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Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Keepsake

If you are looking for a baby shower guest book printable idea, you need to check out the Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake! Before your Web Baby Shower expires, you can print out or save the “digital scrapbook”-style Printable Keepsake of all of the Guest Book signatures, game high scores, and Photo Album and comments from your Web Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Keepsake Description & Examples

The Printable Keepsake displays a cover page for your Web Baby Shower and section divider pages for each of the pages you choose to include in your Keepsake, plus the printable content from those pages! The Printable Keepsake uses a color theme and fonts similar to the Theme Options you chose for your Web Baby Shower. Check out the following PDFs for examples (click on a cover thumbnail to view the full PDF):

Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Brown
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Blue
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Green
Baby Shower Guest Book Printable Scrapbook Example - Pink

Please note that these are just a small handful of examples — your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will match your Web Baby Shower Theme and content choices!

More Suggestions / Notes:

  • For some sweet ideas on cute and practical binders and covers for your Web Baby Shower guest book printable, please see the Baby Shower Scrapbook Idea page!
  • If the Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake is not to your liking, you can use your browser’s “Save Page As” function and save as “Complete HTML” to download all the photos and content in the Printable Keepsake HTML Preview to your hard drive. You can then open in it MS Word or copy and paste the content into a desktop publishing application and place the photos into the document and print from there. At this time, MS Word is the only program I know of that will open an HTML file and convert it into a word processing document.

Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Printable Keepsake that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using Printable Keepsake for your Web Baby Shower, please ask customer support.



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