What Is a Community Baby Shower and How Do You Organize One?

While many people are familiar with the concept of a baby shower – fewer people have heard of community baby showers, and how they differ from the more ‘traditional’ types of shower. 

You may have seen flyers advertising community baby showers, or perhaps you’ve stumbled across the odd social media post calling for efforts and contributions to a community shower. This might have prompted wonder, what is a community baby shower

We’re here to answer that question and to give some helpful insight into how your organization could organize a community baby shower of its own.

What Are Community Baby Showers?

A community baby shower is a baby shower event thrown for a specific community or organization. For example, the board members on a city council might decide to throw this type of baby shower for expectant mothers in their community. 

The goal of a community baby shower is to collect supplies that expectant parents need to welcome their babies and give them a healthy start in life. 

Community baby showers are a relatively new concept.  But, they are growing in popularity—especially since the COVID-19 pandemic put such a large financial strain on so many families.

Local health or humanitarian organizations are usually the ones who coordinate this type of baby shower. Sometimes they host large events, and other times they simply utilize a community baby shower as a donation drop-off location. 

Key Features of A Community Shower

  • Thrown for a group of expecting moms.
  • Often hosted by an organization or company.
  • Popular fundraising method.
  • Brings a community together.
  • Can be for wildlife too!
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Who Could Throw A Community Baby Shower?

If you’re part of an organization you love and think this will help benefit your community and organization, then a community shower is for you!

Any organization that wants to help raise awareness or funds for a cause–or simply wants to make a positive impact in their community–can throw a community baby shower. At WebBabyShower, we have seen many different types of organizations host community baby showers. From large organizations like United Way to small non-profits; we’ve seen it all. We’ve even seen an animal rescue organization use our service to raise funds and collect supplies. We love this out-of-the-box thinking. After all, baby showers aren’t just for human babies!

The clients that have utilized WebBabyShower for their community showers are often focused on the health and wellbeing of families and babies. And even though they primarily used WebBabyShower to share resources with their communities, they also had games, prizes, and photo galleries. 

If you aren’t sure exactly how to get started, we can help. Contact us about our Concierge Community Baby Shower Service!

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Are Community Showers Virtual, In-Person, Or Hybrid?

Community baby showers can be held in a few ways: virtually, in-person, or a combination of both with a hybrid shower. Each method has its benefits, but we are partial to showers that have at least a virtual element to them. 

One of the biggest benefits of including a virtual element in a community baby shower is its inclusiveness: you can include everyone and easily share the community baby shower page with people over social media or email. 

With a virtual community baby shower, you can reach more people—meaning you will have a larger attendance and, hopefully, a larger amount of donated items. A WebBabyShower client said:

“Having a community shower 100% allowed more people to attend and get more people involved.” 

Rebecca Rice, BS, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator,
Kent County Health Department

WebBabyShower makes it easy for you to include a virtual element in your community baby shower, whether you decide to go with a hybrid or fully virtual community baby shower. It’s easy to set up, customize, and share with the people in your community. 

Why Have A Community Baby Shower?

Many people wonder about the motivation behind organizing a community baby shower. Everyone’s reason is different, but a common denominator is the desire to bring people together for the same great cause. 

“The community shower (we threw) was something different and exciting for us and for everyone involved. It also strengthened our partnerships”

Julie T. Jones
Program Coordinator,
Dorchester County Health Department

Organizing a community baby shower is a wonderful way to get people more involved in your community. It’s the perfect way to raise funds and supplies for expecting families, and it’s a great way for companies to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. Hosting a community baby shower with other organizations involved helps build professional connections, which can lead to even more positive changes and events down the road. 

How To Host Community Baby Shower

  1. Identify your organization’s goals for the shower event.
  2. Contact a virtual event provider.
  3. Gather your sponsors & partners. Instead I would say Contact your sponsors & partners for resources.
  4. Event provider builds your shower website.
  5. Plan events for your community shower.
  6. Plan games & prizes strategy with event provider.
  7. Invite your community & begin!

The absolute easiest way to host your own community baby shower is to let us take care of it for you! 

webbabyshower community shower events page

At WebBabyShower, we do all of the legwork. Here are just some of the ways WebBabyShower is used for community showers:

  • Sharing information, videos, and resources all in one place (videos on the benefits of breastfeeding, safe sleeping tips, etc.)
  • Sharing the main event and any accompanying events in one place on the events page.
  • The guestbook can be used as a place for community members to share advice, give encouragement, and connect with the community.
  • Donation drop-off information can be shared on the home page – so it’s easy to get the word out. 
  • You can set up games that can be played on WebBabyShower, and prizes can be given based on high scores.

If you’re a big DIY-er, make sure to join our email newsletter list—we will be sharing some community baby shower DIY ideas soon. But if you’re interested in having us help organize your community baby shower, fill out our form today!

Community Baby Showers: Giving Families the Happiest, Healthiest Start

Now that you have a better understanding of community baby showers, you hopefully have the confidence to begin planning one of your own. 
But if you need assistance, remember to reach out to us at WebBabyShower. Our Concierge Community Baby Shower Service will help give you everything you need to throw a successful community baby shower.

Natalie is a freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s a native Chicagoan, but currently lives in North Georgia with her husband and three children, who may or may not be feral. (The children, not the husband.) She loves movies (favorite movie is Jurassic Park), music (favorite band is The Beatles), and books (favorite author is Stephen King). Natalie is passionate about social justice and recently served on the leadership team for the Chattanooga Moms for Social Justice.

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