if that suits the guest list better). Whichever option you choose, if not both, we are sure these will be a big hit at the party!


Favors add an extra touch to a Hawaiian baby shower theme. Below we share three fun ideas that will surprise your guests and make them even more excited for the little one on the way!

Miniature Hawaiian Salt Jars

One of the favors we suggest are mini jars of Hawaiian sea salt as a take-home gift. This will leave guests with a salty and sweet memory to take home (and maybe even encourage a future trip to the beautiful island!).

wbs hawaiian baby shower favor sea salt | WebBabyShower

Personalized Leis

Leis are a symbol of friendship, love and celebration, which make for that perfect addition to a Hawaiian-themed baby shower! A personalized lei is a great idea (especially if you have a smaller invite list) that will leave a lovely and lasting memory on your guests.

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme

Tropical Scented Candles

Tropical scented candles are also a charming take-home gift. Not only are they easily portable, guests go home with warm scents that remind them of a relaxing day at the beach. For flavor inspiration, we think that pineapple, coconut and sandy seashores are sure to be a hit!

wbs hawaiian baby shower theme


A Hawaiian-themed baby shower will make for lively, lasting memories and leave the expecting parents with so many fun photos to look back on. Whether this is a virtual shower or an in-person gathering, we encourage you to have fun with this theme!

From mai tai mocktails and Hawaiian themed web invitations to traditional tiki torches as decor, tap into your creativity to make this event authentic and fun for the parents-to-be and guests. We hope that these ideas not only help create a baby shower that delights, but also add an essence of aloha (a way of living in harmony with the people and land around you) to the celebration.

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