30 Baby Shower Cake Ideas For Girls

Your baby shower cake is the centerpiece of your food table. Guests will take lots of photos of it, and pose next to it, so you want a creative design that will stand out.

When considering baby shower cake ideas for girls, you should know there are many adorable cake options to choose from. Don’t forget to match it to the color scheme and theme of your party.

Classic princess, floral themes, trendy unicorns, or a hot air balloon are just a few options out there. Whether you prefer a simple and elegant design or a playful and whimsical one, a girl baby shower cake can make a memorable statement that will delight both the guests and the parents-to-be.

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Baby Shower Cake Ideas For Girls

We’ve narrowed down some of the best baby shower cake ideas for girls to help you choose a confection that complements your theme and style. Choose one of these creations for your baby shower, or find inspiration for your own design.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

Perfect for an early summer shower when the berries are in season, this light and fluffy creation pairs together layers of yellow cake, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. Add more whipped cream and a garnish of berries on top.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: livforcake.com

2. Unicorn Cake

If you’re hosting a unicorn-themed shower, you should definitely consider a whimsical unicorn cake. Donned with playful pastels, flowers, and a darling squinting unicorn, your guests are sure to fall in love with this girl baby shower cake design. Top the cake with little ears and that signature horn to complete the look.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Sarah Adams

3. Rainbow Cake

We love this cake that matches just about any color scheme. It features layers of brightly colored frosting in shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow arranged to resemble a rainbow. Add colorful coordinating rainbow sprinkles at the base and on top.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Jamie Zunno

4. Princess Cake

This cake was created with royalty in mind. Top with a crown fit for a princess and decorate with sugar flowers, pearl sprinkles, and other royal-themed decorations. Keep the tiers simple, or add buttercream rosettes to the base for an unexpected design.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Cha Montoya

5. Mermaid Cake

Whether the parents-to-be are fond of a certain Disney princess, or if you’re simply looking for something playful and fun, this mermaid cake is sure to please. Start with a base of fondant or smooth buttercream in shades of purple and teal to look like the depths of the ocean. Sugar decorations, including seaweed, coral, starfish, and, of course, mermaid tails, complete this confection.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Tasteful Cakes

6. Butterfly Cake

Another baby shower cake idea for girls is this darling butterfly design. Ice your cake in any color that matches your shower decor, and top with sugar butterflies that cover the whole cake, or just a portion. This fits in well with a spring baby shower, or if you’re hosting an outdoor baby shower event in a park or flower garden.

7. Cherry Cake 

Perfect for spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, or if the mom-to-be is craving this juicy fruit during her pregnancy. Decorate with pink cherry-flavored icing and top with plump cherries as a garnish.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: houseofnasheats.com

8. Cupcake Tower 

This tower features tiers of pastel-frosted cupcakes, with a larger cupcake as the star of the show on the top tier. Decorate each with sugar flowers, bows, and other edible decorations on each cake. This is a great option if you like the idea of guests having their own individual cupcakes.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: igm3

9. Ladybug Cake

It’s hard not to smile when you see this adorable ladybug baby shower cake. Complete with antenna and a happy grin, this cake is decorated with red and black frosting on a springtime background. Include the name of the arriving baby girl for a personalized touch.

10. Teddy Bear Cake

You can’t go wrong with a teddy bear for your girl baby shower cake. Adorable and classic, this sweet bear is decorated with textured pink icing and white fondant. Add sugar decorations including flowers or happy bumble bees.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: cakecentral.com

11. Ballerina Cake

A sweet ballerina is dancing her way into the world soon. Celebrate with a ballerina cake decorated with ballet shoes and fluffy icing made to look like a tutu. Add sugar ribbons and pears for a few extra details.

12. Cherry Blossom Cake

If you’re hosting your shower during cherry blossom season, this cake will fit in perfectly. Start with a base of smooth pink fondant and add pink cherry blossoms, and a cherry blossom branch to complement the spring trees outside.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Call me cupcake

13. Elephant Cake 

Whether your baby shower is elephant or safari themed, we love this girl baby shower cake idea. Decorated in simple stripes of gray and pink fondant, this sweet cake is topped with an adorable baby elephant holding a cluster of balloons.

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Image from: Guava Family

14. Floral Cake

Perfect for a spring baby shower is this lovely floral cake. Decorate with sugar flowers covering the entire cake to look like a spring meadow, or cover just a portion of the cake. Incorporate flowers of the season or some of the mom-to-be’s favorite blooms.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Just Me

15. Giraffe Cake

Wow your guests with this darling giraffe cake. From her sweet spots to her cute ears and delightful little ossicones, she’s almost too adorable to eat. Top with Hawaiian-inspired flowers, or greenery to match your shower theme.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Nahir Giron

16. Pink Ombre Cake

Simple and elegant, this pink ombre cake works for just about any girl baby shower. Cover with layers of pink frosting that gradually go from dark to light as you travel upwards for that classic ombre effect. Top with sugar flowers, or other decorations that match your baby shower theme.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Leite’s Culinaria

17. Garden Cake

Give your baby shower cake the appearance of an English garden or meadow of wildflowers. A garden cake is a beautiful addition to a spring or summer shower or a shower with a garden theme. Even better if you’re hosting the event in an actual garden. Decorate your cake with flowers, leaves, and vines to match your theme.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: BRIDES

18. Ruffle Cake

Delicate and adorable, we love this baby shower cake idea for girls. This fits in with a ballerina theme shower or if you’re simply looking for something sweet and girly. Decorate with ruffled frosting in pink, purple, or any shade that fits in with your theme.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Cakes by Lynz

19. Hot Air Balloon Cake

The guests of honor are preparing for a new journey as parents. Celebrate with a hot air balloon cake, complete with an adorable teddy bear tagging along for the ride. This sweet cake is decorated in shades of pink and white, with darling sugar bows and flowers.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: CakeFlix

20. Bow Cake

This simple baby shower cake for a girl features a large fondant bow on top, giving it a feminine touch. Decorate with delicate sugar flowers, baby items, or a celebratory banner to tie everything together.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Hannah Loves Cake

21. Peony Cake 

Peonies are the star of the show with this delicate and simple baby shower cake. Create a smooth surface with fondant to serve as the background. Then decorate with silk or edible sugar peonies in pink or any color you want. See if your guests can find the sweet sleeping baby tucked inside one of the flowers.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: cakesdecor.com

22. Onesie Cake 

Onesies are a popular baby shower gift. Create a cake to look just like this baby must have. Decorate however you’d like with bows, ruffles, and sweet button details. Add sugar flowers, baby shoes, and a rattle to complete the look.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Irina Neubauer

23. Ice Cream Sundae Cake

Guests will get excited to dive into this sweet treat that looks just like an ice cream sundae. Decorate your cake to look like ice cream topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and fruit, and resting in a waffle cone bowl. Add a few edible spoons for those who need some extra sweetness.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Cakes by Setia

24. Stork Cake

Storks are an iconic symbol signifying that a baby is on her way. Decorate your cake with this happy bird carrying a sweet bundle of joy. Add colorful flowers, baby items, and banners in your baby shower theme colors.

25. Baby Carriage Cake

This girl baby shower cake resembles a darling baby carriage. Ruffles, bows, flowers, and a baby blanket add sweet touches to this stroller. Use any color you’d like, including pink, purple, yellow, or a neutral shade to match your theme.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: cakesdecor.com

26. Rattle Cake 

A rattle cake is a unique baby shower cake for a girl. Cover in fondant and add details such as little bears, bows, or flowers. Etch in designs in the fondant as well to give it a textured look. Include the baby’s name and a cute sugar bow tied around the handle.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: elaine lee

27. Vintage Tea Party Cake

We love a tea party-themed baby shower, and this cake would fit right in. Topped with a delicate teacup, this cake includes accents of pearls, flowers, and lace, making it a lovely option for a baby girl shower.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Susan Street

28. Baby Blocks Cake

Stack square cakes together to look like baby blocks. Have fun with the decorations including letters, baby animals, bows, polka dots, or anything else you can think of. We love the details in this baby blocks cake.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Ora Mika

29. Baby Bottle Cake

Make the focal point of your food table an oversized baby bottle cake. Decorated to look like a popular item on most baby shower registries, this cake has the details of a bottle, with cute fondant letters and a bow accent.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Sabrina K

30. Baby Shoes Cake

There are few things more adorable than baby shoes, so why not design a cake to look like this darling baby item? Add pearls, flowers, bows, ruffles, and any other details you’d like to create a pair of cute, yet edible, baby girl shoes.

baby shower cake ideas for girls
Image from: Abra Gorana

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