Printable Baby Shower Favor Tags

These tags are created just for WebBabyShower, so you will not find them anywhere else!

If you thought coming up with cute baby shower favor tags was difficult and have been scouring Instagram and Pinterest for ideas, you clearly have fallen into the classic dilemma where you’re seeing the same designs again and again.

This is why we’ve got you covered with these 8 cute baby shower favor tags that feature our own safari animals, and a few other cuties.

Looking for other printables? Be sure to check out our baby shower bunting flags and thank you cards.

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1. Polka Dots with Baby Accessories

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Light yellow

Some of the best baby shower favor tag ideas are also the simplest and most useful. This thank you card features classic polka dots, a winner over the years. Get a children’s playrooms vibe going.

2. Elephants and Polka Dots Baby Shower Favor Tags

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Elephant

You can’t go wrong with elephants and polka dots. It’s the cutest combination that your guests absolutely love. Nothing but a sweet little vibe here.

3. Hippos and Polka Dots

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Hippo

Polka dots are universally seen as cute and when you combine them with hippos you have some adorable baby shower favor tags. You can make your gifts and thank you notes extra sweet by adding this colorful tag. It features a minimal background speckled with uniform polka dots that add style and color to your card.

4. Polka Dots, Gifts, Stroller – Favor Tags

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Blue

Polka dots and more dots. More dots! Yes even dual toned polka dots, varying between neutral shades of grey and white to create minimalism. This tag is certified animal free.

5. Happy Lion Baby Shower Favor Tag

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Lion

Have you ever heard the saying, “two lions are better than one”, me neither, but this shower tag actually proves that two cute lions indeed, are better than one. The polka dots are just the icing on the cake.

6. Peachy Themed Baby Shower Favor Tag

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Peach

Peachy colors + gift icons. For that cool colors look. A mix them with polka dots, the result is these favor tags are ready to go.

7. Yellow & Blue Thank You for Joining Us Baby shower Favor Tag

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Yellow

This unique – and completely free – baby shower favor will impress the onlooker with its endearing combination of yellow background and contrasting white and blue polka dots.  With a little baby stroller and balloons thrown in.

8.  Zebras and Polka Dots

WebBabyShower Printables Gift Tag Zebra

Who says stripes and polka dots can’t mix? Our Zebra and peach mix it up here for some flavor with the favors. Yea I said that!

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