12 Adorable Ladybug Baby Shower Favors To Use At Your Next Event!

12 Ladybug Baby Shower Favors Your Guest Will Love

Planning a baby shower is more fun when you’re following a really cute theme, like ladybugs! Ladybug baby shower favors are perfect for celebrating a girl’s baby shower, or when including a garden or nature motif.

WebBabyShower has the 12 best ladybug baby shower favors listed below for your next event. But don’t use just one! Instead, try incorporating a number of these into your baby shower for an adorable ladybug-themed party that will delight everyone!

Ladybug-Themed Baby Shower Magnet Favors

Use these Ladybug-Themed Baby Shower Magnets to add whimsy to your event! Guests will enjoy having these bright critters at home or in the office to remember your special day. Each item is handpainted and made with polymer clay and measures 2” by 2”.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Butterfly, Ladybug, & Bee Crayons

Include Butterfly, Ladybug, & Bee Crayons in your next baby shower or baby sprinkle party! Guests will adore these brightly colored crayons as a perfect take-home gift, or to use during your baby shower games. You’ll receive a cute-as-can-be package of seven crayons of different colors in a decorative box. 

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

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Build Your Shower

Ceramic Ladybug Garden Stakes

Guests with a green thumb will adore these cheerful Ceramic Ladybug Garden Stakes! Made with Stoneway clay, these ladybug baby shower favors are a delight. Each item measures 1” across and is mounted on a 16” metal stake, perfect for the garden or potted plants.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug Baby Shower Cups

These clear Ladybug Baby Shower Cups add the sweetest touch to your party! Each plastic cup holds 16oz and comes in a red or pink ladybug design with a paper straw and lid. Customize them for the perfect ladybug baby shower favors, and use them for drinks, candy, or other tasty treats!

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug Decorated Cupcakes

Use these colorful toppers to give guests beautiful Ladybug Decorated Cupcakes at your baby shower! Each cupcake topper measures 2” tall and can be in solid red or a glitter finish. They come in packages of 12 to ensure you have enough for all your guests.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug Seed Packet Favors

Stick to an outdoorsy theme with these Ladybug Seed Packet favors for your party! These ladybug baby shower favors come in white or kraft envelopes containing bright and beautiful Sunflowers or Zinnia seeds. Don’t forget to include a personal message on the label for your guests.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug-Themed Bookmark Favors

Your baby shower guests will love these handmade Ladybug-Themed Bookmark favors! They are see-through and showcase tiny ladybugs with an attractive tassel. This item is lightweight, waterproof, and flexible, perfect for durable ladybug baby shower favors. Each cute bookmark measures 5.75” by 1.85”.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug-Themed Candle Favors

Give your shower guests a beautiful gift with these handmade Ladybug-Themed Candle favors! Each soy wax candle comes in a 4oz glass jar with 12 customizable scent options. Choose gold, silver, or white for the lid color and personalize the label to showcase your baby shower details.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug-Themed Chocolate Covered Pretzels Favors

Shower your guests with a fancy treat by choosing these Ladybug-Themed Chocolate Covered Pretzels! These pretzels are dipped in red & black vanilla-flavored chocolate to create an adorable, edible ladybug. They come packaged in sets of 12, wrapped in a clear cello bag and cute red bow.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Personalized Ladybug Keychains

Choose Personalized Ladybug Keychains to add a touch of class to your baby shower! Guests will cherish these elegant favors with their ladybug charm, customizable colored birthstones, and initials. You have the option to add a heartfelt message to the gift box for your attendees.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug-Shaped Scented Soap Favors

Pamper your guests with handmade Ladybug-Shaped Scented Soap favors! These 1.5oz ladybug baby shower favors are GMO-free and made with shea butter for sensitive skin. You can choose from four gentle scents, and each item comes individually wrapped with a personalized tag and satin bow.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors

Ladybug-Themed Lip Balms

Who wouldn’t love Ladybug-Themed Lip Balms as a party favor? These handcrafted ladybug baby shower favors include high-quality beeswax and sunflower oil for a smooth application. Choose from 17 flavors and write a customized message on the adorable ladybug label.

wbs ladybug baby shower favors
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