webbabyshower header image alphabet game

Baby Alphabet

Playing the Baby Shower Alphabet Game is fun and easy. Just give our printable out to your guests, set an allotted time and who ever gets a pregnancy or baby related word for every letter of the alphabet first wins!
baby word unscramble game header

Baby Shower Word Unscramble

Baby Shower Unscramble is a brain boggling game where you have to unscramble letters into baby related words. It’s fun and works great for any shower. You can print out for your guests or send via email. Whoever gets the most unscrambled words wins!
baby emoji pictionary game header

Baby Emoji Pictonary

Guests are shown different emojis that can be translated to a baby-related phrase, it works just like regular baby shower Pictionary but with a modern twist using emojis. Download our free Baby Emoji Pictionary printable today and enjoy playing with your guests at your very own virtual, in-person, or hybrid shower!
baby wishes game header

Baby Wishes

Less of a game and more of an activity to bring joy to the parents-to-be. Give our Baby Wishes printable to your guests to fill in and get them to hand into the host at the end.

webbabyshower lion with question mark

A Baby in Any Language

How many languages can you say the word “baby” in? This fun trivia game tests guests’ knowledge of the word in different languages. It’s easy to play! Simply print out a list of the words for “baby” in several languages as well as a list of the different languages present. Then pass the sheet out to guests and have them match the word to the language! For an added challenge, put a time limit on guessing.

alternative names baby shower game printable

Baby Shower Alternative Names

Can you guess this classic children’s story by this alternative name? “Trifecta of Minute Swine.” If you guessed “The Three Little Pigs,” congratulations! And if you had fun figuring it out, this Baby Shower Alternative Names game is perfect for your event. Guests will love figuring out the names of classic stories and nursery rhymes using the alternative names you provide them. And don’t worry — we have a FREE Baby Shower Alternative Names printable for you to use (or to help get your own creative juices flowing!).