The Perfect Jack and Jill Baby Shower – Organization Ideas and Tips

Planning an event for both parents with a co-ed group of friends and family may feel like a big task. What are the rules and etiquette to follow? What else should you consider? In this article, you’ll find advice for creating the perfect Jack and Jill baby shower (yes men attend baby showers 😊 ), including theme, venue, and guest list ideas. As the No. 1 market leader in virtual baby showers, WebBabyShower has the inside scoop on what makes for a fun event for parents-to-be and their guests.

If you’re thinking of having a virtual baby shower, here’s a rundown on how Webbabyshower really works.

The most important thing to know about a co-ed shower is the gender divide can, and should, be part of the fun! If you ever wanted to see your husband in a dance competition with the other guys, this is your chance. Maybe the only one, so take it! There are plenty of baby shower games for men; check out this article from littlethingsfavors for some amazing game ideas.

Jack and Jill Baby Shower Name Meaning

Jack and Jill baby showers are co-ed. Even before the nursery rhyme was around, the phrase “Jack and Jill” meant a general boy and girl pair. For a baby shower, this means that both of the baby’s parents will be part of the day, and they can each invite friends and family. A Jack and Jill baby shower is just a catchier title for the party than “co-ed baby shower”.

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Jack and Jill Baby Shower Etiquette

For the Guests

If you’re attending a Jack and Jill baby shower, be mindful of the sort of presents you bring. You’ll want to buy something that both parents will be comfortable using, not an item that’s strictly for one parent. For example, if you buy a diaper bag or a stroller, you may want to choose a neutral color, so each parent feels comfortable using it. Please show respect for both parents by considering their tastes.

It’s also a good idea to say hello to everyone at the party — not just those of your same gender. Talk to both parents’ friends and family members, and try to be as sociable as possible to move beyond the default mom and dad clusters.

For the Hosts

It’s essential to respect the wishes of the mom-to-be, whatever those may be. It might include specific games, decor, or anything else about the party. However, since this is a special day for both parents, consider what they each want for the event.

As the host, it’s your job to make sure the guests know what to expect. That means letting them know by way of invitation that the shower is for men and women. Otherwise, they could be surprised or arrive with a gift that isn’t appropriate for the occasion. 

When baby showers are co-ed, you’ll want more than just cake, salad, and punch for snacks. Try adding some sandwiches, sliders, or heartier food options to accommodate all guests. 

jack and jill baby shower food
Image from: @ola.shero

How to Decide Whether to Have a Co-ed Baby Shower?

The first thing to do is obvious — ask the parents. Find out if they want a co-ed baby shower, if the father will want to be a part of the event, and what the mom-to-be wants to do. If they decide on a co-ed party, you can then begin to work on some more details.

Pros of co-ed baby showers:
  • More people means your event will have more of a party vibe.
  • Opportunity for some truly hilarious games
  • If the mom-to-be doesn’t want all the attention focused on her, then having the dad around can help her feel more comfortable at the baby shower.
  • It’s a chance for the brand new dad to talk with those who’ve been fathers for a while. He can get advice and find a community.
Cons of co-ed baby showers:
  • The mother may prefer a quieter and smaller group of people, which can be a problem with a co-ed event.
  • Having more guests (sometimes double the number) also means the party will cost more. However, virtual events solve this problem.
  • The parents-to-be may want the theme and colors to be more gender-neutral, which can change original decorating plans.

WebBabyShower is here to help you plan the perfect Jack and Jill baby shower. Our virtual platform allows you to cut costs, invite everyone you want, and have an inclusive party with themes all guests will love. With WebBabyShower, you can have co-hosts join you in planning, and you might include male friends as co-hosts in the spirit of a co-ed event. Even if you’re doing an in person event, widen the circle with WebBabyShower.

Things to Consider When Having a Jack and Jill Baby Shower


When planning a party like this, hosts need to think about how important tradition is to the guests of honor and consider how family traditions will influence the baby shower. If the parents-to-be would rather be a bit more modern with the party, then a Jack and Jill baby shower will work perfectly for them. However, if they find that they or their relatives prefer a traditional baby shower approach, there are still ways to have the best of both worlds.

Suppose the older generation of parents and grandparents are used to a traditional baby shower that only celebrates the mother-to-be and her child and feel uncomfortable with the idea of a co-ed one. In that case, you might try having more than one party. One can be the co-ed Jack and Jill baby shower with men and women, and the other can be a more traditional party just for mom and baby. The host can send invites for each party based on guest preference.

With the WebBabyShower platform, you can easily plan multiple parties. With our user-friendly system, you’ll have no problem adding guests from different social groups to the events.

jack and jill baby shower guests
Image from: @thefit_mamma

Guest List

Before planning a Jack and Jill baby shower, think about the guest list. When you look at your list of relatives, friends, and co-workers, do you think they’d all be comfortable at a co-ed party? Remember to count how many people you are inviting, as co-ed baby showers can be larger than regular ones, and you’ll need to take this into account.

WebBabyShower helps with different guest lists. Our unlimited invitation and announcement system simplifies the process and allows you to make your baby showers perfect.

Best Jack and Jill Baby Shower Themes

WebBabyShower has many theme options. You can create your website and use our decorative backgrounds to set the stage for your event. These are our best themes for co-ed baby showers:

  • Nursery Jungle: A combination of mint green and yellow perfectly complements this theme’s plants and animals background.
  • Flying Elephants: Adorable pink, blue, green, and yellow elephants grace the background of this WebBabyShower theme. 
  • African Lions: A slate blue color with gold, orange, and black details make this a lion-themed WebBabyShower page perfect.

There are also some other fun co-ed themes for baby showers. Here are our favorites:

  • A Baby is Brewing: Say cheers with this beverage-themed baby shower idea. Gold and black decor, pints of beer, and fun games make this a great party option.
  • Baby Q: Everyone loves a good barbecue! It’s a fun co-ed choice for a baby shower, and all you need is great food and some checkered tablecloths.
jack and jill baby shower baby q theme
Image from:
  • Donuts and Diapers: Congratulate the new parents with a donut-inspired baby shower! It’s a great brunch option if you want a co-ed party early in the day.
jack and jill baby shower donuts invite
Image from: @tdapartyonpaper

Choosing the best theme for a co-ed event can be a challenge unless you have WebBabyShower on your team! Our platform makes it easy to quickly decide on a theme, so you can get back to planning the shower.

What is a Perfect Jack and Jill Shower Venue?

Besides your theme and guest list, choosing a venue is the most important part of party planning. Before you select a location, remember venue options vary in cost. Some are entirely free, like someone’s home or a park, while others may have various expenses. And different venues will suit different needs, so remember your guest list and what type of activities you are planning on for the day.

Today, many baby shower hosts are seeing how beneficial a virtual event can be. Online parties mean you don’t have to restrict your guest list, and you can include everyone, no matter where they live.

When choosing a venue, find a place that all of your guests will enjoy. If you’re throwing an in-person event, consider adding a virtual component, so even faraway guests can attend. 

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

Your Home

Our platform makes it simple to combine an in-person baby shower with a virtual one. You can genuinely have the best of both worlds when using our interactive platform, selecting themes, baby shower game ideas, and invitation options that are perfect for your event. When you host a baby shower in your home, you can combine an online party with a regular one easily. You’ll have access to Wi-Fi, after all, and can take all the time you want for decorating.

WebBabyShower allows more people to enjoy the baby shower. When hosts give multiple attendance options, your guests can choose if they want to be part of the baby shower virtually or in person, letting people choose what’s most comfortable for them. We suggest having a virtual baby shower as an option so all loved ones can celebrate with the parents-to-be!

Community Center

Suppose you’re planning on hosting a large group. Using a community center as a venue can be an affordable alternative to a restaurant or other expensive locations. Typically, you’ll need to provide food and your own decorations, but you can still save money by choosing this cheaper option. Many community centers also have Wi-Fi, making it easy for you to combine an in-person event with a virtual baby shower.

Outside Locations

An outdoor baby shower is a perfect idea for an in-person event. When outdoors, you can play baby shower games like cornhole and horseshoes. You’ll also have adequate space for everyone to sit and stand while still observing any necessary social distancing protocols in your area. 

And there are ways to make it virtual, as well. You can bring a laptop and include a virtual video chat and games, too, so friends and family who live far away can be involved.

jack and jill baby shower outside
Image from: @kayxelle


Now that you know more about co-ed baby showers, you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. On the one hand, some more traditional guests may not feel comfortable with the idea of a Jack and Jill baby shower, but there are ways to help with that, such as hosting multiple events or virtual ones. Many are giving up more traditional party ideas in favor of an inclusive event for both men and women. 

A lot is changing with baby showers. Including more guests at your event means that there are more people there to celebrate the birth of a new baby and encourage new parents. Moving toward a more inclusive baby shower is an excellent idea that we recommend. Having both parents present with all of their friends and family is a great way to help everyone feel supported and loved in this new phase of their lives. 

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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