The Best Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas for 2024

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without some fun baby shower games. One of the most popular nowadays is the diaper raffle – a game where guests bring a pack of diapers as their “ticket” to enter into a raffle and potentially win a fantastic prize.

How many prizes you need, what kind of prizes you should buy, where to find great prizes, and how much you should spend on prizes are all questions you need to answer before you can begin the diaper raffle.

You’ve got enough going on planning for your little one to arrive. The last thing you need to do is research!

So, we’ve written this article to answer your burning diaper raffle prize-related questions. Additionally, we’ve come up with ten fabulous diaper raffle prize ideas that are sure to wow your friends and family.

Understanding the Diaper Raffle Game

The diaper raffle is a simple yet clever baby shower game. Guests bring a pack of diapers, and in return, they receive a ticket for a chance to win awesome prizes. The draw usually happens during the shower, adding fun and excitement to the event. What makes it cool is that, aside from being a fun activity, it’s a practical way for the parents-to-be to stock up on diapers for their little bundle of joy. So, it’s not just about the game—it’s a win-win,  combining a fun celebration with super-useful baby prep!

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How Many Diaper Raffle Prizes Should You Give?

You don’t want to have too many diaper raffle prizes at a baby shower since this will reduce the prizes’ specialness and cost you a lot. But, having too few prizes is also unideal and may discourage guests from participating since they won’t have a good chance of winning.

How many prizes you’ll need depends on how many people are coming to your event. We recommend getting 2 to 3 small prizes and one large prize for a small baby shower with 10 to 30 people. For a larger event of 30+ people, we suggest getting 5 or 6 small prizes and one larger prize.

Getting an appropriate number of prizes will make your diaper raffle exciting and fun (without bankrupting your budget).

How Much Should You Spend on Diaper Raffle Prizes?

There’s no strict rule on how much to spend on diaper raffle prizes—it really depends on your budget and how many prizes you want to offer. A typical range is $20 to $50 per prize, but adjust according to what you’re comfortable with and the overall budget of your baby shower.

Instead of just considering the cost, think about choosing prizes that have sentimental value or a personal touch. These can be more meaningful for your guests. For instance, a beautifully framed photograph, a custom piece of artwork, or a handcrafted item can make wonderful gifts.

Offering such thoughtful prizes can make the diaper raffle more about the joy of sharing a special moment together and less about how much you spent on the gifts.

25 Best Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas

Now that you know how many gifts you need, you’re probably wondering what exactly you should get. But don’t worry, WebBabyShower is here to help!

Below, we go through 25 of our favorite themed baskets. Some are ideal for specific times of the year (like fall, winter, and summer), while others are perfect all year round, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

We’re confident everyone will want to bring a pack of diapers (or two) to compete for these awesome diaper raffle prizes.

Holiday Cookie Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, making a cookie basket the perfect gift to get your guests in a festive mood. Potential items you can add to this basket are cookie dough tubs, spatulas, sprinkles, cookie cutters, oven mitts, cooking trays, and measuring spoons. To make this gift a bit fancier, buy items from high-end cooking stores, like Crate and Barrel or Williams-Sonoma.

Movie Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas
Image from: Pinterest

A movie basket is the perfect diaper raffle prize for a coed baby shower since couples will both reap the benefits of this awesome prize. You can include movie tickets, candy, microwavable popcorn, popcorn seasonings, and soda, in a large popcorn tin.

Self-Care Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas

Everyone could use a bit of self-care, making this an awesome diaper raffle prize that most of your guests will appreciate. Some items you can include are lotion, bath bombs, fancy soaps, candles, shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, sleep masks, body scrubs, face masks, essential oils, and tea. It’s best to stick to non-scented or lightly scented products made with high-quality ingredients, to accommodate your guests with sensitive skin.

Luxury Bath Set

wbs diaper raffle prizes

A luxury bath set is a top pick among diaper raffle gift ideas for all the moms attending your baby shower. Because let’s face it—moms deserve some relaxation too! These kits come packed with luxurious soaps, candles, scrubs, bath bombs, and everything else needed to unwind in the tub after a busy day.

Gourmet Foodie Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas

Allow your guests to bring out their inner chef with this fabulous gourmet foodie basket. You can include fancy nuts, a wooden spatula, truffle oil (or another fancy oil variety), Himalayan sea salt, gourmet seasonings, fancy olives, decadent cheese, and a nice bottle of wine. Gift the basket in a high-end wooden cooking bowl or baking dish to make it even nicer.

BBQ Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas

A BBQ basket is the perfect diaper raffle prize for the summertime. Include all the BBQ classics, such as a spatula, basting brush, BBQ sauce, cooking mitt, wood chips, a grill scraper, meat seasonings, and more. If you’re worried your guests will already have the essential BBQ items, fill your basket with high-quality marinades, sauces, and spices instead.

Date Night Experience

diaper raffle prize ideas

This is the perfect diaper raffle prize for a coed event with many couples in attendance. You’ll need gift cards to a few of your favorite date spots, such as a movie theater, restaurant, and ice cream parlor. If this is too expensive, get one gift card, then add date-related items, like a bottle of wine, a fun couples game, or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Chocolate Gift Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas

Everyone loves chocolate, making this the perfect diaper raffle prize for a diverse guest list. Include a wide variety of items, such as milk chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate caramels, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more. Pair it with a bottle of red wine for a sophisticated touch.

Bookworm Gift Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas
Image from: Pinterest

Nothing is more pleasurable than curling up on the couch to read a good book. Give your loved ones this pleasant experience with these bookworm gift baskets! You can include a Barnes and Noble gift card, cozy socks, a bookmark, chocolate, a reading light, a book-related coffee mug, and a candle to set the mood. For a personal touch, include your favorite book.

Subscription to a Streaming Service

It’s always disheartening when you really want to watch something, only to find out it’s on a streaming service you don’t subscribe to. Brighten your guests’ day by gifting them a year-long subscription to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. This is one of the best diaper raffle prize ideas for guests of all ages—because who doesn’t love relaxing with a great movie or show?

Summer Fun Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas
Image from: Pinterest

This Summer Fun Basket is the perfect diaper raffle prize for the summertime or the late spring. Include all the summer essentials, such as sunscreen, aloe, flip-flops, beach towels, beach blankets, an insulated cup, drink koozies, and more. To upgrade this prize, include a gift certificate to your favorite beachside restaurant.

Cozy Fall Basket

diaper raffle prize ideas
Image from: Pinterest

This Cozy Fall Basket is the perfect diaper raffle prize for the autumn. Include all your favorite fall items, such as a pumpkin-scented candle, pumpkin coffee, apple pie in a jar, a cozy orange blanket, delicious teas, a fall coffee mug, and any other pumpkin or apple-related items you encounter. Add tiny pumpkins and a “happy fall” sign for a festive touch.

Artisan Coffee and Tea Collection

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Elevate your coffee and tea experience with an Artisan Coffee and Tea Collection! This carefully curated basket is a treat for caffeine enthusiasts, featuring a diverse array of gourmet coffee beans, exotic teas, a sleek French press, and uniquely crafted mugs. It’s the ideal gift for those who enjoy savoring the fine flavors of their favorite brews.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

wbs diaper raffle prizes

An Indoor Herb Garden Kit is a wonderful prize, featuring pots, a variety of seeds, nutrient-rich soil, and simple growing instructions. It’s a great pick for both beginners and seasoned gardeners, with no green thumb required. It gives the winner some tasty herbs they can add to their meals and adds a beautiful touch of greenery to their space, making it an all-around awesome prize.

Smart Home Gadgets Bundle

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Make the winners’ homes more efficient by gifting a smart home gadget bundle as a diaper raffle prize. Whether it’s smart plugs controlled by Alexa or Google, voice-activated lights, or a smart towel warmer (yes, they’re real!), your tech-savvy guests will appreciate these innovative additions to their homes.

Fitness Enthusiast Pack

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Upgrade the winner’s workout routine with the Fitness Enthusiast Pack—a fantastic prize for gym lovers. Look for a pack including fitness must-haves like a top-notch yoga mat, adaptable resistance bands, a reliable water bottle, and for added excitement, a subscription to a fitness app or online classes. Whether the winner is a fitness pro or just starting out, this prize gives them the tools to crush their fitness goals.

Local Artisanal Goods Basket

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Elevate your diaper raffle with an Artisanal Goods Basket— featuring items like handmade soaps, artisanal candles, and unique crafts from local artists. Beyond gifting beautiful items, choosing this basket means supporting local businesses. It’s a meaningful way to make a positive impact while offering a memorable and classy prize for the lucky winner!

Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Set

wbs diaper raffle prizes

This gourmet set features a collection of high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars crafted with top-notch ingredients. Whether drizzling them over salads or creating delicious marinades, this set is a must-have for anyone passionate about experimenting with new flavors in their kitchen.

Personalized Stationery Set

wbs diaper raffle prizes

A Personalized Stationery Set is a fantastic prize, including custom note cards, envelopes, and a high-quality pen. It’s great for people who like writing notes by hand, adding a personal touch to every message. This set is the perfect way to make sending letters a special and memorable experience.

Eco-Friendly Products Bundle

wbs diaper raffle prizes

For the environmentally conscious, consider an eco-friendly product bundle, including items like reusable shopping bags, bamboo utensils, and biodegradable cleaning supplies. From shopping to dining and cleaning, this bundle is a practical and planet-friendly choice for anyone looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

Photography Enthusiast Kit

wbs diaper raffle prizes

This is a cool diaper raffle prize for photography fans, including items like a portable tripod for awesome shots, an inspiring photography book, and a handy gift card for printing photos. As an added bonus, they may even use their newly acquired prizes to take some awesome baby shower photos!

Spa Day

A spa day is an excellent diaper raffle prize because it gives the winner a perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge. It’s a thoughtful, personalized gift that can be customized to their preferences. Whether they choose a massage, facial, or hydrotherapy, they’re sure to enjoy this relaxing experience.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Set

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Spoil your guests with coziness using a Gourmet Hot Chocolate Set, which includes a rich hot chocolate mix, fluffy marshmallows, and special mugs for a fancy cocoa experience. Ideal for chilly evenings, this set will add warmth and indulgence to the winner’s winter moments.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit

wbs diaper raffle prizes

A carefully curated Beer Tasting Kit features items like craft beers, a useful beer tasting guide, and special beer glasses. It’s the ideal kit for anyone wanting to try a wide variety of craft brews. Whether the winner is a beer lover or a newbie, this kit has everything they need for a fun and educational beer tasting experience.

Wine Gift Basket

wbs diaper raffle prizes

Wine gift baskets are a delightful treat, filling with items such as wine, wine glasses, chocolates, and specialty cheeses. Some baskets also feature a customizable board where you can add your baby shower date or a personal message. If your loved ones enjoy wine, this is a prize they’ll definitely be excited about.

Tailoring Prizes to Your Guests

Make your diaper raffle prizes extra special by personalizing them according to what your guests like. Tailoring the prizes to their hobbies, age groups, or personal tastes shows you care and makes the baby shower more exciting and memorable. It also ensures your guests will treasure their gifts long after the baby shower is over.

Setting Up Your Diaper Raffle

Setting up a diaper raffle at your baby shower can be a breeze with these practical tips:

  • Display Prizes Creatively: Arrange the diaper raffle prizes in a visible and appealing way. Use a dedicated table or area to showcase the goodies, making it easy for guests to see what they could win.
  • Efficiently Distribute Tickets: Hand out raffle tickets as guests arrive, ensuring they understand that bringing a pack of diapers earns them a ticket. Or, include the tickets in the invitations along with a short blurb explaining how the game works.
  • Clearly Explain the Rules: At the beginning of the event, clearly communicate the rules of the diaper raffle. Let guests know how to participate and how the draw will happen. Simple and clear instructions ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Make the Draw Exciting: Make the raffle draw a highlight of the event. Choose a designated time and consider adding a surprise element like a hidden prize or asking the parents-to-be to pull the raffle tickets to engage your guests.

For more details on organizing a successful diaper raffle, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive diaper raffle guide. It offers additional tips to ensure the experience is seamless for hosts and guests alike.

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