Baby Shower Etiquette for Grandmother – What Is Appropriate?

If you’re a grandmother looking to host a baby shower, you may be wondering where to begin. There are so many traditions and etiquette tips to remember when planning the baby shower — plus, you’ll want to know what to do after the baby is born. Having helped over 10,000 families celebrate new babies and parents with online baby showers, WebBabyShower knows just what people should keep in mind when planning such an event.

Here we’ll break down the dos and don’ts of hosting, organizing, and being a guest for the party, as well as what to keep in mind after the baby is born.

Who Typically Hosts a Baby Shower?

Family and friends of the guest or guests of honor, depending on if one or both parents participate, host, and plan the baby shower. The host could be a best friend, a sibling, a mother, or a grandmother. You might choose to host an in-person baby shower or you might try an in-person and online hybrid, with some people meeting at a venue and others joining in via the internet. Another way is to include everyone and opt for a completely virtual baby shower with WebBabyShower. Check out more about how virtual baby showers work here.

Usually, the person who organizes the baby shower is the one who pays for the celebration. It’s expected that they will take on most of the costs for the day, but there are ways to offset the costs of paying for the baby shower. Just remember that hosting is an opportunity to plan something spectacular that the new parents will remember.

Baby Shower Etiquette When a Grandmother-to-be Is a Host

The only important criteria for hosting a baby shower is that the host must love the guest of honor and be excited to plan the event! Having the mother of one of the parents-to-be host the party is a very traditional approach that many people choose. Many soon-to-be grandparents enjoy hosting because they get to be involved with getting everything prepared for the baby, and it’s a chance to spend time with their children before their future grandchildren arrive.

But how should grandparents get started? Usually, the new grandmother will host the baby shower in her home. It can be especially meaningful if it’s where the mother-to-be or father-to-be grew up. Plus, it’s an easy and cheap venue to secure. You don’t have to consult anyone, and you can decorate however you’d like! 

If you’ve decided to host a virtual event, you’ve come to the right place. WebBabyShower has helped many grandmas host a special event for their families with our easy and user-friendly technology. We’re here to help you with everything, making your virtual event unforgettable and easy to put together. We explain every step, so there’s no guesswork, and you’ll quickly wind up with a fully planned baby shower.

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When to Organize a Baby Shower

If you are a grandma planning her first baby shower, how do you organize the party? Let’s start with when to host the party. Most baby showers take place during the third trimester of the mother’s pregnancy. However, avoid the last month if possible, so the mother-to-be will still be comfortable and in case the baby arrives a bit early.

Start your planning process at least a month before you want to host the baby shower. This will give you time to figure out the guest list and get in touch with all of the guest of honor’s friends and other family members. You may need to collect addresses or phone numbers to reach out to them about the party. An easy way to correspond is by emailing the invitations via WebBabyShower. It can save time and help you to get responses quickly.

If you plan to host a baby shower and find that you have less than a month before the party’s date, we can help! WebBabyShower is an excellent resource for last-minute baby showers. You’ll save time arranging all the details and still be able to put together a great event.

Who to Invite

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It’s essential as a grandmother to find out who the parents-to-be want to invite to the baby shower. It is their day, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness when their guests are there to celebrate with them. Remember, it might take a bit of time to round up all the info to get in touch with friends and family. The best way to do this is to ask. Request a list of guests from the parents-to-be. That way, there’s no guessing about who they’ll want at the event.

A good rule of baby shower etiquette for grandmothers is to remember to focus on the new parents. The party is for the new parents and their friends. It isn’t the time to invite all of your friends or people they may not know. Remember to think of what they will want. Close family that they know and friends who all get along well is a good place to start. Usually, the standard number of guests is between 20 and 50. Still, you may opt for a smaller guest list depending on the circumstances. 

Once you have the guest list, try to send out invitations as soon as possible. Give people several weeks to receive and respond to the invitations. That way, most of them will be able to work the party into their schedule, and you get a count of how many people will be there.

Where to Throw a Baby Shower

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When it comes to a baby shower venue, your options are endless. You can choose a park, a restaurant, a home, a country club, or a garden. When selecting a space, consider these things.

First, determine your budget. Costs for renting a venue can add up quickly. Determine how much you’d like to spend on each part of the event before going out to rent a place. To give you an idea, more expensive options will be places that need to be booked far in advance, such as country clubs, hotels, and other venues. Inexpensive and sometimes free options include someone’s home, a backyard, or a public outdoor space like a park. Remember that even if a venue is free, you may still need to make a reservation.

Then consider COVID-19 safety practices. While restrictions are easing in some places, it is still essential to consider the COVID-19 rules and regulations where you live. You may also opt for a large venue that allows for social distancing or even an entirely virtual event.

What type of baby shower do you want to have? You could do an in-person, outdoor, or virtual event. There are a few differences between these types of baby showers. In-person means you’ll gather in one space with everyone together. For this type of gathering, be sure to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

An outdoor space can be a good alternative if you’re expecting a larger group. It allows everyone to keep their six feet of distance easily and still enjoy the event. In addition, you can use nature as part of your decorations, and it is a great option for a spring or summer party.

A virtual baby shower means your guests will participate online via the WebBabyShower website and/or video chat. They can still interact with the guest of honor, play games, and talk with other guests this way. WebBabyShower allows you to design your baby shower website, choose the theme, send out invitations to your guests, and have all the info they need in one place.

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Best Themes When a Grandma Hosts a Baby Shower

Our platform makes it easy to decorate for your online baby shower! Choose from any one of our adorable themes. Here are some favorites:

  • Teddy bears: This cute and traditional design is perfect for a baby boy or girl!
  • Classic bouquet: Perfect for a spring or summer baby shower, this theme is excellent when a grandmother is expecting a new granddaughter.
  • Rainbow ships: An ideal combination! This theme features lovely pastel colors that will brighten up any party.
  • Koalas: These adorable animals are a great addition to the festivities. Pink and blue hues make this theme ideal for any baby shower.

Baby Shower Etiquette When Grandma Is a Guest

Should Guests Give Gifts to a New Grandma?

Sometimes friends of the new grandma may plan a special party for her as a “grandma shower.” They’ll give her gifts to help her get ready to be a grandmother since she may be helping to care for the baby.

However, it is important to remember that the baby shower is the new parents’ day to shine, and gifts for the grandma are not expected. Some close friends or family may do this, but it is not a requirement. Also, remember to keep the attention on the new mom and dad.

What Should Grandparents Buy for a Baby Shower?

It depends a lot on what the grandparents’ budget is. Always aim for something meaningful and useful, but do buy what you can afford. In general, grandparents will buy a more expensive or big-ticket item from the baby shower registry. It’s a way to help out the new parents, show support, and is usually greatly appreciated.

baby shower etiquette for grandma gifts
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Should the Parents-to-Be Send a Thank You Note to Grandparents?

What is the baby shower etiquette for thank you notes? When writing thank you notes after a baby shower, the guests of honor will typically address a guest by name and thank them for their presence and for any gifts they brought.

When thanking grandparents for hosting a baby shower, the new parents can use a similar template, but it’s nice to add a personal note, like a nice story from the party or enthusiasm about any gifts given. They’ll likely be a big part of the new baby’s life and will appreciate a thank you for being involved with the event.

Grandparents Do’s and Don’ts at a Baby Shower

Here are some suggestions for grandparents when hosting or attending a baby shower. Of course, many of these tips depend on your family and how close you are with them. These ideas will help you navigate being grandparents, as well as how to follow appropriate baby shower etiquette.

  • Do shower the new parents with love. It’s a unique time in their lives, and they’ll likely welcome all the support and kindness you can offer.
  • Don’t make the baby shower about you. The party should be about the parents-to-be and the new baby. Therefore you should take their preferences into account, and most conversations should revolve around them.
  • Do help in any way you can. Whether it’s baking for the party or babysitting the other grandchildren while the guests of honor get ready, parents-to-be will appreciate everything you do to help make their baby shower special.
  • Don’t leave the host to do everything if you’re available to help. Even if you are not the host for the baby shower, it’s essential to let them know you can help out if they want. You can offer to help with getting guest info, planning, or decorating. During the baby shower, try to be as helpful as possible by asking whoever is in charge what you can do.

Wait for an Invitation to Visit the Baby

New babies can change things for the new parents. They may need some time alone with just their immediate family following the birth of their child. Be respectful of this and don’t take it personally. Try not to add any pressure to their lives by asking when you can see the new baby. The new parents know you want to be part of the baby’s life, and when they’re ready, they’ll invite you over.

Be There with Your Advice

As a mother, you probably have a lot of great parenting advice. It’s good to be ready to give some wisdom to your child and their partner. If this is their first child, there are likely all kinds of things they’ll want to know — everything from nap schedules to what type of stroller to use may come up. It’s an excellent opportunity to share what you’ve learned over the years.

However, it’s also equally important to know when not to share. Sometimes the new parents may not want any advice. They may want to figure some things out on their own, or perhaps they’ll need a listening ear. It’s important to consider the situation and whether advice would be welcome or not. Remember that even if it’s not a great moment to give advice, you’ll likely have many chances in the future. Try to be patient as the new parents navigate life with a newborn.

Don’t Go Wild When Shopping for the Shower

Especially if this is your first grandchild, it’s very easy to want to buy anything and everything the new baby might need. However, this might overwhelm the new parents. While some items will definitely be appreciated, the new parents will just be happy you’re there for them. Don’t worry about buying every single thing for the new little one, as others will also chip in with their own presents.

To Wrap Up

Planning for the birth of a grandchild is exciting, and there is a lot to think about when you’re hosting or attending a baby shower. These tips will guide you as you figure out how to help the new parents and prepare for the party. There are many ways to host a baby shower; you can host an in-person event, enjoy an online baby shower with WebBabyShower, or throw a hybrid event. Using our platform, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have great computer skills. WebBabyShower strives to make your entire experience easy, and we’re happy to help with any questions. So have fun planning, and remember to enjoy the process!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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