13 Trendy Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Were you tasked with baking or purchasing a cake for your loved one’s baby shower? With an unlimited number of cake design ideas, you may have trouble choosing just one.

But not to worry! Check out our list of 13 baby shower cake ideas for inspiration. You’ll see that settling on a design will be a piece of cake!

Keep reading to see our list of baby shower cake decorations.

Is There Supposed to Be Cake at a Baby Shower?

Most baby showers feature a cake; it’s the star of the show on the dessert table. Try to match your cake to your baby shower theme, baby’s gender, or your color scheme.

Your baby shower cake idea can be simple, or over the top, depending on your theme. Or let it serve as a gender reveal with pink or blue colored cake inside.

Don’t forget to make sure it’s delicious. Nothing is better than a cake that looks amazing and tastes just as good.

Should a Baby Shower Cake Always Have a Message On It?

Including a message on your baby shower cake is completely optional. You might consider adding a message on a simple cake. Options include, “congratulations (parents’ names)” or “we can’t wait to meet you, little one.”

For cakes with more elaborate details, you may want to forgo a message to avoid it looking cluttered. Ultimately it’s up to the mom-to-be if she wants a message or not.

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Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Find a local baker who specializes in baby shower cakes, or design it yourself if you’re a skilled decorator. No matter how it’s created, you have to start with a theme. Let’s take a look at some adorable baby shower cake ideas and inspiration.

Baby Footprints

Most people can agree that baby feet (especially those little toes) are one of the cutest things in the world. Decorate a cake with adorable fondant baby footprints. Feature two large feet on a sheet cake, or smaller footprints that look like they are walking up a tiered cake. Top it off with the message, “It’s a Boy,” or “It’s a Girl.”

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: bakingo.com

Cute Baby Animals

Make your guests say, “aww” with cute baby elephants, bunnies, ducks, or other animals on your baby shower cake. Match the animals with your baby shower theme – i.e. forest animals, the ocean, etc.

Feature a baby shower cake decorated with baby animals. Add touches of sugar flowers, balloons, or greenery to tie in the scene.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: bluelacecakes.com

Baby Carriage

A baby carriage, or bassinet, is synonymous with newborn babies. Create a cake shaped like a baby carriage or bassinet for your baby shower. Decorate it with bows and ribbons for an added touch.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: Grisel Chevere

Baby Bottle

Create something unexpected with a cake shaped like a baby bottle. Use fondant for a smooth surface over the cake. Add finishing touches, including pacifiers, baby shoes, and rattles at the base of the cake.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: unikcakes.com

Baby Clothes

Petite dresses, overalls, tutus, and pajamas are the star of the show on this sweet baby shower cake idea. Use fondant cutouts of different clothing items on your cake. For added detail, showcase the cutouts hanging from a clothesline.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: @sarahluconfections

Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is one of the top items on a baby registry. Use this as inspiration for a baby shower cake idea. Shape your cake to look like a baby stroller, complete with intricate details like wheels and a canopy.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: cakediane.com

Baby Hats

Decorate your cake with little baby hats in different colors and designs to match your shower theme. Or shape the entire cake to look like an adorable baby hat. For a winter shower, feature a sweet baby beanie complete with a pom pom on top.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: @iwantthatpi0944

Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups

Baby bottles and sippy cups are a staple in any household with a little one. Feature them on your baby shower cake in different patterns and colors. Opt for the traditional blue or pink colors, or go with neutral shades if you’re keeping baby’s gender a secret.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: UG Cakes

Baby’s Play Gym

This adorable baby cake shower cake idea includes baby toys in all shapes and sizes. Trains, planes, baby blocks, and stacking toys made of fondant are just a few ideas. Embrace bright, bold colors for extra fun.

Baby’s Shoes

Darling baby shoes are the focus of this baby shower cake. Little fondant sneakers, dress shoes, and slippers are a few ideas. Go for different shoe styles for each tier, or feature them on the top tier of your cake. 

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: cakecentral.com

Baby’s Nursery

A baby’s nursery is filled with sweet clothes, swaddle blankets, books, and diapers. But, most of all, it’s full of love and memories of baby’s first years. Celebrate the sweetness of a baby nursery with a cake donned with a crib, stuffed animals, toys, blankets, and more.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: cakesdecor.com

Baby’s First Words

Baby babble is adorable, but it’s even sweeter when they say their first words. Use this milestone as inspiration for your baby shower cake. Spell out words, including “Mama,” and “Dada,” in colorful letters. 

Baby’s First Haircut

Another noteworthy milestone is baby’s first haircut. Decorate your cake with a baby, tiny scissors, a cape, and a comb. This is a wonderful choice if mom or dad is a hairstylist.

baby shower cake ideas
Image from: The Brown Basket

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