17 Adorable Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas That Will Make Your Photos Pop!

When it comes to baby shower planning, there’s a lot to do before the celebration begins. There are many fantastic baby shower ideas to consider when picking a theme, sending invitations, and deciding on decorations.

Part of that planning includes having a beautiful baby shower backdrop as a piece of your baby shower decorations. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of adorable backdrop ideas to ensure all of your baby shower photos pop.

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Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Whether a sweet prince or sports star is on the way, there are plenty of boy baby shower backdrop ideas to choose from. Keep reading to find inspiration for your shower.

Nautical Theme

If the parents-to-be love the ocean, sailing, or boats, consider a nautical theme. Create a backdrop with anchors, sailboats, seagulls, and other nautical elements. Throw in an “Ahoy, It’s a Boy!” sign, and let the guests of honor wear captains’ hats.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Little Prince Theme

Celebrate the arrival of a little prince with this theme that adds a touch of elegance to any shower. Set up a royal blue and gold backdrop with castles and crowns that guests will want to feature in their photos.

Transportation Theme

For the parents-to-be who love to travel, or are enthusiastic about classic cars or old trains, consider a transportation theme. Create a backdrop with cars, planes, trains, or other modes of getting around. Add a directional sign to point shower guests to different parts of the party (food, games, etc).

Sports Theme

Does mom or dad have a favorite sports team? Maybe they’re passionate about playing a specific sport? Celebrate the arrival of a little slugger, quarterback, or point guard with a sports theme. Set up a backdrop with basketballs, footballs, or the logo of a favorite team at your shower.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: Lulu Coelhinha

Baby Elephant Theme

A baby elephant theme is great for the mom-to-be who loves animals and wants to add a playful touch to her shower. Feature a baby shower backdrop with cute baby elephants to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy. Add greenery or colorful balloons to match your theme colors.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: Keishla Perez

Girl Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

If you’re looking for options for girl baby shower backdrops, consider a floral theme, unicorn theme, or adorable baby animals. No matter what you choose, we’re sure your guests will love any of these ideas.

Purple Theme

Create a girly and glamorous backdrop with a purple theme baby shower. Purple is synonymous with femininity, elegance, and sophistication, making it a great choice for a baby girl shower. Set up a backdrop with shades of purple, lilac, and pink complete with flowers, butterflies, and ribbons.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: Etsy

Floral Theme

Whether spring is in the air or the mom-to-be simply loves flowers, go with a floral theme baby shower. Celebrate the arrival of a baby girl with a beautiful flower wall backdrop. Choose flowers in various shades of one color, or in multiple colors to match your theme.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: nypaperflowers.com

Princess Theme

Create a backdrop fit for royalty with pink and gold elements such as crowns, castles, and princess dresses. Add drapery in similar shades for an elegant touch. Guests will be excited to celebrate the arrival of a little princess.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: @bizziebeecreations

Unicorn Theme

Give your baby shower a whimsical feel with a unicorn theme. Include colorful unicorns, pastel balloons, and rainbows on your baby shower backdrop. Give guests their own unicorn horn as a photo prop.

Tutu Theme

A sweet ballerina will soon dance her way into the world. Celebrate with a tutu theme baby shower. For your backdrop include ballet shoes, tutus, and lots of fluffy tulle.

Baby Deer Theme

For the animal or nature lover, choose a baby deer theme. Decorate your backdrop with cute baby deer that are curled up asleep, or playing with one another. Include greenery and wood elements to give it a forest feel.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Whether the parents-to-be are going for a gender reveal baby shower, are keeping the baby’s gender a secret, or simply prefer neutral tones, there are a lot of options for decor. Take a look at our list of gender-neutral baby shower backdrops.

Woodland Theme

Create a rustic and cozy environment for your baby shower with a woodland theme. This theme is perfect for a gender-neutral event and features trees, leaves, and adorable baby animals. Set up a backdrop with moss, pine cones, and animal cutouts of foxes, deer, and bears. A woodland theme also works well for those who want to incorporate eco-friendly elements into their baby shower.

unique baby shower themes
Image from: Etsy

Jungle Theme

Get a little wild with a jungle theme baby shower backdrop. Include lions, tigers, monkeys, and giraffes, along with lots of greenery for a jungle feel. This theme is sure to add a sense of adventure and playfulness to your shower.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: inspiredbythis.com

Rainbow Theme

A rainbow theme lets you play with color and gives you lots of options for a bright and cheerful baby shower. Set up a backdrop with colorful rainbows, sunshine, and clouds to celebrate the little one’s arrival. Include a rainbow balloon arch to complement your decor.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: lasercutwraps.com

Storybook Theme

For the parents-to-be who love literature and want to add a touch of nostalgia to their shower, go with a storybook theme. Find inspiration from classic children’s stories like The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree, The Lorax, and more. Decorate in one style, or mix it up with characters or book covers from different stories.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: Etsy

Starry Night Theme

Celebrate the arrival of a sweet little one in a dreamy and peaceful atmosphere. A starry night theme works well for a fall or winter shower, or for those who love gazing at the evening sky. Create a backdrop with stars, moons, and clouds on a dark blue background along with small twinkle lights.

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: Jax + Sage Designs

Alphabet Theme

Add a playful element to your shower with an alphabet theme. Create a backdrop with colorful letters and large baby blocks. You can also include the parents-to-be’s monograms, or the monogram of the baby (if they’ve dropped the name).

Boy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas
Image from: aglamlifestyle.com
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