Baby Shower for a Second Baby — How to Host a Perfect Baby Sprinkle

A baby shower for a first-born child is often an extravagant party with lots of friends, family, and presents. But baby shower etiquette gets a little more complicated with a second child.

So, is it acceptable to have a baby shower for a second baby, or is it considered tacky?

It’s our belief that babies should always be celebrated, and this being the second child should not mean you celebrate any less! It’s totally fine to have a baby shower for the second baby, and you absolutely should! Plus, there are many ways to make the event extra special.

At WebBabyShower, we’re all about solutions. A virtual or hybrid baby shower is the perfect idea for a second baby — it’s a great way to include everyone, it won’t be tacky, and it can help you stay organized while keeping the event fun.

Here’s how to get started with hosting a baby shower for a second child.

Etiquette for a Second Baby Shower

Having a second baby shower is not only okay, it’s also a great idea!

There were once some old-fashioned customs for baby showers that have thankfully changed in today’s world. For example, a relative close to the mother-to-be was not always encouraged to throw the baby shower, as it was considered “taboo.” Fortunately, this is now seen as outdated.

For a second baby shower, there are some social rules and etiquette that you should keep in mind as well, to keep things from appearing “tacky.” First of all, it is best to have someone throw the baby shower for you if you are the mother. It can be anyone, such as a friend or relative.

This generally applies to all baby showers and stops the mom from looking like she’s just asking for presents. (You can still have a registry, though!)

It’s also good to keep this event relaxed — hence the “baby sprinkle” idea. It’s a smaller and more casual version of a first baby shower. You can still invite close friends and family and enjoy time with them, though it’s generally not as extravagant as the first baby shower.

virtual baby shower for second baby
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Ideas for Second Baby Shower

Throw a Long Distance Baby Shower

A long-distance event is a great idea for a second baby’s shower. While this type of party is still lots of fun, it also takes away some of the formality and makes everything more relaxed.

On top of that, it makes gathering everyone you love together possible, even if they do not live near you. And, it’s also a great option if the mother-to-be is on bed rest or is currently social distancing.

For a long-distance party, you can choose between a hybrid and a completely virtual event. WebBabyShower helps you with this, as well as planning out your party, sending invites, communicating with guests, playing games, and more. It’s the easiest way to host a baby shower!

Consider a Hybrid Baby Shower

A hybrid baby shower is a great way to include family and friends that live nearby, as well as those that live farther away than you’d like.

You can still have all the fun of a regular baby shower with celebrating in person, while also letting others join in online.

second baby shower photo with first baby
Image from: @anushka_kapilfan

Invitation-Wording Ideas for a Second Baby Shower

There may be guests that don’t know about the term “baby sprinkle,” so it’s a good idea to provide some context for this in your invitations.

Our guide can help give you some guidance about making your invite charming while it also explains how a baby sprinkle is a little different from a typical baby shower.

Baby Shower Gifts for a Second Baby

Gifts are one of the most enjoyable parts of celebrating in the first place. But, since this isn’t the first baby, there may be some big-ticket items — such as a stroller or high chair — that the mom-to-be already has.

Because of this, you can try out a different approach for presents.

Consider some wellness gifts for mom. Examples of this might be a gift card to a spa, a yoga class package for after the baby is born, or a pregnancy pillow.

A unique and fun idea is to organize a meal train for when the baby is born. Guests can sign up to drop off dinner each night for a week or two after the second baby’s birth. The parents will certainly appreciate this as they’ll be getting used to a new routine.

A double stroller might be appropriate if the mother is expecting twins or if the first child is still quite young. Also, encourage guests to consider items that are probably worn out and that the parents may be in more need of. This would include things like onesies, bibs, diaper pads, bedding, and so on.

baby shower gift for second baby
Image from: @marshaeliz

Baby Shower Games

Games for a second baby shower can be pretty similar to the first, but you might also want to try some fun new ones. Get guests laughing with these funny games — Draw the Baby, and Guess the Candy Bar.

For a hybrid or virtual baby shower, consider options like Virtual Scavenger Hunt and Celebrity Parent Charades. You can modify these to include in-person guests as well as those attending the party virtually.

Baby Shower Decorations

As the host, you should always think about the mother-to-be’s preferences for decorating. You can do a classic theme with neutrals or include a rainbow of colors depending on what the mom would like best.

For those that are hosting a hybrid or virtual party, you may choose to decorate just the background of the spot for the video call. You can keep it simple with some balloons and a banner if you prefer.

If you have guests attending in person, it’s a good idea to decorate with table centerpieces and some added details. Pay special attention to where the mom-to-be will sit, and add more decorations there. Flowers, balloons, and even a theme can go a long way to help the space look festive.

We have some fantastic themes on WebBabyShower, including Bohemian and Crazy for Candyland. There’s a massive amount of themes available to suit your baby shower perfectly.

Plan an Awesome Baby Shower for a Second Baby

A second baby shower can be just as much fun as the first one! You may opt for a baby sprinkle instead, and, of course, there are some etiquette tips to observe. But, using these ideas, you can still create an amazing party that guests will enjoy.
WebBabyShower can help you host the ultimate event in a super easy and organized way. Every baby deserves to be celebrated, and using the tools and information we provide, you’re bound to have a great and memorable day!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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