The Ultimate Target Baby Registry Checklist

Before you create your baby registry, it’s important to research which retailers have the best options, as well as come up with a baby registry checklist of must-have items. If you want the option to shop online as well as in person and enjoy welcome kits and discounts, the Target baby registry is a great option. We’ve broken down why Target’s baby registry might work for you, as well as provided our checklist of items you’ll need for your little one, and yourself.

Target Baby Registry Checklist

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the baby items out there. Before you randomly start adding things to your must-have list, take a look at our checklist of items to add to your Target baby registry. From onesies and swaddle blankets to strollers and essentials for the mom-to-be, we’ve curated a Target baby registry checklist you’ll need for the newborn stage and beyond.

Baby Clothes in a Range of Sizes

target baby registry checklist
  • Onesies: Onesies are an outfit staple for any newborn. Snap bottoms make diaper changes a breeze. These are a great outfit option under a pair of pants, or on their own depending on the weather. Register for several in various sizes for those unexpected growth spurts.
  • Sleep and play Pajamas: Designed to keep Baby cozy at bedtime, or comfortable as they play during the day, one-piece footie pajamas or sleep-and-play clothing is an easy option for new parents. As an outfit all on its own, there’s no need for socks or separate tops and bottoms.
  • Socks and accessories: Baby socks, hats, and mittens keep your little one warm in winter weather, while sun hats offer protection from the elements in the summer. Also, consider head wraps and bows to add a little something extra to an outfit.

Baby Bottles and Feeding Supplies

target baby registry checklist
  • Baby bottles: This category may feel overwhelming all on its own. With so many brands and styles available, it’s difficult to know which one your baby will prefer. We suggest registering for two or three small packs of bottles from different brands to test which one works best for you and your baby.
  • Burp cloths and bibs: Feeding time is messy and spit ups are going to happen. Burp cloths and bibs protect your clothes and your baby’s clothes from messes, which means fewer outfit changes for both of you.
  • Breast pump or formula: Depending on how you plan to feed your baby, register for a breast pump or formula so you’re ready when your little one is born. There are many varieties of formulas and styles of breast pumps available. Consider talking with your doctor to decide which will work best for your family.

Needs for the Nursery

target baby registry checklist
  • Crib sheets and mattress protector: For the first 12 months babies only need a fitted sheet in their crib. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a cute design that matches the rest of your nursery. Accidents happen, so register for a few crib sheets in case of any middle-of-the-night bedding changes. A mattress protector will keep baby’s mattress clean and dry.
  • Swaddle blankets: Help your baby stay snug and cozy by wrapping them up in a soft swaddle blanket at bedtime. Varieties with velcro or zippers keep wiggly little ones secure.
  • Sound machine: White noise, heartbeat sounds or lullabies can help your baby fall asleep or soothe them back to sleep at night. Some even come in cute designs including an owl or hedgehog.
  • Mobile: Hang a mobile above your baby’s crib to help them drift off to sleep, or as a distraction above their changing table. There are many styles available to match any nursery decor.

Tub Time

target baby registry checklist
  • Bathtubs: Register for a bathtub or bath seat to make bathing easier. Some tubs grow with your little one with a supportive sling for newborns to a spacious tub for babies 6 months and older. 
  • Hooded bath towels and washcloths: Washcloths help get your baby clean, while a hooded towel keeps them cozy after the bath. Select matching patterns or mix different designs.
  • Bath set: Bath sets are wonderful starting out because they include everything you need to get your baby squeaky clean. Sets can include body wash, shampoo, body lotion, and diaper rash cream.
  • Bath toys: Create entertainment even at bath time with colorful bath toys. Options include boats, bath crayons, floating letters, and the classic rubber ducks.

Diaper Essentials

target baby registry checklist
  • Disposable diapers and cloth diapers: Whether you decide on disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or a mix of both, make sure to register for several packs in a variety of sizes. You’d be surprised how quickly a baby can transition from newborn size to size 1 in sometimes just a few weeks. Having the next size up on hand saves you a last-minute trip to the store.
  • Baby wipes: Essential for cleanup during diaper changes, baby wipes also come in handy for sticky fingers and baby food messes. Register for a few different brands to decide which you like best.
  • Diaper pail: No one wants their house to smell like diapers, especially when your little one starts eating solid food. A diaper pail keeps all of the dirty diapers contained in a bag that seals shut when you close the lid, keeping the stink out of your home.
  • Rash cream: Prevent and treat rashes on tiny bottoms with rash cream. Add a thin layer at diaper change time to stop irritation from wet diapers.
  • Changing pad: A changing pad creates a comfortable spot to place your baby during diaper changes. Most include a safety strap and high sides to keep your baby safe as you change their diaper.
  • Diaper bag: A diaper bag keeps all of your diaper essentials in one place when you leave the house. There are many different styles and patterns from faux leather backpacks to structured tote bags with tons of pockets.

First Aid and Safety 

target baby registry checklist
  • Baby monitor: Keep an eye on your baby as they sleep, even when you’re not in the same room, with a baby monitor. Options include simple models with sound only so you can hear any fussing or crying, to high-tech varieties that monitor your baby’s sleep quality.
  • Medicine and thermometer: Colds happen, even for babies. Register for medicine and a thermometer to have on hand to save a trip to the store when your baby is sick.
  • Pacifiers: Pacifiers provide soothing comfort for your little one. Similar to bottles, your baby may like certain types and reject others. Register for a couple of styles to see which works best.
  • Child proofing: Babies start moving around faster than you think. Keep little hands out of cabinets, drawers, and toilets with child-proofing equipment.

Baby Toys and Fun Activities

target baby registry checklist
  • Books: Build your baby’s library by registering for books. Ask loved ones to bring their favorite books, or request specific titles. Also, consider asking family and friends to bring a book instead of a card to your baby shower.
  • Plush toys: Every child deserves something soft and comforting to snuggle. Plush toys are often cherished for years, especially if your child has a favorite elephant or bear they love.
  • Teethers: Teething can be a tough time for Baby, and parents. Teether toys provide a soothing surface that babies can bite for relief from sore gums.
  • Developmental toys: Stimulate your baby’s budding genius with learning toys. Play centers, first word toys, and textured toys help your child with hand-eye coordination, language development, and more.

Baby Gear for Getting Around

target baby registry checklist
  • Stroller: Perfect for walks, errands, or anywhere you go, a stroller provides a comfy place for your baby to view the world. Whether you’re a jogger, expecting twins, or want a simple lightweight option, there are several styles available.
  • Convertible car seat: A convertible car seat will provide a safe place for your baby to ride in the car. From the hospital ride home until early childhood years, a convertible seat will change to accommodate your growing little one.
  • Baby wrap or carrier: Stay hands free as you do tasks at home, go out for a walk, or to the store with a baby wrap or carrier. A baby wrap is a long piece of fabric you wrap around yourself and your baby. Baby carriers allow you to carry your child in multiple positions as they get older, and are sometimes easier to use than a wrap.

Must Haves for Mama

target baby registry checklist
  • Parenting books: From pregnancy to the first years of childhood, there are several books designed to prepare you for parenthood (as much as they can). Books on potty training and teaching early reading skills are also helpful.
  • Breastfeeding care: If you’re a mom-to-be planning to breastfeed, stock up on items to care for your body like nursing pads, nipple cream, and warming or cooling gel pads. These essentials offer relief from soreness and help to create a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience.
  • Nursing pillow: These ergonomic pillows are designed to provide a comfortable nursing experience for Mom and Baby. The shape allows for different nursing positions and gives mom’s back and arms a break.
  • Postpartum essentials: Even “down there” needs care after having a baby. Postpartum items including hot and cold pads, C-section recovery, and peri bottles help mom recover.

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Why Create a Target Baby Registry?

From the convenience of shopping online or in-store to discounts and freebies to help you stock up on baby essentials, there’s a lot to love about Target’s baby registry. Easy returns and free shipping make it even sweeter. As of February 2023, Target discontinued its group gifting option as well as the ability to add products from other websites. However, there are still tons of benefits to using this registry.

target baby registry

Shopping Convenience

Whether you prefer to build your registry online or shop in person, you can do either, or both, through Target. It’s also convenient for your loved ones to purchase items from your registry. Family and friends who love online shopping will enjoy selecting items from the comfort of their homes. Others who are more comfortable shopping in person can stop by one of more than 1,900 locations in the U.S. Target also carries a variety of brands, along with exclusive options including Cat & Jack, and Cloud Island.

Welcome Kit of Freebies

When you create your Target baby registry you’re eligible for a welcome kit filled with $100 worth of samples and coupons. Simply stop by the guest services counter at any Target location to pick it up. Target recommends calling ahead to make sure kits are available.

Free Shipping

You and your loved ones can enjoy free shipping when making a purchase from your registry. Simply spend $35 or use your Target RedCard to qualify. Gifts can be shipped to family members or straight to you.

Easy Returns

Target gives you up to a year after your due date to return items from your baby registry. That gives you plenty of time after your baby is born to return any items you don’t need. Present the barcode on your Target registry to return items to the store.

Completion Discount

Eight weeks prior to your due date, Target will send you a 15% discount coupon for items still left on your registry. Coupons can be used for in-store or online purchases and the offer is redeemable twice. This lets new parents buy any last-minute items they didn’t receive for their baby. Target RedCard holders receive an additional 5% off. The coupon expires six months after your due date.

target 15 percent off discount

How to Set Up a Target Baby Registry

Now that you know you want to use Target for your baby registry, we’ve put together a few tips on how to start. The great thing about Target is you can set up your registry online or in the store.

How To Set Up a Target Baby Registry Online

Set up your registry online in a few clicks. Head to the Target registry page, sign in or create a Target account, then click the “create a registry” button. Follow the prompts and you’ll soon have your registry up and running. You can start adding items right away and share your list with friends and family.

How To Set Up a Target Baby Registry In-Store

Visit the guest services counter at your neighborhood Target location to get started. The store associate will collect your information and walk you through setting up your registry.

How to Add Items to Your Target Baby Registry

Now that your registry is set up, it’s time to start adding everything you’ll need for your baby. Don’t forget to reference our list above for ideas.

How to Add Items to Your Target Baby Registry Online

When you’re on your registry page, click “add items” from the top navigation. Browse by category or search for items in the search bar. Once you find an item you want click “add to registry” and it will appear on your list. You can adjust the quantity and prioritize certain items as your most wanted.

How to Add Items to Your Target Baby Registry In-Store

To add an item to your registry when you’re shopping in the store, head over to the guest services counter. Scan items as you shop to add them to your registry. This is a great way to see the items in person before adding them to your list.

Other Popular Places to Register

It’s totally OK to register at multiple locations. One store might not have everything you’re looking for, and it’s also nice to have a couple of options where loved ones can shop. We personally like the Amazon baby registry as well as the Babylist baby registry for additional options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my friend’s baby registry at Target?

Find a gift registry by searching on Target’s registry page for your friend’s name. Head to guest services when you’re shopping in-store for a printable list to reference when you shop.

How to use the 15 percent off coupon for my Target baby registry?

Once you’re eight weeks from your due date Target will send you a 15% coupon to use online or in-store. When you’re shopping in person, present your coupon to the store associate at checkout. When shopping online, enter the coupon code before completing your purchase.

What are the perks of a Target baby registry?

If you like the convenience of shopping in person or online, love freebies, and appreciate discounts the Target baby registry is a great option. They also carry exclusive brands like Cat & Jack and Cloud Island, along with popular options Graco, Seventh Generation, and Evenflo. With more than 1,900 stores in the United States, it’s easy to find a Target nearby if you need help setting up your registry.

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