10 Best Succulent Baby Shower Favors for Your Next Event

10 Succulent Baby Shower Favors Your Guest Will Love

Baby showers are exciting events to celebrate an upcoming birth. The planning process should be simple and stress-free for everyone. That’s why we have the 10 best succulent baby shower favors to use at your next event!

Not all expecting parents want to know if they are having a boy or girl ahead of time. So, these succulent-themed ideas are terrific for hosting a gender-neutral baby shower. Or, if you just want something different than the traditional blues and pinks, succulents are perfect!

Baby in Bloom Succulent Tags

Individual succulent baby shower favors are such fun to give to guests! You can personalize each plant with a Baby-in-Bloom wooden tag. They’re perfect for a more rustic, simple shower theme, while still offering a touch of class.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Succulent Soap Favors

If mom-to-be is a plant lover, these handmade succulent-shaped soap favors are ideal! Thank guests for attending your event using these unique baby shower party favors. Each soap is wrapped individually with clear packaging and includes a personalized tag.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

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Eucalyptus Soap Favors

If you love plants and enjoy natural fragrances, try these Eucalyptus soap favors! Each mini soap bar uses natural ingredients and comes with eco-friendly packaging. You can personalize the color and scent and include a heartfelt message for your guests..

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Bulk Succulent Plants with Silver Metal Buckets

Give your shower guests a party favor they’re sure to remember with a succulent plant in a silver metal bucket! You can choose from 36 random succulents and up to 500 plants to match your baby shower theme. Each live plant comes in a 2-inch silver bucket with moss and rope.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Bulk Succulent Plants with Burlap Wraps

You can save money on baby shower party favors by purchasing in bulk! These live succulent plants come in a 2-inch plastic pot with waterproof burlap wraps for a rustic appearance. You’ll love the gold heart-shaped stands for the 2-inch round personalization tag to thank your guests.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Oh Baby! Live Succulent Baby Shower Favors

For a more classy touch on succulents, these handmade Oh Baby! live plants are an excellent choice. Each vibrant succulent comes in a white ceramic pot with the words Oh Baby! in gold letters and colorful moss.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Watch Me Grow Succulent Favors

Personalized succulent baby shower favors are a great way to thank your guests at your next event. So, whether you have a baby shower before the birth or after, these succulent favors are perfect anytime! They have a 2-inch wooden sign displaying the words Watch Me Grow, moss, and a burlap wrap with twine.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Personalized Chamomile Bath Bomb Favors

Why not treat your shower guests to some self-care with personalized chamomile bath bomb favors? They include essential oils and real chamomile flowers for a bohemian-themed shower. These homemade bath bomb favors are 100% natural and don’t use parabens or artificial ingredients.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Please Take A Succulent Favor Digital Sign

Purchasing a digital sign to match your succulent theme is ideal if you are in a time crunch, or on a budget. This digital download gives you an attractive sign to include at your baby shower table for guests to take a succulent. Place it in a wooden frame, glass holder, or gold stand to match your shower colors.

wbs succulent baby shower favor

Succulent Favors with Paper Bag and Stickers

For a more personalized touch, choose these succulent baby shower favors that come with a paper bag and stickers for your next event! Each plant comes in a 2-inch plastic pot to place into adorable paper bags with handles and space for a personalized sticker. Customize your sticker to include a thank you with the date for a truly memorable keepsake.

wbs succulent baby shower favor
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