10 Woodland Baby Shower Favor Ideas

A woodland baby shower is whimsical and charming, making it a delightful choice for any parent-to-be. Enhancing this theme with woodland baby shower favors adds a magical touch and provides guests with a memorable keepsake. Let’s explore some top woodland baby shower favor ideas to elevate your celebration.

Why Choose Woodland Theme 

Ideal for nature lovers, the woodland theme for baby showers incorporates natural elements like woodland animals, pinecones, and greenery, and features a neutral color palette perfect for gender-neutral showers. It’s easily adaptable to any season, making it an excellent baby shower theme for any time of the year.

Woodland Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Customized Woodland Animal Cookies 

Animal-shaped cookies are an adorable woodland baby shower favor, especially when personalized with the baby’s name or shower date.

If you’d like to bake them yourself, start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe, then use woodland animal cookie cutters. For decorating, prepare royal icing in colors like brown, black, orange, tan, and white. To learn how to decorate cookies shaped like a fox, squirrel, owl, and hedgehog, check out this helpful post from Jenny Cookies.

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Miniature Potted Plants

For this favor, choose miniature plants that are easy to care for and thrive indoors, such as mini ferns, baby spider plants, and succulents.

For decoration, wrap the pots in jute or twine to give them a rustic touch. Or, paint them with woodland-themed designs like mushrooms, woodland animals, or trees. If free-hand painting isn’t your thing, woodland animal stencils are a great option. Then, attach a cute tag with the phrase “Watch Me Grow” as a fun nod to the baby’s journey ahead.

Local plant nurseries are a great place to find plants. Alternatively, you can buy this set of six mini fern plants from Amazon or this 12-pack of succulents from Etsy.

wbs woodland baby shower favors

Woodland Scented Candles 

Make your guests feel like they’re walking in the forest by gifting them woodland scented candles in fragrances like pine, cedarwood, or birch.

If you want to DIY these favors, a candle making kit can make it easy. Just melt the wax, stir in your chosen fragrance, pour into containers with wicks, and let it cool.

Prefer not to DIY? Buy a set of candles from Amazon and enhance them with twine bows, animal charms, and little twigs of artificial greenery.

wbs woodland baby shower favors

Or, for a ready-made option, explore Etsy for a variety of pre-made woodland candles adorned with cute stickers, flowers, or woodland animals.

Animal-Shaped Soap 

Animal-shaped soap is a fantastic woodland baby shower favor because it’s both adorable and practical!

To make the soap yourself, start by melting a mild, hypoallergenic soap base to ensure it’s baby-safe. Then, add your choice of fragrances or colors and pour the mixture into molds shaped like woodland creatures. Allow the soap to solidify before unmolding.

Alternatively, you can buy soap bars and remold them into animal shapes, as demonstrated in this helpful DIY video.

If you’re short on time, order custom soaps from Etsy. These soaps are made with clean ingredients and offer customizable scents and colors to perfectly suit your needs.

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Seed Packet Favors

Seed packets are a wonderful eco-friendly favor for a woodland baby shower, symbolizing a baby’s growth and new beginnings.

To make your own, choose easy-to-grow seeds like wildflowers or herbs. Print your design and message onto cardstock, cut it into packet shapes, add about ¼ teaspoon of seeds to each, seal with glue, and attach planting instructions on the back.

For a simpler option, buy paper seed envelopes, then add a custom sticker featuring your baby shower details.

wbs woodland baby shower favors

Woodland Bookmark Keepsakes

Bookmarks are one of our favorite woodland baby shower favor ideas since they are practical and oh-so-cute!

Start by cutting bookmarks from heavy cardstock and decorate them with woodland-themed stamps. Alternatively, you can make a pressed-flower bookmark by sealing flowers between layers of transparency film using Mod Podge, as shown in this video by One Little Project.

Or, purchase bookmarks from Etsy. You’ll find a diverse selection of bookmarks made from wood, acrylic, leather, or paper, beautifully decorated with mushrooms, trees, woodland animals, and other designs.

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Personalized Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters are a thoughtful and rustic choice for a baby shower favor, perfect for adding details like the baby shower date or baby’s name.

If you’re up for a DIY project, try pyrography (wood burning) to etch your designs, or opt for painting if you prefer something simpler. Check out this helpful video to learn how to paint bear, deer, and fox coasters.

Another great option are these custom wooden coasters from the FruitfulTree shop on Etsy, featuring charming deer and bear designs.

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Forest Tea Blend Packets 

Create your own forest tea favors by selecting woodland ingredients like dried berries, mint leaves, and chamomile flowers. Mix your ingredients, then spoon the tea into sachets or small decorative bags, sealing them with a string for a rustic touch.

For help making your concoction, consider visiting an artisanal tea shop. Or, purchase a premade mix like this Faerie Tea Blend from Etsy.

wbs woodland baby shower favors

Woodland Creature Keychains

Woodland animal keychains are a cute and practical favor, as guests can easily attach them to their keys or key fobs.

To make them yourself, use felt as the base material, yarn for stitching, and ribbon for the loop. Check out this helpful article for a step-by-step guide.

You can also buy premade ones like these Sporeling Mushroom Man Keychains or these Woodland Animal Keychains from Etsy.

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Nature-Inspired Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a fantastic way to unwind, especially with forest-inspired scents and soothing colors like green or lavender.

To make your own, gather ingredients such as baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, cornstarch, oil, and essential oils. Add optional dyes or soap colorants and extras like dried flowers or mica powder for flair. For guidance, consider watching this helpful video.

Alternatively, check out Etsy for a selection of all-natural bath bombs available in delightful scents like rose, lavender, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and mint.

wbs woodland baby shower favors

Packaging and Presentation

Now that you’ve got some fantastic woodland baby shower favor ideas, let’s talk about packaging! You can gift them in burlap bags, mason jars tied with twine, or craft paper boxes with woodland-themed stickers or stamps.

At your shower, consider displaying your favors in rustic baskets or on wooden crates, wood rounds, or burlap tablecloths to boost the rustic feel. These presentation methods are visually appealing and will make your favors a standout feature of your decor.

Overall, these woodland baby shower favors are perfect for celebrating the new arrival and making your woodland baby shower unforgettable. We hope this article gave you some helpful ideas!

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