10 Baby Activities (not Just Games)

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without arranging some fun activities to try during your baby shower planning sesh. While most parents choose to play baby shower games, don’t feel like that’s your only option.

There are plenty of baby shower activities that are not games. These may be appealing if you don’t have a competitive streak or want fun ways to entertain your guests that are more “lowkey” than your average baby shower game.

Keep reading to discover some unique baby shower activities that aren’t lame. These fun activities will help your guests enjoy your special day.

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Build Your Shower

Decorate Onesies

This fun activity will help your guests bring out their inner fashion designer! Set up a craft station with white onesies and fabric markers or paints. Then, ask your guests to decorate their onesies with cute designs or sweet phrases. Whenever your little one wears these onesies, you’ll be reminded of the loved one who made it, making this a meaningful baby shower activity (that’s also a lot of fun).

baby shower activity
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Diaper Cake Making

Your guests won’t need sugar or flour to make a diaper cake. Instead, they’ll need diapers – and lots of them! Ask your guests to supply the diapers. You can provide the rubber bands, ribbon, and cardboard tubes required to make the cakes. This activity is a lot of fun and creates a practical gift that’s heartfelt and looks good too.

Create a Scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook for the baby is a meaningful baby shower activity your family will enjoy for years to come. Ask your guests to bring photos of themselves to your shower. They can put their pictures on a designated page, along with their name and a cute message for the baby. You can read the messages to your baby once they are born, so they know just how loved they are.

Advice Jar

This baby shower activity is great for large groups. All you need are some slips of paper, pens, and a jar. Ask your guests to write down words of wisdom or inspirational messages for the parents-to-be. The future parents can read the slips during the baby shower or later in a moment of need.

advice jar | WebBabyShower
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Baby Clothespin Art

Give your guests mini clothespins and a canvas or cardboard to create baby clothespin art. Guests can attach the clothespins in different patterns to create a cool design. For an added challenge, give them a theme, such as “baby-related items” or “baby animals.” This baby shower activity is ideal for smaller groups who enjoy art.

Baby Food Tasting

Put your guests’ palates to the test by setting up a blind baby food taste test. Guests can try to guess the flavors and vote for their favorites. If you’re looking for baby shower activities that aren’t lame and ideal for small groups, the baby food tasting will surely be a hit.

Onesie Decorating Contest

Do you have a competitive steak? Then, consider the onesie decorating contest, where guests will compete to create the cutest designs on white onesies. The parents-to-be will judge to determine the winners and hand out prizes.

Milestone Letter Writing

This sentimental baby shower activity will continue to bring you joy for years to come. Ask your guests to write a letter for the baby to celebrate future milestones, such as their first birthday, high school graduation, or wedding day. Give your child the messages when they reach the milestone to show just how far they’ve come.

Create a Time Capsule

Do you ever wish you could travel to the past? With this time capsule, you can do just that! Ask your guests to bring items that represent the time, such as newspapers or popular toys of the era. Seal the time capsule to be opened at a future date.Your kid will love looking at all of the items from the past!

baby shower activity
Image from: Etsy

Mommy Advice Book

For this baby shower activity, set out a notebook where guests can write advice or inspirational tips for the parents-to-be. This will be a valuable resource for the parents to reference as they raise their little one.

Break the Ice through Baby Shower Games 

It’s up to the parents-to-be to decide what baby shower activities they want to do and whether or not they want to play baby shower games. While baby shower games are not required, they are a great way to break the ice and help guests get to know each other. Here are some excellent baby shower games to choose from.

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