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No other article on the web is going to tell you this simple fact: finding and choosing games for your virtual baby shower completely depends on what kind of shower you’re planning to have and your guest list. For example you might need to look at baby shower games for large groups.

Are you only hosting a zoom call, are you doing a drive-by baby shower, are you combining an in-person event with a virtual one, or are you using a dedicated virtual baby shower service like ours to do all of the above and much more? 

Even the top blogs don’t understand this, because they don’t actually throw online showers, they just guess about them – and I do mean guess – because the writers have often never thrown a single virtual baby shower themselves. WebBabyShower is the leading online shower platform and we have helped our customers host thousands of successful showers just last month (more in our baby shower etiquette guide 😊). That’s why BabyList, What to Expect, and BabyCenter have all recommended us.

Here are ideas for baby shower games broken down by the kind of virtual shower you’re planning on having.

How to Make a Baby Shower During COVID Fun?

Welcoming a new baby into this world is such an exciting time for the mothers and their families and friends. Celebrating the new arrival together and helping the mom prepare is a beloved tradition. Even though COVID put a damper on many in-person gatherings, you can still have just as much fun with a new, innovative baby shower with one of the following party ideas.

  • Drive-by shower
    Zoom shower
  • Mail-in shower
  • Virtual shower – WebBabyShower

The best part about these baby showers is that your guests can still have a blast with baby shower games, just like in the traditional setting.
Want some affordable and fun baby shower ideas, check out The Toilet Paper Baby Shower Game, also you can always do a diaper raffle, check out our diaper raffle wording.

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Throw a Virtual Baby Shower so Everyone Can Celebrate!

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How Many Games Should You Play?

The number of games you include is entirely up to you and the baby shower style you are having. While a traditional baby shower usually has 3-5 games, the type of party determines how many games you should include.For mail-in and drive-by baby shower games, you can stick to the 3-5 printable games that your guests drop off or mail to you. If you have a virtual baby shower, you might want 1-3 Zoom baby shower games that each person can print out at home.With WebBabyShower, you have even more fantastic baby shower game options. The guests can participate in the games on our platform and use printables for the video call. Also, our baby showers can last for long periods, ensuring everyone can participate. You can schedule one game per week to keep the fun going. The options are endless! 

Here Are Your Options

Ensure the mom-to-be has an incredible time with her friends and family with one of the following baby shower ideas. Pick from the numerous baby shower game ideas to give guests and hosts a joyful baby shower experience.

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Video Chat Only Baby Shower

A simple way to get your loved ones together is through a video chat baby shower. Use any popular apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, or Facetime. These showers are easy to organize. Send out a digital invite to your desired guests with a link to the video and put together some virtual baby shower games on Zoom or Skype.While the preparation is simple and requires very little financial investment – if any! – it limits the number of participants and game options. Plus, you only get to enjoy the festivities for a couple of hours with Skype baby shower games.

Games for a Video Chat Only Baby Shower

A video chat baby shower provides ample opportunities for games, from print-outs to interactive games to external game links. All of the following options are exciting options for Skype or Google Meet baby shower games. Just make sure to send the links or PDFs to your guests before the party.Online Pictionary with


Why limit the fun to just a few hours when you can have months of enjoyment? The best thing about virtual baby showers is that they don’t need to have a time limit. WebBabyShower organizes events that last either six or 12 months, letting all of your guests participate as the new mom revels in the journey of pregnancy and having a newborn.Even though the baby shower lasts much longer, it is just as easy to organize as other virtual options. WebBabyShower’s platform guides you through the planning process and includes every activity you could imagine. There is no limit to the fun your guests will have! 

WebBabyShower Games

WebBabyShower has years of experience providing exquisite online baby showers, and they know what games are a hit. When you organize a shower with WebBabyShower, you will have access to both online and printable baby shower games. Also, incorporate your favorite live games through a video chat. They offer numerous games, but here are a few to give you an idea.

  • Several printable games to send to your guests
  • Online quiz games with an ongoing scoreboard
  • Option to include live games through video chat
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HouseParty for Baby Showers

HouseParty is a unique app for face-to-face interaction. Unlike Google Meets or Facebook Messenger, HouseParty has numerous games incorporated in the app to entertain your guests even from a distance. While they do not focus specifically on baby showers, they are still a great way to break the ice, create healthy competition, and connect on a video call. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the game to remember the fun! Here are all the games that HouseParty offers:Heads Up

  • Quick Draw
  • Trivia
  • Chips and Guac
  • Word Racers
  • Magic 8-Ball
  • UNO

Drive-By Baby Shower

If you desperately want to see your loved ones in person – albeit from a distance – a great choice is the drive-by baby shower. The organization for this baby shower style is relatively simple, mainly because you don’t need to clean your house beforehand! Just set a short time-frame of thirty minutes to an hour when the family can come by and show their love. While a drive-by baby shower gives you peace of mind about faulty technology, it still sets a narrow time frame on the activities and limits what games you can play. Also, friends and relatives from far away won’t be able to participate. 

Games for a Drive-by Baby Shower

Since drive-by showers are short and people spend just a short time passing by, you must offer printable baby shower games. Send everyone a copy of the downloadable drive-by baby shower games before the event and ask them to drop the papers off at the house. Match the celebrity parents to their child

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Mail-in Baby Shower

A mail-in baby shower combines aspects of the virtual and drive-by options. Set a date and time for a video call where people share their gifts. Both the games and presents are then mailed (or dropped off) to the mom-to-be. This option is a simple, cost-effective way of organizing a baby shower, especially with various video apps available. However, some apps have a maximum number of participants, and mailing in the games means you only have a few activity options.

Games for a Mail-in Baby Shower

Mail-in baby shower games are limited to print-outs or written responses. You can send these documents to your guests by email and have them print them out at home. Some popular options include the following:Baby word search

See how a great online baby shower works

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| virtual baby shower games | WebBabyShower

How to Give out Prizes

With baby shower games come winners! All the guests want to win at least one game, and they deserve prizes for their efforts. Whichever style of baby shower you choose to host, providing the prizes is quite simple. You can send them a homemade dessert or ship beautiful little gifts from Amazon right to their door.The gifts won’t be immediate, like in a traditional baby shower, but sending them a present in the mail is the perfect way to show your appreciation for participating in your big day.

Get the Most Fun and Games from WebBabyShower

While COVID has redefined normal for us, it does not mean you need to cancel your dream baby shower. You only need to get creative!WebBabyShower knows how important this celebration is to you and your family, and they want to let everyone enjoy the festivities for as long as possible.Forget the drive-by and video chat only options that don’t provide sufficient time or resources for lively games. WebBabyShower sets an exciting, competitive atmosphere with ongoing games and scoreboards for people to come and participate when it fits their schedule. Don’t let the COVID restrictions get you down. You can still have an incredible shower with exciting online baby shower games. Before settling on a drive-by or video call only baby shower, check out the elegant, all-inclusive celebration WebBabyShower can offer you.


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