5 Garden Baby Shower Theme Ideas your Guests Will Love

Best Baby Shower Ideas in 2022 for Stress-Free Planning

Throwing a baby shower is no small feat, typically involving tons of planning. Not only do you have to find a venue, send out invites, and manage your guest list – you also have to come up with a baby shower theme. 

Once you’ve selected your theme, you’ve still got a lot of work cut out for you as you determine what decor you’ll need for your table settings, centerpieces, and backdrops

To make your planning a little less stressful, we’ve come up with a creative baby shower idea that’ll truly wow your loved ones: a garden baby shower theme. 

This article will cover several specific garden baby shower themes to help you find one that suits your personality and interests. You’ll also find garden baby shower themed centerpieces, backdrops, and more to make your event shine! 

Garden Baby Shower Themes 

Floral Baby Shower 

hDTBYgyXn8Rn08L2vFPFxuge0afXWtOAhdI yTYqsqmAjN5skH7o64JiAoRJBGYHnzkHeePdhGi2BmiwXTpo2X 9bgS7BqKNTg2D8kASfm rIm5xUFdfxI7H gEYnf5E04tE1 5RIFgJGLk | WebBabyShower
Image from: catchmyparty.com

This garden floral baby shower theme is an excellent option for springtime. You can make this theme whimsical by incorporating a variety of colored florals in bright reds, blues, and yellows. 

Or, you can take a simpler approach by using greenery and muted florals in shades of white, light yellow, and pink. The more floral decor, the better! 

Outdoor Picnic Baby Shower 

K3ujQvhHlUbGSwXswcnmzptBQANfXYVrooeweYoktgRSLgUwkN1r4a9sGJmVA8QJ bPsSiEJMau7FMYF0p8K944hxLZ9UpXIiAddTWpiFm2JM0j2KLpMnpoxhHsyA2cjPVgJhwl6kv7SHwEAtVRnkakFQS FYzX5n3A3fkWOzSKG1ivWP HCecB1mP2HA | WebBabyShower
Image from: catchmyparty.com

Picnics are fun and laid-back, making this the perfect garden baby shower theme for parents who enjoy low-key events. Keep things simple with picnic blankets and pillows, or elevate your picnic with wooden pallet tables and elegant seat cushions. 

Incorporate bright florals, picnic baskets, and umbrellas for adorable finishing touches.

Succulent Baby Shower

A7Wer3jW2WQQuaF9gghOnRY4T1leXyOkXHduM8419V 6IQISGAiwtRFP99uPVgsUUI18ETG5XcB1jdMQP v8hqKxxuBImoMVtbNOQdg 2H RFxbUH0mMKeM8Vn iymzMMfO6KbVOnHNe7ZI 4BAFiAsn0fqGA5IYCXTdP qhwzfX2WoEaTQTSJ1jqPIDA | WebBabyShower
Image from: stylemepretty.com

This succulent garden baby shower theme is perfect for parents who want an outdoor event that isn’t centered purely around flowers. Not everyone likes florals after all! You can use succulents on your tables as decor, then give them as party favors to your guests. 

The phrase “watch me grow” can be used as your event motto since it applies to succulents and babies.  

Tea Party Baby Shower 

Cj0r6AsxdwKtlDY9wsVYT wA2HmUhJLWSiX9FQwkIubr21CSXRTlYRSRNv0QxA02WgzoxcGz9vf5JYoatZnjaMuiVOhS9ghfMzWOsNesx4b71fvbF4It6b 1rtG2UmyRahF0ViYoJd40kHWSDjLblRXzSZy uPB0XzemFvjVEIhsczWYxfG gYRSnSCb2Q | WebBabyShower
Image from: etsy.com

Make your celebration the event of the season with this sophisticated tea baby shower garden theme. Break out your finest china, saucers, teacups, and teapots. Include English roses, floral tablecloths, and elegant pastries to make your teatime beautiful enough for the queen. 

Butterfly Baby Shower 

ipGjZdbXrIgbwtcirJQXlnfTT4ZXqVsxWVuch6Ob1uERjhgEa24OFqiY4Vhcl2uDUQGrqPtfsSdW4Mrnpi SaUndzEQqIko1o7o5ZqwQmmwHaazFwlQQu1c fZkgDRjDxi2Le97nKM oFMSAIdWRFgHEHNMupUG6YiRpu SU1KktXy7ZOaMUySHS2 gNyg | WebBabyShower
Image from: etsy.com

Help your event “take flight” with this adorable butterfly garden baby shower theme. Include butterfly cutouts, balloons, and banners to bring this theme to life. You can use pinks, oranges, and yellows for your decor to emulate the bright colors of Spring.

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Build Your Shower

Create Your Baby Shower Invitations

Floral Teatime

This elegant virtual invite is primarily green, blue, and yellow, making it perfect for a succulent or greenery garden baby shower theme. You can include your baby shower’s address, a link to your registry, and more to provide your loved ones with pertinent details about your event. 

Bpjtbg8SP1n JWs YfLJJDIWiIx8KPkIkzUdpnL285jYXnwQNWoysJqptogxN h7SxPQyFYxG5nlm19Z hidN jY6apDMmH39idUHKvWeGcOKpKfusKkfrWPBVNnVWF25BQ0Yd8Ljg2lvjBV HzMfk957LfWZ7fmYQi1XYdOpGJb5f5OhQYneV8Po9lttA | WebBabyShower

Garden Peach

This is the ideal virtual card for a butterfly or floral garden baby shower theme, including bright pink flowers and elegant butterflies flitting across the background. The vibrant color scheme is perfect for a spring shower when the flowers are in bloom! 

0tDapVo1Uc1MtQGTEddfJONPK0jTY xrBOpp4mwiNeNg GLRDGGn0gdUU3lIyUsTCuFGgpYrQDjSQINXSvX1Z6ywA3jljLBdHFvzQ7C3W92jE | WebBabyShower

Tea Party

Are you planning to host a tea baby shower garden theme? Then, this whimsical invite with greenery, teapots, red berries, and flowers, might be the perfect one. The white background and clean design may appeal to minimalists. 

poNobLPAe8UjqinWBUPrdD18VgJkRKUQDxm9Xbid9UKXd V5oevlkwhiAZUUKhJjQHJS9AHC0Yc4IpW103K7S6FGIgXU856tZGZH6CS7Hncjc6OPjdDvrjyY0BV7G2tHgWmKkySzYxYCTnxnxu41UphaPbqm 0Ej5Ej w15QYBXAFKMW4GgpUR6YFHzXBQ | WebBabyShower

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Green Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Next, we’ll go through our specially curated garden baby shower decor ideas to make your event stand out. You can DIY many of these items if you want to save money. 

Flower Cart 

SDQa5k mZNEdtu8FsA9v6YY9QfMIBXbyi9MBqJGN6U2pF1ikvpbX5KvhGuFS5UIUP8JEuQhtojBtW6qvHz3 bnxuTF7 SEGzc0ZJwzKr6tde4gHwq3NPaWf1CPggtcGx7c8TvP1wwr4gmz4mxhUWInrOxLkGOfpSC2IzeJhD 2zYDh7jOdf0yZ9G 5 gqA | WebBabyShower
Image from: camillestyles.com

Flower carts are adorable and make for great photo ops! For this project, you’ll need a wooden cart or a wheelbarrow, soil, and flowers. Or, if you prefer, you can place potted plants inside. You can keep the cart as a stylish yard decoration after your garden baby shower is over. 

Hanging Flower Balls 

bWlAlTYpqMJkZ6xQRGg9CfyqQ8pB37NaGLHSa5HwEhezEzVv75EdrcmlOX 7LLpVuO301x72We vgHAUjAOgFXkGyMR0xDxyq qU0JvMId055fcRZR2B5Gjqbz2v3H7tFViXkEn0UzX9BHlonJtX5cD4qpA GZTOfdZVrqJIOQcjLSNdueew5UE2DANYA | WebBabyShower
Image from: ehow.com

This hanging flower ball is perfect for a garden floral baby shower theme. To make it, you’ll need a foam ball, 20 gauge floral wire, wire cutters, ribbon, and silk flowers. For step-by-step directions, check out this article by eHow. 

Seed Packet Seating Chart

For this decor item, you’ll need a thin rope, wire or twine, tiny clips, seed packets, paper, tape, and a pen. You can hang the string on a wall or use a rectangular structure like plywood or a large picture frame. Add your guests’ names and where you’d like them to sit with each seed packet to create an adorable garden-themed seating chart! 

Napkins with Flowers and Twine 

9eyoZIviWGBa2D47sL QKksi2r3Qny6oo IVI2fKKJmhmsNkfUUjRfbjKToJQoZq2qmRRlRIdrPHgSWONa 25GjKxFfawcqbjSuJgrbgrVW8j V3jLIUVopSBM04J | WebBabyShower
Image from: stylemepretty.com

This decor idea is easy, elegant, and affordable – the perfect way to elevate your garden baby shower theme. All you’ll need are some small flowers and twine. You can choose different colored flowers for a whimsical feel or the same color to make your table look more cohesive. 

Green Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Flower Box Centerpiece 

hVks JQtXSTb9nFMIuiZU5f35qd y1SuoARc6Ypmx63zxGvhiQwRM 46WYVfMXOCiNrR12BU3LwIOFTVKUt6t4 uafIkkJ0UtXbl l6h4YniFwYE4StNhp8T D 9WCGupD2exgHQqcfmF66cx5XduSBYpThiLnlca8MCQ5JI3dQE8n6ByvYbVpu bTkHmA | WebBabyShower
Image from: mimisdollhouse.com

You’ll need a wooden planter box and some real or fake flowers for this super simple centerpiece. If you love DIY, consider creating your own flowers out of paper or fabric. Add succulents, eucalyptus, rosemary, or other greenery into the planter instead of flowers for a green baby shower garden theme. 

Enchanted Garden Centerpiece 

Dl4vnPDkWbUvEo2uHoftOGIU7Nc6IQ9ww uPhFE2EeV8 40E4wXJ086ZxKoS028CKk RBflxxxVIw29TFfqzbRz0gjuJGUTedAUg5GCVMhKsEUnqjGPO5CLYLs2E1L | WebBabyShower
Image from: karaspartyideas.com

Add a whimsical touch to your garden-themed baby shower with this Alice-in-Wonderland centerpiece. You can include vintage books, ornate clocks, decadent flowers, or other bright and fanciful items. The best thing about this centerpiece is you can find most of what you need around your house! 

Boho Bud Vases Centerpiece 

siMdFX2cAyAo4ub79rDxErCw24nCYAkC33XIDbmfEtIdf2cI4j16FNispq0qbDJ3P3YWBuv5wmCqXPLpZ96Tyi2xu6nvAgYShJV4qgKTIAkcHdBG9J3he7RHGta2xyz825ymZOxNMhWVA vYZeScYgYaNOd8WsJP EP0Z8D6yE5 | WebBabyShower
Image from: catchymyparty.com

This bud vase centerpiece is simple and stylish, making it the perfect selection for a boho garden baby shower theme. You’ll need a tray, clear or colored bud vases, and flowers. The tray can be metal for a more rustic look, wooden for a bohemian vibe, or glass for a sophisticated feel. Add different-sized bud vases to make your centerpiece more aesthetically pleasing. 

Succulent Crate Centerpiece 

A6pwBwrHnEIacFtQDK3g4GY2MPqh cAwrHQuaSXoJGOCdbvz5TaepAnNKNGLDNSaoxC259HfpV87 c7v mpJzPmZ9iXf1eWltQVkgQYEW1jb6zaQoussf3f4ci | WebBabyShower
Image from: catchmyparty.com

This is the perfect centerpiece for a succulent baby shower garden theme. To make it, you’ll need a wooden crate with slots, such as a milk crate. You can add potted succulents or plant them if you want to keep the crate as a planter after the baby shower is over.  

Birdhouse Centerpiece 

A wwT mhuJlA0VCqB7NBfn3FpeUj5tzA6sZEVjUXN EbvpebvJcS2PBGU3eypZrf o 4h YPKa36TXmY8k6HJcyYiEPz8wBA8tdDTAZCDkat8wpatfcCuD98fUZqaRdfobs2GF7qyE20IvCHoTKtzKWG1pK1etqc Y2w neJsrpWuP iTydT403yQfgqyg | WebBabyShower
Image from: frugelegance.com

Birdhouses are outdoorsy, making them well-suited for the garden baby shower theme. You can buy a cute birdhouse for your centerpiece, but pre-decorated ones can be pricey. To save money, consider purchasing a simple birdhouse from your local craft store and decorating it. Or, if you have the right tools – a hammer, nails, saw, and a drill – consider making your own. 

Teapot Centerpiece 

0R24MD5qvFaboutAImrHsZaFnpNTggN47uoil8Y9MNP YwXHEwkOkH2e1LqxUI6n1CURULCLcR3JzS68ZNk0HwO1BIDyO1BHOSX6vG4OauN4axHrKq5nAvXScNrwxdydKmNAcGdWdV9X7SkL4e7DA9z0bEyr3ippr0cYalVsP pqY2DjZkWSf1VV4FtmXQ | WebBabyShower
Image from: stylemepretty.com

All you’ll need for this elegant centerpiece are some beautiful teapots. If you’d like to spruce it up, add a lace tablecloth, candles, and flowers. You can put flowers inside the teapots for a whimsical feel or place them in vases around the teapots for a more elegant look. 

Backdrop Ideas 

Floral Backdrop

image 1 | WebBabyShower
Image from: etsy.com

Floral backdrops are elegant and look great in photos. You can get a solid flower backdrop or hang floral vines over a curtain. Another option is to buy real or fake flowers and tape each (stems included) onto a wall to create a boho look. 

Greenery Backdrop 

CCvG d83xT0U2bBsdxVxDSfVbVF0Cj1 n5wnEu2MCvLc3X7Lhuc yMpXdUZ Gu9 RDB154zSvetcjW9okHKh8WgeeK8c rGn612nk8V328goAZ179VCGNIwB0z6Zb6PgQ6M gp2nPD j3GHOPiM1iy | WebBabyShower
Image from: tulamama.com

Greenery is an excellent backdrop for a garden-themed baby shower because it gives the entire space a natural, outdoorsy look. You can buy a solid wall made from greenery or hang vines or garlands over a curtain. 

Polaroid Backdrop 

This backdrop doubles as a photo booth, making it a great two-for-one. You’ll need an arch, tape, string, and a large photo prop frame to create this backdrop. Add the phrase “oh baby,” “hello baby,” or “welcome (baby’s name)” on the bottom of the prop frame to help your loved ones remember the special day. 

Balloon Arch with Flowers Backdrop 

9HftnobcZ5xb bdKHweDXnggiRc5GJtYiNO1CkFGt1v1v8S 8cssVRArOS 3XYsiidIzj3KhxRHPWWd5r2Xb9QqrKNuPsCk5oJudrtxbrPp5g5ZsTZJ2jYbqhCUW nNLeRkxJO1THlRt38eLhi6zImrXhmTe MX6rTDsWVCCJ2oL0TpzvDr9lNH hOW4yQ | WebBabyShower
Image from: @sweetbloomcakes

A balloon arch is an excellent backdrop for any event. Adding flowers makes it perfect for a floral garden baby shower theme. You can buy a balloon arch kit and add fake flowers. Many balloon arch kits include flowers, like this Floral Rose Pink Balloon Garland from Amazon.

Wooden Backdrop 

daZBIPraLs5GTki00Poza 596 sbi0w56YzzWSeLDYCoQ7jiD39Ysd9yETviJGSXKPDGOcwxk3R8ziWcCpoip5uiIp73U3tUGsAWulQm4 9 4tic9joNb3qKU8eyr09sUL7D9Xjn16jaZsCbLg Qs6H85dMDshQwC7r7lL BZzGMtjr6LcCBan8pv 2WQ | WebBabyShower

A wooden backdrop will add a rustic flair to your garden baby shower theme. You can use a real wood pallet or a fabric backdrop that looks like wood planks. Add your little one’s name, greenery, and flowers onto the wooden background for some extra pizazz. 

Green Baby Shower Cake Ideas

These gorgeous cakes are ideal for a garden-themed baby shower, incorporating neutral colors and natural elements. If you love to bake, you can make these cakes yourself. Or, if you’re short on time, your local bakery can make them for you.  

Rustic Partial-Iced Floral Cake 

TtIUS6v7 taAoxefAo2 yIOICtF3fkbStx2wZf HnCE6jV4pe6ZgLBYxUq MICpF QRDPcxXyUpprV1toF0keeSbtJ2KUcTxnMJ5wV OT1dsNfB93z3hhJbSxlGL HR1nZXv4SScI | WebBabyShower
Image from: mommy-diary.com

Partially frosted cakes are all the rage for rustic garden theme baby showers. The minimal icing look is elegant, allowing the floral decor on top to take center stage. To create this look, bake several cakes, cut them in half horizontally, then stack the layers. Use your spatula to lightly frost the sides of the cake, starting from the bottom and moving toward the top. 

Tropical Fruit Pizza Cake 

Hs7 88G1THVjpJW8GmqJsN1X0V8fdBdqSrAZetQDLiZZL8tpohXziObRRr Db6YT1RCF4BXl9xW NPhzwHQBi0ZXPkiL760tTvAMQhTPGlvpam4l9ce UNu7YGD zJWTNJJKiuu7b1DG4k5SeTqtXG5FXFms HZp 0VGhDH PPT5WDnNpcKbmO5oZPFbQ | WebBabyShower
Image from: wifemamafoodie.com

Are you looking for a healthy cake alternative nearly as delicious as cake without all the frosting? Then, consider this tropical fruit pizza with a shortbread “pizza” crust, coconut whipped cream, and delicious tropical fruits. For directions on how to make this, check out this article by Wife Mama Foodie. 

Donut Cake 

h9SfctsIkCBCypwZvE3I3zB0pQudGRuMS4h5XioHQ7 9qspbLq0jSSHzn cuWamLltVAqH bxa17bSGCwXDKTEuX76wTWjSwLH8Q5DKPJ4MxYPwrSMhnEzNVx7d EgJ xVcER hxTLN ErTQW9QRkC54hTIIv7qoNjroaU hctyxyBjAMOrANfy pYw | WebBabyShower
Image from: idoyall.com

If you’re not a big cake person, consider making this elegant donut cake instead. Simply stack several layers of your favorite glazed donuts on a cake stand. Another option is having several cake stands filled with donuts of different flavors. Potential donut flavors for a garden party are lemon poppy seed, camomile blueberry, and lilac sugar. 

Blooming Bundt Cake with Flower 

YwoaSmopaHzI tjC4PqOwD0qex6hm9vUN7v0D4Z2 | WebBabyShower
Image from: karaspartyideas.com

This gorgeous bundt cake will be the take of your baby shower, with drizzled icing that looks like a flower in bloom! You can buy this cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes in various sizes and flavors. If you’d prefer to make your own, check out this instructional video for the icing technique. 

Simple White Cake With Bird Topper 

67webuyb47vN3Q5k jXd | WebBabyShower
Image from: stylemepretty.com

This rustic white cake is perfect for those who enjoy the simpler things in life. You can make any flavor cake, then top it with a white buttercream frosting. Dab the buttercream frosting onto the cake with a frosting spatula to create the textured exterior.

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