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How to Have a Virtual Baby Shower

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You’ve explored all your options, and now you’re ready to plan your virtual baby shower. Congrats on making it this far, Mama! But maybe you’re still wondering “How many people can I invite?” or perhaps “What happens at a virtual shower, anyway?”

We get it – you’ve got questions, particularly in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, WebBabyShower has the answers! Read on for our How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower top tips. Also try to read our article: How to have an awesome long distance baby shower?

What is a Virtual Baby Shower, Anyway???

Just like a traditional, physical in-person baby shower, a virtual shower brings together all of the people – family and friends – who are special to the expecting Mom and Dad. The primary difference? Guests from all across the globe can attend via the Internet, without ever leaving their homes.

Simply put, a virtual baby shower can be hosted completely online, with tons of unique and customizable features, such as these we offer. It’s easy, convenient, and typically, super casual. And most importantly, just like any in-person shower, a virtual shower is a celebration of the Mom-to-be AND her new little one. So get connected with your loved ones – virtually! 

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

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The Best Things About a Virtual Shower? 

Well, for one, everyone can practice social distancing COVID-19 style, while still enjoying a party. (Yes, it’s hard to be apart! But a virtual shower makes social distancing easier.) Not only will the new Mom stay safe, so will all of her guests, including those who are most vulnerable to illness but still want to celebrate this joyous event. What to Expect writer, Jessica Migala, notes that while more pregnant ladies may be hosting online showers due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, the concept certainly isn’t new. Many new moms were already previously hosting virtual baby shower bashes “to connect with family and friends around the country or world who can’t make it to their scheduled event.”

Who do they quote in that article? WebBabyShower. They reached out to us to understand how it works.

“The key advantage to a virtual event is that no one has to travel, a bigger group can be invited and it’s much less expensive compared to [an in-person] event,”  – WebBabyShower

Plus, why not enjoy the benefits? For example, invite as many guests as you’d like. Virtual shower sites typically don’t have a limit as to how many people can be invited. So plan a 115-person guest list (Or 215. Or 3…it’s totally up to you!) That said, Babylist recommends keeping the guest list at a number that is manageable for you as “too many guests can get chaotic on video chat.”

“For under $80 (cheaper than the average in-person shower), WebBabyShower offers an all-in-one place for all your baby shower needs”

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Other perks? Online baby showers are considerably less expensive since there’s no budget for food and drinks, including restaurant catering. No food also means no after-shower messy clean up! While an online shower isn’t food-centered, What to Expect mentions that “attendees are certainly welcome to make up a plate and eat at their leisure.” Another way to save? No shower venue rental fees equals more cash savings. Ka-ching!

And because an online shower is done at home, there are zero travel expenses for family and friends. Your main expense? You’ll just need to pay for a virtual shower platform. Oh, and don’t forget the game prizes – if you decide to give them!

How to Have a Virtual Baby Shower

Platform – WebBabyShower is the #1 dedicated virtual baby shower service, which is why we are recommended by BabyCenter, What to Expect, Essence, and even Martha Stewart!

WebBabyShower pregnant mom video chat laptop

Then choose what video service you want to use. Most people prefer Skype and Zoom. Both are FREE and fairly easy to navigate, even for the tech-challenged crowd. Still not sure which service to choose? Test the service ahead of time, while you’re still in the shower planning stage, to work out the kinks and avoid potential problems.

Babylist points out that “the free version of Zoom allows up to 40 minutes of meeting time per room; additional time is available for purchase, but you can also close out the room and start a new one.” Be sure to check out our matching Zoom backgrounds. And keep in mind, Zoom can handle the most shower guests in Gallery mode. 

Got a desktop, tablet, or mobile device? Then you can Skype with shower guests! Skype allows up to 50 people for a video chat versus 100 Zoom participants (add up to 500 in Zoom for an additional charge). With Skype, you get a lot of great features, such as enabling live captions and subtitles in order to read the words that are spoken. In a Simply Made Fun article, author Teresa details her personal virtual baby shower experience utilizing Skype via her laptop that was connected to her TV for viewing shower guests on a bigger screen. 

Host/Co-Host – WebBabyShower offers both Host and Co-Host options. For example, one person can pay for the shower services and another can help out with decorating or invitations. Who should host the baby shower? It can be the Mom-to-be herself, or the new dad (Yep, that’s totally cool!), the grandmother, close friends, or anyone else you want! Even if the host doesn’t live nearby, you can still coordinate long-distance party planning.

Design – Did you know you can design your virtual shower to match your own unique style and preferences? It’s true! With WebBabyShower’s 60 Second Setup and our pre-made designs for easy setup, personalizing your baby shower is a breeze!

Decorations – Just because you’re not hosting an in-person shower, you can still opt to have decorations if you’d like, but on a smaller scale. According to Babylist, “there’s no point in decorating an entire room when only one part of it will be seen.” Instead, plan to decorate the space your guests will actually see on-camera during the video. Think fun themed décor or even balloons to set a festive baby shower scene. Or choose a virtual background, such as those used on  Zoom, to really WOW your guests! And YES, we have matching Zoom backgrounds for every WebBabyShower theme.

Registry – Most Moms-to-be prefer online registries. That way, family and friends – near or far – can easily send her gifts from the comfort of their own homes. WebBabyShower works with all major online registries, like Babylist,  Amazon and Target, or you can insert any link you’d like for custom shops. Still deciding on a registry? Check out our baby registry how-to guide

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Invitations – Create and send matching virtual invitations to all your guests. WebBabyShower features customizable invitations. You can use our matching look templates or create your own! Include your photos or artwork, but first, preview everything before you send on the page or send yourself a test. Add people one by one or just upload your invite list all at once. When the invitations are sent, you can receive unlimited updates and track who’s opened their invites…and who’s slacking! Not sure what to say in your invitations? Not a problem! We have examples of baby shower invitation wording here

Note: If preferred, you can still snail mail your invites. (We have some super cute printable designs just for you. Print as many as you’d like!) And after the shower, don’t forget to send thoughtful Thank You cards or emails to all your guests. Our note-writing tips will help you get started! 

How to Send Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

It’s easy! With a virtual baby shower, there’s no writing invites and addressing envelopes for hours until your hand cramps. Instead, you can simply invite your family and friends via email or social media! Obviously, before emailing invites, you want to make sure you have updated email addresses for all the guests on your invite list. And remember, you can easily invite Facebook friends and other friends you may have through any social media account via your baby shower link.

When sending your invitations, be sure to clearly explain what the invitation is for – especially for those non-techy family and friends. This is also the perfect time to instruct your guests about any particulars that are unique to your personal shower, such as your gift registry or the video chat schedule. Don’t forget to add the host and co-host’s name(s) to the invitation. Get more WebBabyShower invitation tips here

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What Happens at a Virtual Shower?

Play Games and Birthday Bets – Yes, you CAN still play games at a virtual baby shower! In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at the online options you have, from Bingo to Pictionary and lots more. Birthday Bets is another fun shower activity, giving guests the chance to guess the date baby makes his or her grand entrance into the world. Be sure to check out WebBabyShower’s game ideas to get you started. For even more virtual shower games and activities, check out our games suggestions, including directions for playing baby shower Jeopardy game with PowerPoint download!

Oh, don’t forget game prizes – think e-gift cards for something simple and easy! No extra time or cash for prizes? That’s okay too! Bragging rights is a big deal among shower guests. 

Guestbook – Each guest will have the opportunity to write personalized messages to the Mom-to-be and the new baby. These can be sweet notes of encouragement, tips and advice – whether serious or funny, and best wishes to the expecting parents. Be sure that guests are aware of the guestbook and encourage everyone to sign it! With WebBabyShower’s online guestbook, these messages can all be saved into a printable file when your shower wraps.

If your not on WebBabyShower, you can get creative with your virtual baby shower guestbook with What to Expect’s template on Google Slides. It’s completely customizable and can be shared with guests to fill it out. Just open this link, click “File,” “Make a copy,” and “Entire presentation.” From there, What to Expect notes that you can edit the information before sending it off to guests, asking them to fill in their advice for the mom-to-be either before or during the shower.

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Send Mom-to-be the Gifts – Once the invitations have been sent out, the shower invitees will almost immediately wonder, “What about a gift for baby?” That’s why it’s a good idea to let your guests know right away about your personal preferences, whether to gift…or not to gift. Early on, this avoids a lot of confusion and potential stress for gift-givers.

It’s also important to let guests know the details of any baby registries the new Mom is signed up for. That way shopping is a snap for guests, and the Mom-to-be gets the items she really needs/wants – a definite win-win! If guests are sending gifts, other than gift cards, you’ll want to make sure they have an up-to-date mailing address to ensure proper delivery.

So What About the Opening of Gifts? 

When it comes to gift openings at a virtual baby shower, you have a couple of great options to choose from. One idea is for guests to open the gift for the new mom to see during the video chat. They can then mail it to her after the shower. 

A second idea is for family and friends to send the gift to the Mom before the shower. This way, the happy Mama can open her gifts at one time for all to see during the video chat. Or do both! “In case some guests want to send their gifts sooner, but others won’t be able to ship the gifts to you in time,” suggests Babylist.

Video Chatting

Tips – First, spend some time exploring different video chat services, such as Skype or Zoom, and make sure it fits your needs and preferences. You’ll also want to ensure you have good Internet speed for a smooth call. Ensure your devices are compatible with the app you’re using. For a top-quality image, you’ll also want to be sure you have a good camera/webcam. We recommend always testing out your selected video chat service a few days before your shower to ensure well in advance that everything is working properly on your computer, TV, and other devices.

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

On the Day of Your Baby Shower – Nothing can be as frustrating as technical glitches, like a low battery. Make sure your gadget is well-charged and ready to go, or have a charger ready in standby, just in case it’s needed.

For the best picture quality, spend some time playing with the lighting in the space you plan to video chat. Then choose an area that provides as much natural lighting as possible. If it’s too dark, you’ll disappear into the background. The flipside? Too much light, and you’ll appear washed out on-camera. Also, try to reduce background noise as much as possible. After all, your family and friends want to hear you talking – not your neighbor’s roaring lawn mower!

A Successful Virtual Baby Shower

We hope you enjoyed WebBabyShower’s tips and ideas for how to throw a virtual baby shower! Like any in-person baby shower, the most important thing is to support and celebrate the Mom-to-be AND her new baby. And above all, just have fun! For a successful virtual baby shower, if you’ve got Internet connection, then you’ve got a party!

For Baby: How to Choose the Best Baby Registry!

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Are you expecting a new baby soon? If so, then you’ve probably already figured out there are tons of online & virtual baby registries to choose from, complete with perks. And on the flipside, with drawbacks.

We get it – choosing an online baby registry can be overwhelming! Which one is right for you? Are some baby registries really better than others?

You already have enough to stress about, so we’ve done the research and created a Best Baby Registry “How-to” Guide to save you time. (And to make your life easier!) Read on to discover the advantages AND the disadvantages of the top baby registries! Also, know How To Have An Awesome Long Distance Baby Shower!

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

And the Winner Is…Here’s a List of the Best Baby Registry Websites!

Skip Ahead to our Individual Registry Reviews

  1. Registry
  2. Target Baby Registry
  5. BuyBuyBaby
  6. IKEA Baby Registry
  7. WestElm Registry

WebBabyShower - baby shower registry reviews
Wish list or shopping overview for pregnancy and baby shower. View from above. White wooden older board

  Comparing Baby Registries

When it comes to baby registries, they are as individualized as your pregnancy. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what advantages a registry has to offer you. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best baby registry for your growing family:

  Completion Discounts 

What is a completion discount? As your baby’s due date nears, there may still be items left in your baby registry that you haven’t been gifted by your family and friends. When this happens, the registry site often gives you a coupon or special discount code, making it easier to purchase the remaining items – that’s the completion discount. For many money savvy Moms-to-Be, this is a major reason to select one baby registry over another. A completion discount can equal BIG savings! (Remember to check the date on the completion discount as typically, they can only be redeemed in a limited timeframe.)

  Extended Return Periods 

Do you have some items purchased from your registry that you need to return? For example, maybe you ended up with two strollers. Then good news! Some baby registry sites feature extended return periods for registry items, allowing you to return these items easily.

  Group Gifting 

Are you in need of some “big ticket” items, such as a nursery camera or a car seat, but you don’t want to create a financial hardship for gift-givers? The group gifting option makes it easier for family and friends because they are able to donate any amount they’d like toward purchasing items – even the pricey ones! 

WebBabyShower - best baby shower registries

  Universal or Store Specific 

Some baby registry sites allow you to add products to your registry from ANY website, meaning the registry is universal. However, other registries are store specific, so you can only add items from that particular retailer’s own selection. If you’re looking for certain items, say recycled or earth-friendly baby care products, selecting a company that carries those products may be an important factor to consider.


Did you know some baby registry sites will send you free gifts or coupons, just for signing up? It’s true, they do. We think that’s a pretty cool perk! You can find out more on The Gentle Nursery and what to expect.

  Top Baby Registries’ Membership

Most often, creating a baby registry simply involves supplying basic contact information (name, email, etc.), plus your due date. Keep in mind, this may vary from registry to registry. And because requirements and rewards can change frequently, it’s a good idea to check your registry’s website often.

Ready to learn more about the different baby registries available to you? Here’s our baby registry list round-up!

Universal Baby Registries – Add Baby Care Items from Any Website

WebBabyShower amazon logo

# 1

If you love shopping AND tons of product options, Amazon’s Baby Registry may be for you! Not only does Amazon offer a huge selection of baby care essentials at competitive prices, shipping is fast (and Amazon Prime members enjoy free delivery options). The Gentle Nursery calls Amazon’s Baby Registry “one of the best baby registry sites” and notes they carry “the largest selection of natural and organic products.”

What is the Amazon Assistant? If you’re an online shopping ninja, Amazon Assistant is a FREE app that helps you automatically compare products and prices while you shop. And it works with all major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

While it’s not widely known, Amazon has a registry button so you can add registry items to your browser from ANY website! If you already have your shipping information plugged in, you may find Amazon’s Baby Registry is even more convenient than Babylist. For long distance baby showers, the Amazon registry is definitely the way to go. Why? You get Amazon convenience + the ability to add registry items from any store.

Advantages / Perks:

  • FREE Welcome Box (A surprise box of items for parents and baby valued up to $35!)
  • A 10% Completion Discount. Prime members receive 15% off.
  • Free 365-Day Return Policy
  • Group Gifting – Family and friends can contribute toward purchasing bigger gifts.
  • Selection – Millions of products to choose from!


Create your Amazon Baby Registry

WebBabyShower target logo

#2 Target Baby Registry

If you’re a Target shopper, don’t miss the opportunity to create your Target Baby Registry! Not only does Target feature popular brands, such as Graco, Seventh Generation, and Evenflo, you can also enjoy exclusive Target brands, like Cloud Island to create your dream nursery.

With Target’s Baby Registry, you can personalize your page with photos and a custom URL. There’s also a gift tracking feature, enabling you to easily see who gave you what gift and who you’ve already thanked.

And what to expect points out that with Target locations all across the country, “You can stop by a store at any time to see what a product looks like in person.” Before heading to your nearest Target store, Today’s Parent offers this tip: “Just remember that the online selection is often way larger than what’s featured in-store, so keep in mind how your guests shop before adding specific items.”

Advantages / Perks:

  • Free Welcome Kit – Stop by Guest Services to receive $80 in coupons and product samples
  • Add your favorite items from other websites
  • 15% Discount on everything remaining in your registry, 8 weeks before baby’s expected arrival
  • Free 2-day shipping when you spend $35 or use your Target RedCard. Plus, RedCard members save 5% on every purchase! 
  • Group Gifting
  • One-year Return (Wow!)
  • Gift Cards Available


  • Must stop by in-store Guest Services for Free Welcome Kit

Create your Target Baby Registry!

WebBabyShower babylist logo

#3 Babylist

Babylist is designed to share your journey to parenthood with you! Use Babylist on all your devices to get started in the comfort of your home. Prefer using your mobile device? You can do that too with Babylist’s FREE iPhone, iPad, and Android apps!

Why does what to expect love Babylist? “While most other registries only let you compile a list of all of the stuff you’ll need for baby, Babylist goes a step further and lets you ask for help as well.”

Advantages / Perks:

  • Free Hello Baby Box full of goodies for you AND baby
  • 15% completion discount for one time use on any Babylist store order
  • Accepts returns within 9 months
  • Add meaningful gifts that can’t be found in stores, such as home-prepared meals or even dog walking for your fur baby!
  • Link or transfer other registry items to Babylist


  • Cash funds are set up for registrants with U.S. bank accounts only
  • Free Shipping on orders $45 & Up

Cash Gifts? Yes, please! When you join Babylist’s registry, you have an option for a cash fund. Family and friends can then contribute by using their credit or debit card to give a monetary gift. Babylist then transfers that money straight to your bank account. Use it to cover big ticket baby care items, or maybe to kickstart baby’s college tuition savings fund! Keep in mind, there is an associated handling fee of 2.9% plus $0.90 (similar to PayPal). Note: The fee is added to the gift giver, NOT the receiver. Need more information? Check out Babylist’s Cash Funds FAQ page

Create your Babylist Registry!

WebBabyShower myregistry logo

#4 streamlines the baby registry process. It’s “your do-it-all baby registry resource,” according to what to expect. When you create your registry with, you can add gifts from ANY store – anywhere in the world! How? It’s super easy! Simply place the “Add to MyRegistry” button on your bookmarks bar. Then, just click the button to add any gift to your baby registry!

On the go? No problem! Use your smart phone to add gifts on the go. You can either scan barcodes or snap and upload photos with the MyRegistry app. 

Need help organizing your baby registry wish list? makes it a breeze with their ultimate baby registry checklist! Select must-have baby items for your registry in categories, like Sleepy Time, Play Time, Newborn Essentials, and more!

Advantages / Perks:

  • Can add gifts from ANY store, anywhere!
  • Sync all your registries in one place


  • NO completion discount
  • While you can’t return products to, you should be able to return items to the specific store they were purchased from.

Cash Gifts? YES! Your guests have the option of giving you a cash gift. Simply set up a cash gift fund for anything you’d like, and it tastefully AND easily displays at the top of your registry. Cash-giving guests can send you cash gifts via a credit card or PayPal account. Fee: Paypal fees are now 2.5% per cash gift transaction, down from 2.9% + .30 per transaction. That means even more cash for you – woohoo! Check out all you need to know on’s Cash Gifts FAQ page


Store Specific Baby Registries – Add Items from That Particular Store ONLY

WebBabyShower BuyBuyBaby logo

#5 buybuy BABY Registry

Did you know buybuy BABY is a member of the Bed Bath & Beyond family of brands? As such, Bed Bath & Beyond’s exceptional customer service extends to buybuy BABY shoppers. And Today’s Parent notes that if you receive Bed Bath & Beyond’s popular 20 percent off coupons each month, they can also be redeemed at buybuy BABY! So why not consider creating a buybuy BABY registry, filled with everything you need to welcome baby to the world? 

Advantages / Perks:

  • 15% Completion Discount
  • Free Goody Bag with FREE samples, coupons, and a copy of their Registry Guide
  • Free shipping for your baby’s first year when gifts purchased from your registry exceeds $1,500
  • Refer a friend – For each one who registers, you’ll get $25 off a $100 in-store purchase.
  • Have a store near you? Meet with registry experts who can help you build and manage your registry. Find a store to book a free appointment!


  • Free Goody Bag is available in-store only, which is difficult if there’s no store located in your area
  • Online purchase must total $39 for Free Standard Shipping

Create your buybuy BABY Registry!

WebBabyShower IKEA Logo

#6 IKEA Baby Registry

Celebrate the impending arrival of your new little one with an IKEA Baby Registry! Whether you need baby basics, like toys and wash cloths, or décor to furnish baby’s nursery, IKEA has it. And you can ask for everything you need – all on the same list. Today’s Parent says parents-to-be can create an IKEA baby gift registry “filled with modern and easy-on-the-wallet items.” You can easily add items to your registry from, or use IKEA’s Gift Registry app to manage your registry on the go.

Need some baby registry inspiration? Check out IKEA’s 20 top picks of must-have items for your newest family member!

Advantages / Perks:

  • Gift Cards Available
  • Features a Variety of Baby Care Products & Furnishings
  • Signing up is easy! Once you join the free IKEA Family loyalty program, you can set up your registry and choose from a variety of convenient ways to add products to your baby registry wish list.


  • Only available in U.S.
  • No Completion Discount

Create your IKEA Baby Registry!

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

 WebBabyShower West Elm Logo

#7 West Elm

Find your nursery basics in one place at West Elm! Select items from their family of brands, while managing them all in one place with The ONE Registry. There’s so much to choose from with West Elm’s baby and kids collection, or from their sister brand, Pottery Barn Baby. You’ll have everything you need to welcome baby home – from crib sheets and blankets to expertly crafted furniture and much more! You can create your registry online or at any West Elm store. 

Advantages / Perks:

  • 15% Completion Discount
  • Group Gifting
  • Earn 10% back in Reward Dollars, or opt for 12 months special financing on purchases of $750 or more when you shop with your West Elm card
  • Gift Cards, including Group Gift Cards, can be used toward any of their brands
  • Exclusive Events – Select stores offer fun events with free refreshments, giveaways, and more!


  • West Elm’s registry is not available to international customers

Create your West Elm Registry

  Wondering What Items to Include on Your Baby Registry?

Check out this helpful YouTube video! And this video offers What-Not-to-Do Baby Registry tips from a first-time mom. 

We hope you enjoyed our Best Baby Registry Guide. Before choosing your baby registry, it may be helpful to make a list of baby care items you hope to receive. Jotting down a Baby Registry Pros vs. Cons list can also make the decision-making process much easier. And remember, you don’t have to pick just one registry! There may be two – or more! – that check all your baby registry boxes. (Just don’t overdo it – your gift-giving friends and family will thank you.)The important thing is to choose the baby registry that work best for you. Oh, yes, and to have fun creating a registry “wish list” for your new little one!

Affiliate Programs. We have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Commission Junction, Linkshare and Shareasale. If you see a link to a retailer, please assume that it is an affiliate link. However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all.

Why a Facebook Baby Shower Might Not Be The Best Way To Go

Should you have your baby shower on Facebook? This is a question posed by many mothers-to-be hoping to have a virtual baby shower event. And given Facebook’s popularity, accessibility, and the ability to live video chat, it might seem like the most obvious, natural choice for an online party. But is it really? Sure, it might be convenient for guests, but that convenience can pose problems of its own.   

Like any party, the venue chosen for a baby shower is very important–even for a virtual one. So, you might want to take time to weigh the pros and cons of a virtual baby shower on Facebook, versus using other software. 

Keep reading to figure out exactly why people choose Facebook, how to throw a Facebook Shower but most importantly the downsides of using Facebook, and why choosing an online platform like WebBabyShower is a safer and better way to go.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
• Baby Shower Games with Scoreboards, Give Prizes!

Build Your Shower

Why Choose Facebook

Facebook is Convenient 

Let’s face it, Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. With 2.6 billion monthly active members, most people already have a profile and know how to navigate this online platform. 

While planning a baby shower is a ton of fun; the registry, the games, the invitations…the checklist goes on and on, it can also be very stressful. So figuring out how to gather all of your friends and family members shouldn’t be a hassle as well. By choosing Facebook to host the baby shower, hosts can eliminate an extra step from the whole ordeal. 

This will free up time for the host to focus on more fun aspects of the virtual baby shower checklist like invitations, games, and of course, keeping the expectant mother happy.

Of course, with there being so many people (possible guests) on the platform, it can often hurt more than it helps but we’ll go into that a bit later

Planning baby showers on facebook baby shower facebook

How To Throw A Baby Shower event on Facebook

Throwing a Facebook shower event is easier than you thought. Anyone on Facebook has the ability to create a group event. Though this makes things easy, it also means there are hundreds of invitations to other events your friends are also receiving and flooding their notifications – meaning it could easily get lost.

Throwing a baby shower is as simple as the host, whoever that may be, creating the Facebook event (naming it accordingly), then sending out invitations to people and requests from the group. The guests will be in one place and you have some options to customize the event like adding a photo or video.  This is nice as the invites are in one place, but how do you know if they’ve been seen? You don’t! Luckily WebBabyShower has the best solution for this, with an integrated email system, the host can see if an email has been opened.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Ongoing

Plus, the world is smack dab in the middle of its own event, the Coronavirus (known formally as Co-Vid 19)  pandemic.  While the number of virus transmissions has been declining, numbers are surging again all over the country.  And despite the restlessness that much of the world is feeling, it’s not yet time to dismiss the social distancing recommendations in place. Luckily there are plenty of online options.

stay safe baby showers on facebook

We get it, everyone is ready to congregate and celebrate among friends and family, but if you can hold off, you should. Babies and pregnant women (along with the elderly and those with underlying conditions) are more susceptible to life-threatening complications from the virus. 

What’s more unsettling is that this strain of the Coronavirus is still so new, we don’t really know what potential birth defects will be attached to it. ( In a time of such uncertainty, it’s best to err on the side of caution and stay away from large gatherings. Thankfully we live in a time of online connectivity and live video chats.

Baby Shower 101: Guest’s Safety first

A Facebook shower completely eliminates the chance for the mother, baby, or anyone in attendance, to contract the disease from the festivities. And really, what’s more important than that?

Despite this, Facebook itself is full of depressing news about the virus, you can’t log in to Facebook without seeing something that makes you sad or angry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a separate platform like WebBabyShower to celebrate on, without having to even think about the virus and to just enjoy the shower? Of course you would and WebBabyShower offers this and then some; like games, a registry, invitations and much much more!

Why It Might Not Be The Right Choice for your Virtual Event

Despite the few upsides to using Facebook to host a baby shower event, there are many cons, some we have already mentioned, that you should absolutely be aware of.  

Privacy Concerns with Facebook

A baby shower is an intimate affair between the mother-to-be and her close friends and family to celebrate her unborn child. While some people might crash a birthday party or, even a wedding, you’d be hard-pressed to find people who would turn up uninvited to a baby shower. 

But if your shower is hosted with Facebook, people might not feel bad about peeking in on your party festivities. Unfortunately, Facebook, which has a checkered past with privacy breaches ( among its users, leaves ample room for unwanted users to access your private virtual baby shower celebration. 

To start, the settings are complicated at best. If you’re just a casual Facebook user, you might not know the difference between sharing something with your close friends and making it publicly available to every Facebook user on and off of your friends’ list.

baby shower facebook privacy phone with lock

Just think: do you really want to your fairweather friend from High School, who was never happy for you, secretly viewing one of the happiest days of your life? Also, what about the frenemy who you’ve wanted to unfriend for five years, but haven’t built up the courage to? Ex-coworkers? Bosses? What about ex romantic partners! (Talk about awkward!) Not the best of situations and we want to help you avoid these!

If you mess up the settings, your baby shower will be free for all–those who deserve to attend and those that don’t. So make sure that your knowledge of how to control who sees your content on Facebook is up to snuff! This way you can include who you want at your party and keep out the people you want to exclude.

None of these worries come into play when using WebBabyShower. At WebBabyShower you only invite the people YOU want to invite and they can only access it with the specific link to your website whenever they like. If you want extra security on top of that you can also set up a password that has to be entered prior to accessing your virtual baby shower.

People Might Ignore Your virtual baby shower Invite

The only thing worse than having unwanted guests being able to snoop around your virtual baby shower will be having the people you want there, ignore you. No one wants to think about their best friend or sister not coming to their baby shower, but trust, it happens. And it’s not always an intentional snub. 

Anyone who has the Facebook app on their phone knows that notifications fly off, during all hours of the day. It can be hard to keep up with every like, comment, post, or DM that comes your way. This leads many users to keep their event notification turned off altogether. Because, gosh, there’s already so much to keep up with. Then there are those people who do, genuinely, want to keep up with the events of all of their friends, but the notifications end up buried underneath all of that online commotion.

Whatever the reason, there’s a chance that valued members of your social circle you want to include won’t even know that your baby shower is happening. This won’t happen with a platform such as WebBabyShower, you can email an invite directly from our platform and even keep tabs on whether they have received/opened it. This is the best way to help you keep tabs on your guests.

baby shower invitation

You Can’t Control The Number Of Baby Shower Guests who “go” to your event

You also have to consider that, with Facebook, you don’t really know how many guests will actually show up to your online party. People are likely to RVSP to your event without giving it a second thought, but then end up forgetting about it. It’s no slight to you, but the results will be the same. 

When the event starts, you’ll be left with half the number of guests you expected. And while that might not be quite as important with a virtual baby shower as it is with a traditional one, it still matters to you and your guests.

Every baby shower will be different just like every virtual baby shower will be too, but being able to plan for the correct number of guests will help the host keep things moving on schedule and will allow them to coordinate games and other activities around the expected attendees. What about prizes too? Even a virtual shower can have prizes for guests and this could be awkward if you don’t have enough ready!

Not Everyone Has Facebook so how can you include them?

Facebook might boast 2.6 billion users, but the world’s population nears 8 billion people! If you think about it, that means that less than one-third of the people in the world actually have a Facebook account. 

Talk about Perspective!

This means that many of the people you might want to attend the baby shower will be unable to. Facebook is also super stingy when it comes to non-users using its features, so if someone doesn’t have an account, they will be left out of your online party.

Then there are those older family members and friends who may have accounts but don’t exactly know how to use them. Can you really expect your great-great-grandmother to navigate a Facebook baby shower? It’s possible, of course, but the answer is likely no.

online baby shower

You could also take the time to help and teach her, but honestly, would it be worth the frustration? Your great-grandma would probably never touch her account again once your virtual baby shower was over, and she might resent you for making her waste her time. (That’s assuming that you were able to successfully explain to her how it works, in the first place.) It’d be best to just use another platform from the start. 

The sad fact of the matter is that choosing Facebook for your baby shower will force you to exclude many of your loved ones from the event. WebBabyShower boasts a user-friendly interface your Grandmother will approve of so you don’t need to worry about this.

Thankfully, Facebook Isn’t The Only Online Act In Town

So you’ve learned that Facebook might not be all it’s cracked up to be as a medium to hold your baby shower, but don’t lose hope yet. It’s far from the only platform that can be used to host virtual baby showers. You have options!

There are other online video and social apps out there whose features can be used to connect large groups and host the baby shower. It just depends on your individual needs, like group size and activity. But if you want a baby shower experience that’s not just slightly better than Facebook, but totally built with your needs in mind, you should seek out a company that specializes in such events: i.e. our very own, WebBabyShower. 

As the first and only company that exclusively hosts virtual baby showers, Web Baby Shower has fine-tuned the process and left no stone unturned! There’s no company on the web better equipped to serve your needs. and help you to have the best ever virtual baby shower!

WebBabyShower header virtual party zoom video chat

WebBabyShower makes it easy!

By choosing WebBabyShower, you’ll be able to plan, from beginning to end, every aspect that makes a shower great. This includes adorable themes, invitations, dates, video and photo albums, and keepsakes, just to name a few. Plus, your privacy concerns will be a thing of the past! As mentioned before, all baby showers hosted through the platform are done so through a secure online connection that no outsiders can access without that specific URL and if you want to go a step further you can set a password attendees need to use in order to access the party.

The best part is that the plans are affordable and customizable based on the individual family’s needs. So, you won’t have to go into debt to host the shower. Which, if you’ve ever hosted a traditional shower, you know that they can be expensive! Choosing Web Baby Shower is really a no-brainer if you think about it. 

Bye-Bye Facebook 

Facebook can be many things: an online space to connect with friends and family, hold sacred memories, forge new connections (and even stalk your friends) but it’s simply not the best place to host a virtual baby shower.  And that’s okay! 

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

No one thing can serve all needs

You’d do well to seek out a platform created specifically for you and your family’s needs and there’s just no better place out there than WebBabyShower, but we’ll leave the final decision up to you.

So, tell us, did you like our article? If so, be sure to share it with your friends on social media (yes, Facebook too) and bookmark it for later reading. Then, head on over to Web Baby Shower’s FAQ page and get an in-depth look at how to build your own shower, how much it will cost, and testimonials of people who’ve used the service in the past. 

Go on, you know you want to! 

Baby Shower Idea: Mother Blessings

WebBabyShower Header Image Mother Blessing

As a leading provider of online baby shower planning information, Web Baby Shower is often asked whether it is appropriate to have a shower for a second or subsequent pregnancy, if it is ok to invite men, or just for fresh, new ideas for baby showers. If you are looking for an alternative to the to the traditional American “baby shower,” Web Baby Shower suggests a Mother Blessing (blessingway).

What Is A Mother Blessing?

Popularly known as a “Blessingway,” a Mother Blessing is based on the Blessingway tradition from the Dine (Navajo). A true Blessingway is used not only for pregnant women about to give birth, but also for men going off to war or anyone who needs good tidings when facing a new stage in life. In addition, an in-culture Blessingway involves singing the Blessingway song by a trained Navajo medicine man. The Blessingway song is considered very spiritual and is very detailed about the Dine origin myth with emphasis on the importance of the home (hogan) and the sacred mountains.

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Beautiful brown-haired pregnant girl in a white dress with flowers lilies and orchids

Because most of us are not trained to sing such a song, there is movement, out of respect for Dine sacred ritual, to use the name “Mother Blessing” instead of “Blessingway” for the pre-birth ritual practiced by the general population. As a bonus, “Mother Blessing” is much more descriptive of the ceremony being described in this editorial and needs far less explanation for people not familiar with the celebration.

Unlike the traditional American baby shower which is usually focused on the baby, the Mother Blessing’s focus is positive energy to prepare the mother and her birth partner for the birth. There are many ways to celebrate a Mother Blessing including the creation of a birthing necklace, foot bath and hair grooming for the expecting mother, as well as sharing thoughts, poetry, songs, personal stories, prayers, best wishes and gifts with the expecting parents.

Because they are more spiritual in nature, Mother Blessings can be a nice way to include men, especially the father-to-be, or to do something different than the same old “wrap TP around the belly” baby shower games.

I hope the information in this guide is helpful in choosing to have a Mother Blessing (Blessingway) or just for alternative baby shower ideas.

Music for your Mother Blessing

Music can be used at a Mother Blessing in a variety of ways. Guests can play music as an accompaniment to the convocation, presentation of gifts or closing. Everyone can sing together for an opening or closing. Those who don’t know to play instruments can play hand drums, rattles, and other percussive instruments. If you do not have any percussive instruments, Melissa and Doug make a cute “Band In A Box” pack that will work just fine for your blessingway and will make a nice gift to give the expecting mother when you are done with the Mother Blessing.

You can also add pre-recorded music to your Mother Blessing. The following artists have been recommended for motherhood blessingways. You can choose to play songs as a background or as part of your convocation or conclusion.

Lisa Thiel, Libana, Sacred Earth Drums, Native American Flute Music: Canyon Trilogy, Alicia Bonnet, Songs of the Earth by Anna Kealoha

Songs To Sing At Your Mother Blessing

If your guests are unfamilar with these songs, you may wish to sing them once and then invite them to join in or print them onto cards. If you do not know the melody and cannot make one up, you and your guests can chant the songs.

Baby in mother belly listening to music

Birthing Song
We are opening
We are opening
We are opening
We are opening up to the sweet surrender of the luminous love light of the world
(repeat as desired!)

Labour Song
Sing, Mama, sing, please sing that song again
And I will sing along with you
Teach me how to let it flow
Teach me how to make things grow
And then Mama, teach me how to let them go

Dear ones, Dear ones,
Can I tell you how I feel
You have given me such treasures
I love you so.

sung to “Soul Cakes” folk song, or whatever melody strikes you.

Note: I do not have author or copyright information for these song lyrics and am making the risky assumption that they are in the public domain.

Birth & Baby Shower Books

The Natural Pregnancy Book, Third Edition: Your Complete Guide to a Safe, Organic Pregnancy and Childbirth with Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices by Aviva Jill Romm, Forward by Ina May Gaskin

A revised and updated edition of the classic handbook for women seeking a safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural pregnancy, featuring an integrative-based approach with new medical, herbal, and nutritional information.

Our Book List on Amazon

Further Reading – Books on Mother Blessing Planning

Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey Into Motherhood” is described as “..a complete resource for anyone interested in creating sacred rituals to honor our important life passages.” It includes straightforward information, detailed checklists, helpful tips, and practical advice of empowering more women to plan, organize, and lead blessingway rituals.

I love Mother Rising! […] Mother Rising is a treasure chest, a cyclopedic cookbook for Blessingways, full of great ideas and inspiration.
~Pam England, midwife and author of “Birthing from Within” [Get on Amazon]

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers, by Shari Maser, CCE

From the website:


“The Blessingway book that every pregnant woman and her friends should read”

Buy on Amazon

Blessingways are celebrations of pregnant and adoptive women and their transition into motherhood. These special mother-centered gatherings offer friends and family a fresh approach to honoring, supporting, nurturing,and encouraging mothers-to-be.

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers features:

  • Step-by-step guide to planning a personalized “mother shower”
  • Imaginative invitation ideas
  • Unique Blessingway celebrations
  • Inspiring stories and comments from women who have participated in Blessingways
  • Creative suggestions for including men and children

This book is a bounty of inspiration!
~Pam England, CNM, MA, midwife and author of “Birthing from Within” Get on Amazon

WebBabyShower Shower Ideas

Suggested Poetry and Prose for Mother Blessings and Baby Showers

  • “Children of Happiness” from Daughters of the Copper Woman by Anne Cameron
  • “On Children” from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Where to Host a Mother Blessing

It is traditional to have a Mother Blessing at the mother’s home. If you don’t want the expecting mother to have to worry about cleaning before or after a blessingway, you can also host it at the nearby home of a close relative or friend. It is important that you choose an intimate location where the expecting mother and all the guests will feel comfortable and able to let their guard down.

Outdoor locations would also be appropriate as long as you can keep outsiders from interrupting and as long as the location promotes a feeling of closeness between the expecting mother, guests and nature. A private garden would be an ideal outdoor Mother Blessing location.

While it may be trendy to host a baby shower at a hip restaurant or hotel reception room, this is not recommended for a Mother Blessing. The bustle of locations such as these just would not be conducive to the positive energy you want to imbue on the expecting mother. Plus, she’s not going to give birth at a restaurant (we hope!). Bless her in a location that is similar to the surroundings where she will begin labor and give birth.

When to Hold a Mother Blessing

In order to help the expecting mother prepare for birth, a Mother Blessing should be held about one month before her due date. Keep in mind that due dates are just estimates and the baby can come any time in the two weeks before the due date, up to two weeks after the due date. Holding a Mother Blessing about a month before the due date will help ensure that the baby doesn’t make an unexpected appearance. It will also give the momma-to-be time to focus on all the positive wishes everyone has made for her and to incorporate her birthing necklace and other ritual items into her birthing preparation.

Best Friends on baby shower party celebrating giving kid stuff as present

Who Should Host a Mother Blessing

Because the focus of a Mother Blessing is positive preparation for childbirth and not gifts, it would be appropriate for almost any relative or friend to give a Mother Blessing for an expecting family. In fact, if expecting parents want to have an intimate Mother Blessing just for the themselves and their children, that’s fine too!

If family members would like to host, but a friend has more Mother Blessing experience, it is fine to have more than one host. Or have one person host the Mother Blessing at her house and the other one conduct the actual ceremony. In the case of multiple hosts, I find things usually go smoothest if one person is the “lead” host and delegates to the others, but you should use whatever arrangement works best for your group of hosts.

“Host” tends to have a double meaning when it comes to Mother Blessings, because there is the person whose home the Mother Blessing happens in and the person who conducts the Mother Blessing ritual — it can be the same person or more than one.

Some midwives offer services of conducting a Mother Blessing for you. If no one in your family or circle of friends feels comfortable conducting a “first” blessingway, this may be a viable option, especially if you have developed a close bond with your midwife. If not, I encourage you to try it yourselves as the bonds created will be much more meaningful when the Mother Blessing is conducted by the people closest to the expecting mother. You really cannot do it wrong and each Mother Blessing you hold will be a valuable experience which you can build upon.

Creating a Guest List for your Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing should be attended by anyone who seriously wishes to help the expecting mother prepare for childbirth.  Traditionally, Mother Blessings were women-only, but we’ve recently learned that men have a lot of spirituality and positive energy to contribute to a Mother Blessing!

If the expecting father plans to be present with the expecting mother throughout her labor and delivery, he certainly should be a part of a Mother Blessing as he needs to prepare just as much as she does. The positive energy generated at a Mother Blessing will also be a source of strength for the expecting dad as he comforts his partner through labor and birth.

In addition, many men will feel more comfortable to not be at a baby shower and if a Mother Blessing is new to your family friends, the women will be just as out of place (but don’t worry, everyone will get the hang of it in no time!)

Because this is an intimate celebration, guests should be mature enough to positively participate in the rituals but it is possible to include the children of the expecting parents. They certainly will enjoy activities like decorating meditation stones and belly painting, but there should be someone there who is not part of the Mother Blessing to chaperone them when they get bored. Other children, including children of the host(s), should really be left at home or kept separate from the Mother Blessing.

You can make a Mother Blessing as intimate or as large as you like. Some women prefer the attention of just their partner or of two or three close friends. Other women gain more strength from a mass of supportive friends and relatives. That said, I would say the upper limit on guests should be about 10-15 people. With more than that it becomes cumbersome (not to mention time consuming) to allow each person to participate and some people will shy away or break off instead of keeping the energy moving.

If you have more than 15 people who “have” to be included, I would suggest still keeping the Mother Blessing ritual intimate and either having a big “reception” afterwards or saving the big crowds for a welcoming party after the baby is born.

Invitations for a Mother Blessing

Because Mother Blessings are fairly unique, I would recommend an invitation that is descriptive of the event. In addition, guests at a Mother Blessing are expected to become intimately involved in the ceremony so the invitation should also prepare them for their role. You are welcome to use “snippets” of my descriptions in this Mother Blessing website on your invitation, but please, do not reprint the entire article without permission!

Mother Blessing invitations do not have to be formal or elaborate. You can hand write them or create them on a computer. They should be reflective of nature and the mother-centered focus of the celebration. Therefore, appropriate clip-art or flourishes would be flowers, animals or symbols from the mother’s spiritual beliefs, but not baby carriages and diaper pins.


Click here for a PDF of a sample Mother Blessing Invitation

A Mother Blessing Invitation Checklist

  • Who For
  • Date
  • Time
  • Host Name
  • Location
  • RSVP: phone/email
  • Directions

What is a Mother Blessing?

The practice of celebrating pregnancy and the birth of a new mother transcends almost all human cultures. Unlike the traditional American baby shower which is usually focused on the baby, the Mother Blessing’s focus is positive energy to prepare the mother [and her birth partner] for labor and childbirth.

Happy and young pregnant couple hugging in nature

There are many ways to celebrate a Mother Blessing and we will include the following “rituals” in our Mother Blessing: the creation of a birthing necklace (to be worn during labor), the creation of a set of meditation stones for use during labor as well as sharing thoughts, poetry, songs, personal stories, prayers, best wishes and gifts with the expecting parents. [please include or replace with descriptions of the rituals you plan to use.

What do I bring to a Mother Blessing?

  • Yourself – most importantly!
  • A bead, trinket or charm to include on the birthing necklace. Your bead should symbolize your wish for the mother and baby in labor and birth as it will be worn by [Mother’s name] while she is in labor.
  • A gift. It is traditional to give handmade gifts at a Mother Blessing. However, if you are not crafty, a “handmade” gift can come in many forms including:
    • A poem to read or song to sing at the Mother Blessing
    • A dish to be frozen and eaten after the baby arrives but before anyone feels like cooking
    • “Coupons” for babysitting, house cleaning or dog walking to be “redeemed” after the baby is born

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Build Your Shower

Gifts for a Mother Blessing

It is traditional to give only natural, handmade gifts at a Mother Blessing. Handmade gifts do not have to be elaborate — feel free to use a quick or easy pattern for a blanket, hooded towel or other baby item. On the other hand, if intricately crocheted gowns and booties are your specialty, then go for it!

If your crowd isn’t too crafty, you can offer other non-commercial gift ideas such as:

  • sharing a story or poem
  • singing a song
  • playing an instrument
  • bringing candles, flowers or pillows for the ceremony or a family altar
  • preparing a dish to be frozen and used once the baby is born
  • “coupons” for babysitting and housekeeping

These “in lieu of gifts” gifts, make an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable having a second baby shower — or who just doesn’t need any more baby stuff for baby number four!

Of course, if the expecting parents need baby gear, by all means, mention any baby registries or specific requests to your guests.

Favors for a Mother Blessing

Favors are not a traditional part of the Mother Blessing or blessingways and are therefore not necessary. However, if you wish to give your guests a thank you for coming, a fragrantly scented bar of handmade soap or a candle to light can make a nice reminder of the wishes we’re supposed to keep making for the birth after the Mother Blessing is over. There are several websites that specialize in favors for baby showers and other occasions listed on the Web Baby Shower Guide To Planning A Baby Shower: Baby Shower Favors page.

Food and Refreshments for a Mother Blessing

Food is not part of the traditional blessingway ceremony, so serving food is completely optional at your Mother Blessing celebration. Even if you don’t serve food, it is a nice courtesy to have water or herbal tea on hand for your guests.

If you choose to serve food at your Mother Blessing, it should be simple and nourishing to reflect the soulful tone of a Mother Blessing. There is no need to carve watermelons into baby carriages for a Mother Blessing! However, if you would like to eat a watermelon or include it in a nice fruit salad at your Mother Blessing, go right on ahead.

Depending on the time of day you hold the Mother Blessing, food should be served either before or after the Mother Blessing rituals. Food should not be eaten during any part of the ceremony as it will detract from the energy being built by the celebration. As such, I would almost suggest saving food for after the Mother Blessing rituals so that guests aren’t tempted to nibble when they should be chanting!

Food Suggestions:
Remember that your guest of honor is pregnant and is probably battling acid reflux and hemorrhoids, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. My first suggestion is to check with her and see what foods she is currently enjoying and what she would like to have at her Mother Blessing. Other than that, I’d suggest keeping it simple with a spread of finger foods like hummus with pita and freshly cut vegetables, hard cheeses, crackers, natural corn tortilla chips and salsa, fruit salad and so forth. I would encourage you to use fresh made food and not any prepared trays as pregnant women are supposed to avoid salad bars, cold cuts and soft cheeses in order to reduce the risk of bacteria harming the fetus. You can also include dessert pieces, especially if momma’s sweet tooth is aching! If you want to get more elaborate, it’s up to you, but I really encourage you to keep the food simple and focus your time and energy on the rituals which will help prepare the expecting mom for giving birth.

Drink Suggestions:
If the weather is hot, have enough water available for everyone. A nice iced batch of Organic Pregnancy Tea would go well with the Mother Blessing tradition. If you’re hosting during colder weather, you can keep a pot of pregnancy tea brewing for everyone to drink warm (don’t worry, pregnancy tea can be drunk by anyone — it won’t make you pregnant and it will be nice to share it with the expecting mom). Other herbal teas, juices and mineral waters would also make healthful refreshments for a Mother Blessing.

Decorations for a Mother Blessing

Because the focus of a Mother Blessing is positive preparation for childbirth, you should really focus on “the atmosphere” or “mood” rather than “decorations.”  Natural light or semi-darkness will set the right tone for your Mother Blessing. Emphasis should be on the rituals and therefore decorations should be kept simple and reflective of nature. Fresh cut flowers, evergreen garlands, candlelight, burning incense, aromatherapy misters, or a glowing fire (if seasonal) would help set the appropriate mood.

You can usually find these items at your local health/natural living stores or online at Amazon, or by searching for products using your favorite search engine. You can create an altar for the Mother Blessing using candles, incense, ceramic bowls, scarved, stones, quartz, photos and other items that have symbolic, spiritual or nostalgic meaning for your family or the expecting mother. If you have a private yard where you will not be interrupted by outsiders and where everyone will feel comfortable letting their guard down, outdoors close to nature is also an option.

Wooden tabletop with stationery, paper, camera and baloons on

Furniture should be arranged in a circle or semi-circle to represent unity and strength and so that everyone can participate. If you do not have enough chairs, you can simply use pillows or cushions on the floor. It should be easy to move around the circle so that guests can present their beads and gifts to the expecting mother. All supplies for the rituals you will be performing should be easy to reach.

That’s all. How simple is that?

A Mother Blessing For Yourself

So, you’ve heard all about Mother Blessings and you’re sure you just have to have one but are also sure your friends and family have their hearts set on a baby shower? Well, the good news is, I have a couple suggestions!

First, I would recommend talking with the “party planner” of your family or group of friends and share this guide with her. Let that person know how important and meaningful the ceremony would be to you and that you will help them “adjust” from baby showers to Mother Blessings. Usually, when your family and friends realize how important this is to you, they will make the transition. Hopefully, all of the easy to understand, practical advice here at Snowboard Mommy Productions will make it easy for them to say “Yes”!

However, if you have a stubborn group that is dead-set on a baby shower, my suggestion is to remember that it is perfectly acceptable for you and your partner to have a private, intimate Mother Blessing for yourselves! Baby showers and Mother Blessings are not mutually exclusive — you can do both. And I believe that they would complement each other; with the baby shower focused on gifts and silly games and the Mother Blessing focused on preparing you for birth. Even if you have to endure a baby shower for the sake of others, there must be someone you can talk into doing a Mother Blessing with you. You only need one other person to indulge you, although two might provide a better “critical mass.” Whether it’s your partner, child, friend, close relative, midwife or doula, I just can’t imagine that there isn’t at least one person who, when you let them know how much a Mother Blessing would mean to you, that they wouldn’t do it for you. My guess is that when others close to you hear about your plans to have a “do-it-yourself” Mother Blessing, you will probably end up having to decide whether to keep it small, private and intimate, or make it into a larger celebration — and the choice will be yours! Good luck!

Mother Blessing Checklist

You can use this checklist to help organize your Mother Blessing. There is also a printer-friendly PDF checklist that you can print out and check things off as you move along. Good luck and have fun with your Mother Blessing plans!

Initial Planning

Ideally, these should be taken care of at least one – two months in advance of your Mother Blessing. However, if you plan to have a a small Mother Blessing, some of these may be completely unnecessary, especially if it is just for yourself and your partner.

Photo of pretty pregnant woman sitting in pose of lotus and making notes
  • Hosts and co-hosts selected
  • Date and time selected and verified with host(s) and guest(s) of honor
  • Location selected and confirmed
  • Guest list confirmed with host(s) and guests of honor
  • Guest’s addresses collected and verified (if mailing invitations)
  • Rituals selected with input from expecting parents*

*Note: you need to do this before making up the invitations so that you can advise your guests on what to bring with them and set their expectations for the Mother Blessing

One Month Mark

You should send invitations out about a month ahead of time to give everyone enough time to plan for it, but not so far in advance that they forget about it. Also, since Mother Blessing gifts are supposed to be handmade, one month will give people enough time to make something.

  • Invitations printed
  • Invitations mailed
  • Ceremony opening and closing written
  • Accompanying or background music selected
  • Songs, prayers or chants for ceremony selected
  • Lyric cards printed for guests, if applicable
  • Menu (if any) selected with input from expecting parents
  • Customized soap or candle favors ordered
    • This is, of course, optional and only needs to be done in advance if you plan to have favors customized
  • Online supplies ordered
    • If you plan to order any of your Mother Blessing supplies online, you should make sure there is ample time for items to arrive at your door.

2 Week Mark

Time to start collecting everything together! Delegate as much as possible!

  • Candles, incense, smudge sticks to set atmosphere gathered and set aside
  • Supplies for each ritual to be performed gathered
    • (not including what guests will bring the day of the Mother Blessing)
  • Make sure you have selected your own bead for the birthing necklace and a gift for the mom!
  • Adequate chairs/floor pillows for expected number of guests
  • As guests RSVP, sign them up for bringing items from your menu or ingredients
  • If you plan to give favors such as a candle or soap, pick some up now
    • Or delegate to a co-host or guest

Day of your Mother Blessing

As you scurry around to get everything ready, remember that the mood is supposed to be tranquil and peaceful, so stop and take a few deep breaths every now and then!

  • Get any food ready to be served; prepare any tea or beverages
  • If you will be eating before the ceremony, set out food ahead of time
  • Otherwise, keep food set away in refrigerator or counter
  • Get the room or area where the main part of ceremony will be conducted ready
    • Arrange chairs and/or floor pillows in a circle
    • Have all music, note cards, ritual supplies in a handy place
    • Arrange any fresh flowers or other natural bouquets
  • Just before guests begin to arrive, set the mood by lowering lights, light candles, fire, incense.
  • Relax as you greet your guests and enjoy the day!

WebBabyShower shower with friends

Mother Blessing Personal Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it! People everywhere are choosing Mother Blessings over baby showers for a variety of reasons.

Vanessa, mother of 3
I chose to have a blessingway because I wanted something more significant and meaningful than a regular baby shower. I had always despised the normal games played at showers of any kind and after having a baby shower during my first pregnancy, I wanted to try something a little different the second time around. When I read about blessingways, I knew that was what I wanted.

The most significant part of my blessingway, was making the birthing necklace. Each guest brought a bead, stone, or small item that could be used as part of the necklace. As each person presented their contribution, they told me why they had chosen their particular bead and concluded with a personal wish for a good birthing experience. The necklace held a tremendous amount of “power”, having been infused with all those good birthing vibes. When I went into labor, the first thing I did was to put on my necklace. I concentrated on all the good wishes and thoughts from my friends and family and felt that it did, indeed, impart an overwhelming sense of calm, confidence and positive influence on me. It culminated in a very lovely birth experience.

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The birthingway ceremony felt much more special and real to me than a baby shower. The shower felt a little contrived and I felt very out of place trying to have fun playing silly little games like I would expect to see being played at a children’s party. The blessingway was much more like a real “ceremony” that had lasting importance and value in my life. It was tailored to me and my likes and dislikes by the people who know me best and I think it touched everyone there as much as it touched me. And everyone had a lot of fun, even without the games!

Easily Learn How to Play Baby Jeopardy

Are you a mega fan of the long-time hit TV game show Jeopardy!—as in you never miss a show and host Alex Trebek is one of your idols? And are you on the hunt-down for some unique AND fun games for your upcoming baby shower? If that’s you, then WebBabyShower has news you’re going to love. We’ve put a new spin on the traditional game that is guaranteed to be a winner at your baby shower—it’s Baby Jeopardy! We also have these other Baby Shower Games Printable that you can freely download!

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Baby Shower Jeopardy: Easy, Fun & Informative!

Why choose this game to play at your celebration? Find Your Mom Tribe says, “Baby shower jeopardy games are extremely popular because they’re fun and informative.” They also point out that while Jeopardy games are enormously popular, if the Mom-to-Be is a fan, then it’s “double the fun.” And an added perk? According to Find Your Mom Tribe, “It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require lots of preparation but will be a great time filler after, before, and during the time your guests are enjoying their delicious party snacks.” Trust us, you’ll definitely want to add Baby Jeopardy to your baby shower game list!

Looking for more printable baby shower games with answer keys? Download it here for free!

What is ‘Jeopardy!’?

Since Jeopardy! first aired on television in 1984, fans all across the world haven’t been able to get enough of the trivia-style game where an answer is given as a clue and then contestants must give the correct response in the form of a question. With our version of the Baby Jeopardy game, the concept is the same, only you and your family and friends can play together anywhere anyhow – Digital or Physical (the traditional way). It’s totally up to you!


If you don’t have time to create the jeopardy board, you can also play the game using our PowerPoints. We’ve saved you time by creating two different interactive versions for you and your guests to play. You can freely download and use it any time you want! And for a larger view, you can easily connect your laptop to a TV or to a projector. Find Your Mom Tribe notes, “The digital game is suitable if you, the host, are tech-savvy and have the tools necessary to make it work.”

We have a couple of great options for the slides too, we created a classic style Jeopardy themed Powerpoint and a WebBabyShower themed Powerpoint. The choice is yours!

Easy Baby shower Games Our interactive PowerPoints make playing this Baby Jeopardy game so incredibly easy!

Things You’ll Need when going digital at the shower:


Slides/Presentation—for the digital board

TV or white board projector, if available

Buzzer or whistle (or you can just use your hands to answer!)


If you prefer the traditional way to play, that’s a great choice too! You can simply download the printable materials we have created for you. (We’ve even created step-by-step instructions for home printing, plus the questions and answers printable for your convenience.) Then you can print, cut, and paste it on the board.

Virtual Shower Baby Jeopardy games

Feeling crafty? For you DIYers, you can feel free to design the board any way you like. What’s more, Find Your Mom Tribe points out the new mom can keep the hand-made items for memories. So get creative, and make this game uniquely your own!

Things You’ll Need for your Baby Shower Jeopardy game:

Poster Board (Tulamama says while a white poster board looks best, you could even use a cut-up box to make your own DIY Jeopardy game.)

Jeopardy Printable 

Paper/index card and pen if you’re just going to free hand it


Thumb tacks or glue—for pinning/pasting the cut-out paper on the board

Buzzer or whistle (if not available, guests can just raise their hands when they want to answer!)

Categories for Baby Jeopardy questions

On Jeopardy!, the TV show, there are 6 categories, like Before & After, Around the World, or Recent Movies. Each category has five clues, and the value of each is based on difficulty. Our Baby Jeopardy version basically has the same game format, except you can feel free to add more categories if you’d like. And there’s one other major difference. Every category to choose from has—you guessed it—a baby theme!

webbabyshower baby Jeopardy game categories

Ideas of Baby Jeopardy Categories You Can Choose all baby themed of course: 

Nursery Rhymes

Baby Books

Baby 101/Baby Care

Baby Animals

Baby Movies

Celebrity Moms

Baby Facts

Baby Things

Diaper Bag

Pregnancy Facts

Baby Food

Baby Babble/Scrambled Words

Jeopardy Game Set Up

Planning a baby shower takes a lot of work, and you don’t have a ton of time to spend setting up games—we get it! That’s why we have easy-to-follow instructions for setting up your Jeopardy game board, whether you choose to download our printable, use either of our PowerPoints, or you opt to freehand your board. Your game will be set up in no time. But it will look so amazing, your guests will think you spent hours setting it up!

Setting up Baby Shower Jeopardy

If using our questions and answers Printable:

Download and print the printable. 

Cut out the title, categories, and the amounts.

Paste the title at the top of the board.

Divide the board, depending on how many categories you have.

Paste each category in each column. 

Paste or pin the amount from 100 to 500 in each category.

webbabyshower baby jeopardy game printable preview

If Using our free PowerPoints:

Set up your laptop, computer or if you have it, a projector – make sure guests can see it!

Do a test run before guests arrive to ensure no technical difficulties

Tip: If your doing a virtual baby shower you can even share your screen during a live call.

If Free Hand:

Write the amount in the paper or index card.

Write the amount in the paper or index card.

The amount will be 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500.

You will need this in each category. For example, if you will have 5 categories, you’ll have to make 5 pieces per amount. 

Write the game title at the top of the board.

Below the title, divide into 5 columns. If you have 5 categories, then write the category in each.

Paste or pin the paper or index card with the amount in each category.

Note: Planning for Keeps offers this design tip—“Perfectionists out there might want to use more stickers or stencils.”

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Baby Jeopardy Game Play

Some baby shower games can be confusing to play, zapping the fun right out of your party—not so with Baby Jeopardy! In fact, it’s so easy to play, all ages will love it. Even your crotchety Aunt Janice, who claims she doesn’t like games. (We don’t believe her!) Read on for game play instructions.

How to Play:

The guests can play individually, or to really ramp up the competition (friendly, of course!), they can also be divided into teams. Not sure how to fairly divide teams? Planning for Keeps has an idea—at one party, they placed a colored index card under each person’s chair and then the guests with the same color became a team. Or, if guys are in attendance for a co-ed bash, Tulamama suggests a game of women versus men!

Once the players are identified, they will choose a representative that will buzz or raise a hand to answer. Our game with answer key make playing this game a breeze.

If the Mom-to-Be is included in the game, their team can go first. If not, the teams or host will just decide who will go first. The first team will pick a category and amount.

The host will read the question. Don’t forget the Jeopardy rules! The question is the answer, so the players must supply the right question to it in order to get the points. For example, one of our our Baby 101 jeopardy questions– 100-point clue is: ‘Conveniently Holds All Baby Items’, to which the player would answer with the question, “What is a diaper bag?” Answered correctly, the player then scores 100 points! 

The team representative will whistle/press the buzzer/raise their hand if they want to answer. If they got it right, they can get the card with the amount chosen on the board and keep it. If you’re playing the digital version, the scorekeeper can just record it. If the score is wrong, the other team(s) can try to answer it.

The game will continue until all the amounts in all categories are gone. Remember, the higher category scores = harder questions!

The teams will then total the amount they got. The team with the most points wins—YAY!

Wait! What if there’s a tie? Planning for Keeps notes that a tie doesn’t happen often, but suggests having a “random tie-breaker question” just in case, such as another nursery rhyme jeopardy question or a book quote. 

So What About Prizes?

Your baby shower is a reflection of your unique style and individual preferences, including the decision of whether or not to have game prizes. Honestly, most winners are more than happy to walk away with bragging rights! But if you do opt for prizes, you may want to keep it simple and choose rewards that everyone can enjoy, like gift cards. Find Your Mom Tribe also recommends other prize ideas, such as a massage session, a paid dinner at a restaurant, or even a paid yoga session. 

Now that you know how to set up and play this great game, your baby shower isn’t in jeopardy of a line-up of boring games. In fact, we predict it will be the hit of the party at your upcoming celebration! For other great game ideas and professional planning tips, check out even more WebBabyShower articles.

Looking for more? We have listed more Quiz-Style Online Baby Shower Games here!

The Scoop on Virtual Baby Showers

The Modern Baby Shower Opens Up New Possibilities

Virtual Baby Showers

Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

Right now more than ever a WebBabyShower makes sense. That’s one reason BabyListWhat to Expect, and Babypalooza all wrote articles about WebBabyShower recently. We have updated this page for our lives in 2020.

“For under $80 (cheaper than the average in-person shower), WebBabyShower offers an all-in-one place for all your baby shower needs”

babylist logo horiz

We have hosted thousands of successful baby showers for happy families spread across the globe. As with hosting any type of shower, you need to know the etiquette basics and how to be a good host. Get started on your virtual baby shower today.

In this article, we’re going to give you all the tips you need to know to turn your traditional baby shower into a virtual baby celebration. An expectant mom might be understandably upset at the world events during this special time in her life. But we’re going to give you all the baby shower ideas you need to hold a virtual event that is worthy of the real thing. 

Here are WebBabyShower’s long-distance and online baby shower etiquette suggestions to help ensure that your WebBabyShower goes over smoothly.

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Online Baby Shower Coronavirus Update

Just a quick note to say – virtual and online showers are more important than ever. And YES during your pregnancy you can still have a great shower experience. If you have any questions on how it works, just contact us at customer service Monday – Friday. (at)

Tips For The Right Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

In this section, we will give you our top tips for holding the virtual party that any expecting mom deserves. These virtual baby shower ideas help you to replicate the real thing as close as possible. We understand that there are limitations with any technology. But with careful planning, the right choices, and a lot of enthusiasm, you will hold a virtual celebration that will make any mum feel appreciated and honored!

1. Be Genuine & Honor the Mother

If you have a genuine need for a virtual baby shower, we’ve found friends and family are thrilled to have a solution when everyone can’t be physically together. Whether or not it is unusual isn’t really a concern. We know the etiquette police are in full force around weddings and baby showers, but it would be hard to imagine anyone being so snooty as to tell a pregnant woman on bed rest or on military assignment or who have moved away from home for work or school that she can’t have a shower just because she isn’t at home. We help women like that every day!

Now in a social distancing world, we expect this mom worry to be out the door anyway, and probably for good for virtual baby showers.

However, it always behooves a host to be tactful and to not offend the sensibilities of her guests. If you’ve already had an office shower, a girlfriends’ shower, and a family shower, then having a virtual shower should be thought through. There is a way to do it right. This leads to the second point …

2. Don’t Over Do It          

Whether you are getting together for an in person shower experience, or online in real time, make sure the shower is in honor of the expecting parent(s) and that the guests feel they have been invited to something unique. This is true of any type of party, really.

It’s really easy these days to get caught in some Instagram envy and overdo it online. We all do it and sometimes in our excitement, we overdo it without even realizing it. While you want everything to be perfect, from the virtual backgrounds to the virtual baby shower games, we all do it and sometimes in our excitement, we overdo it without even realizing it. So yes! we want to see your amazing belly and ultrasound photos, or sweet week by week pics, and we love to hear how everything is going, but let it happen naturally. Our virtual baby shower can take place over months, not days, so there is plenty of time to share videos and even do a live event the easy way.

3. Keep Your Baby Shower Private And Special

WebBabyShower focuses on privacy not only because we have expecting and adopting parents and their babies to protect, but also to provide a more intimate venue for friends and family to gather around the pregnancy.

If your social media “Baby Event” page becomes publicly available to anyone and everyone searching for online baby shower ideas, it’s probably not going to make your guests feel like they’ve been invited to something unique. This is the downside of a Facebook baby shower. Even if you don’t use WebBabyShower, we don’t recommend using public “events” or public social media tools built to sell you ads for your online shower. Keep it safe and special!  Of course every shower url is easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc when you want to.

4. It’s a Celebration. Give Your Guests More To Do Than Just Send Gifts

Would you invite everyone over to your house, grab the gifts out of their hands and slam the door in their faces? Probably not!  The biggest cry of “That’s so tacky!” usually comes when guests feel you’re just making a “thinly veiled” demand for gifts. This goes back to the first point about being genuine, which is a must, but also host your virtual baby shower in a way that makes the guests feel they are more involved than just sending gifts. WebBabyShower is already set up to accomplish this, and we’ve always been focused on creating an online gathering that is special to the pregnancy experience.

Though yes, we work with all the major baby gift registries, Amazon, Babylist, BuyBabyBuy, etc. and you can actually add in any link you like to the gift registry as well

Watch Our 60 Second Setup

rivate online baby shower party

Virtual Baby Shower Tips

5. Have A Close Friend Help You “Host”

It’s OK for the expecting or adopting parents, or grandparents, sisters, to sign up for and even run a WebBabyShower, the old fashioned long-time etiquette rule that showers should be hosted by a non-family member is both dated and doesn’t apply online. If being pregnant is keeping you busy 😉 or you think your guests may be sticklers for this point even with a virtual baby shower, then ask a close friend to co-host the shower with you. Solved! WebBabyShower makes it easy to add friends and family as co-hosts so that they can help you send invitations, add to your baby registry, and manage the online shower.

6. Make Sure Tech Is Set Up For Everyone

Technical difficulties are not something you’ll want to deal with during your virtual baby shower. That’s why it’s important to make sure that either you or whoever is helping you organize the event has given guests all the information they need to call into the baby shower without any delays or technical problems. As of late, Zoom has replaced Skype and has become the favorite tool to use for video calls. So if you decide to use Zoom, make sure your guests know how to set up the application on their computer and what’s needed to make the virtual baby shower run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. Zoom is a great option for virtual baby showers because you can use virtual decorations and create customized backgrounds. No need to spend loads on streamers, balloons, and extra decorations!

7.  Plan Virtual Baby Shower Games

What better way to keep your virtual guests engaged than to play a few baby shower virtual games. There are plenty of different games to choose from, but you’ll want to make sure that the games you choose aren’t too difficult. It shouldn’t feel like work! What’s most important is that the games are fun and everyone can have a great time playing them.

Make it worthwhile for your virtual baby shower guests by offering prizes for winners. Also keep in mind that not everyone will be in the same time zone. A great way to accommodate this and still have fun playing games is to organize games where people can play in advance, just in case they can’t make it to the live event. That way everyone will get to participate and have a wonderful time.

8. Thank Your Guests

It’s up to you to decide if a handwritten note is needed or if an email thank you would suffice (I know Miss Manners may disagree, but I am actually living in this millennium with you). Either way, make sure you graciously accept your guests’ gifts and let them know you are also grateful for their participation in your long distance baby shower. We’ve even got some great thank you messages for you in an awesome cheat sheet for every occasion.

With a little bit of virtual baby shower etiquette, throwing an online baby shower can be a tactful and fantastic social alternative when pregnant moms and expecting parents are not geographically close to family and friends.

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9 Fantastic Baby Shower Trivia Games That Your Guests Will Love!

webbabyshower header image balloons giraffe zebra lion elephant gift stroller

Baby shower games are the best part of any baby shower. But if you’re used to attending in-person showers, you might be wondering what kind of games a virtual shower can offer since the attendees aren’t congregating in the same room. After all, you can’t exactly measure the mother’s belly or taste baby food over a video conference. Well, fret not. Where traditional games fall short for virtual baby showers, baby shower trivia games definitely deliver!  If you are looking for printables that you can partner with your virtual shower games, visit it here!

While everyone loves traditional games, incorporating baby shower trivia questions into the fold is also a great way to keep things fun and exciting when the guests are separated by distance. I personally prefer baby shower trivia because it forces guests to be in the moment and really think. Plus, the adorable stationery that the questions are printed on can double as party savers for the guests. (Win/win!) If you think about it, baby shower trivia games and virtual baby showers are actually a match made in heaven! 

Don’t believe us? Here are 9 fun baby shower games sure to delight your guests and keep them entertained for hours!

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#9 Baby Animals

There’s almost nothing cuter than baby animals. Except, well, baby humans! That’s why most parents include animal patterns in their uber-cute nursery decor. So it’s only fitting that they take center stage in this fun baby shower trivia game.

This is how the game works. To play  the host will print up the adult name of an animal on one side and the name of its baby on the other. (Example: a bear and its cub.)

The point of the game is to match the adult animal to the baby. Some matches are widely known like a bear and its cub, but many aren’t. (Can you guess what a cheeper grows into?) So this will prove to be a fun, yet challenging game for guests. To up the stakes, the host can even impose a time limit. But honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend all day playing a game about baby animals? Sign us up! The person with the most correct answers wins! (Though when baby animals are involved, everyone wins.)

#8 Famous Mothers

There’s only one thing the world loves more than celeb babies and that’s the moms who gave them life. There are entire verticals dedicated to famous moms, from the time they announce their pregnancy to the time they introduce their baby to the world. PopSugar Seriously, people are obsessed!

A game to delight any pop culture connoisseur, Famous Mothers is a great way to add a little culture to your baby shower and see what your guests are made up of!  To play, the host will coordinate with the guests and give each the name of a famous mom to wear on their backs. The moms can be real-life celebs or even one of our famous fictional moms.

WebBabyShower Rhino

 The guests then have to ask ‘yes or no’ questions to the remaining guests to figure out the famous mother they’ve been assigned.  The first person who guesses their famous mom wins, but don’t be fooled: it’s not as easy as it sounds! Tip: To keep things from getting too confusing, the host might also pick moms with super unique characteristics.

#7 Famous Fathers

Famous fathers are just as present in the media as famous mothers. Everyone loves reading about sweet, attentive celebrity fathers, so of course, they also have a game dedicated to them! Famous Fathers follow the same rules as Famous Mothers, except this time, the daddies will take center stage! (Yes, daddies need love too!)

If you know your Brad Pitt’s from your Brad Paisley’s, you should be fine. But if not, you may want to brush up a little on your celebrity gossip (finally, an excuse to use social media!) Like the Famous Father game, you can pick fictional fathers as well — it’s all up to you. 

This game can be played with or without a set time limit, but a limit will definitely increase the pressure. Not to mention, it’ll keep the game from dragging on too long, which will drag down the party.

#6 Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are the soundtrack of a baby’s early life. Their first few years are filled with these sweet, melodic rhymes that center family, friendship, and fairy tales. But how well will your guests remember these poems? Sure, everyone probably remembers ‘Rock-A-Bye-Baby,” but what about lesser known rhymes? Hopefully, well enough to fill in the blanks with this fun, nostalgic trivia game! 

webbabyshower giraffe with notes

Test your guests recollection skills by playing the Nursery Rhyme Game. To play, the host will print out the most memorable lines from classic nursery rhymes, but leave one or two words blank. It will then be the guests’ duty to guess the missing words, and complete the songs. Whoever gets the most songs correct wins!

#5 A Baby In Any Language

The new baby will inherit a world rich in different languages. And while it’ll be exciting to watch them reach milestones within their native language (just imagine when they say their first word!) preparing them to interact with different languages will enrich their lives in ways that will last forever! Get a head start on introducing the new baby to the other languages of the world with this fun trivia game, “A Baby In Any Language.”

This particular game t will test guest’s knowledge on different pronunciations of the word, “baby.” How fun!  To play, the host will print up a  list of the word “baby” in different languages, then include the correct match in a corresponding key wi. Guests will then receive a print off of the list and try to match the word with its language. To up the ante on this game by imposing a time limit.

If the host wants to make things extra competitive, they can attempt to correctly pronounce the words aloud. (Prepare to laugh!)

#4 Baby & Pregnancy Trivia

During pregnancy, it’s great for the expectant mother to have the support of her community, but how well do they really know what goes on during those nine months? Do they understand that pregnancy actually Baby and Pregnancy trivia will give the mom-to-be an in-depth glance into how many of her friends and families really understand the changes going on with her and her baby’s body?

For this game, the host has to print up questions about this beautiful, confusing, unique experience. To give the less-informed guests a leg up, the host can include multiple choice answers in the mix. But if the host wants to keep things challenging, they can skip this step. Like the other games, the person who answers the most questions correctly wins. It can be played with or without a time limit.

Baby Shower Planning for Millennials

#3 Twins/Multiples Baby Trivia

The only thing better than baby and pregnancy trivia is twins and baby trivia! Just like above, the goal of this game is to test the baby shower guests on their knowledge of twins and multiples.

To play this game, the guests will be quizzed on their knowledge of twins and multiples. Double (triple, and quadruple the fun!) Like the other games, a time limit can or cannot be imposed. In the end, it’ll come down to how challenging the host wants the game to be.

#2 Adoption Baby Trivia

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether or not the mother carried the baby herself or adopted him/her from another family, the only thing that matters is the love given and received. For families who are going through the adoption process, adoption baby trivia is a great way to introduce the concept to friends and family and get everyone acquainted with the idea.

This game is played best by allowing the host to research the process and then come up with fun questions for the guests to answer. Given the sensitive nature of adoption, it might be smart for hosts to do a little extra research. Make sure to exclude questions that “otherize” the new baby and focus on things that promote and celebrate families of all kinds.  Of course, the person who answers the most questions correctly will win.

#1  Baby Songs

You won’t realize how often singers use the word “baby” in songs until you play this fun Baby Song trivia game. The job of the host is to print out a list of songs with the world “baby” in the lyrics. Given the venue, it might be best to keep these songs family friendly, but ultimately it depends on the temperament of the guests. One could also use themed songs, from certain genres or eras. The possibilities are truly endless!

Next, the host will read the lyrics aloud to the guests. The goal of the game is for guests to  guess the song based on the lyrics. If you want to  Whoever proves to be more musically inclined will win it all!

WebBabyShower Header Image Recipe

We hope that these games gave you an idea of the virtual fun that baby shower trivia games can offer you. But remember, these are just a few games that new moms and company can enjoy at their virtual baby shower. There’s a near endless list of baby shower trivia that guests can partake in. Likewise, hosts should feel free to put their own spin on any of the above games listed.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a virtual shower is right for you, know that these games pack in just as much fun as more traditional games that require in-person participants. But ultimately, the only thing a mom-to-be needs to have a great shower is the love and support of her community, be it friends, family, or co-workers.

One last thing: don’t count these baby shower trivia games out for traditional showers, either! They can hold their weight among all the baby-food-tasting, blind-folded-diaper -changing games out there!

Did you enjoy this article? If so, please take time to share it with your friends and family, especially those embarking on the beautiful journey that is motherhood.

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Adoption Baby Showers

Tips For Using WebBabyShower for Adoption Showers

WebBabyShower can also be the fun and easy way to host an adoption shower online! 

While the typical plans of service at WebBabyShower are 6 to 12 months, we are happy to work with you until your adoption has been completed. WebBabyShower is very baby oriented! 

Expected Adoption Dates

When using WebBabyShower for adoptions is that when you sign up, you will need to enter a valid date for the expected due / adoption date, that is within one year from the date you sign up. However this is just for our internal planing, so feel free to set a ‘due date’ for the full lenth of your plan, even up to a year away!

Birthday Bets

At this time, Birthday Bets does not specifically support adoptions, but if the adoption is for a baby that has not been born yet, you like you can use the “Additional Bets” or any other “bets” that make sense for the adoption.

Our Themes

While our themes are not specific to adoptions, they are to new babys so we are confident our offereings can work for you. Please check out our gallery page to get a sense of the themes availabe.



Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

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How to Throw a Zoom Baby Shower

WebBabyShower Zoom baby shower safari animals with balloons

As soon as you found out you were pregnant, your brain probably fast-forwarded ahead to your dream baby shower. The decorations – picture perfect. The cake – swoon-worthy. And your closest family and friends would gather to celebrate your bundle of baby joy. What a party!

But then COVID-19 happened. Now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, you may be wondering if you can even host a shower in the midst of implemented social distancing measures.

Guess what? You still can – with a Zoom virtual baby shower! A Zoom baby shower is affordable, easy to plan, and you can include ALL your loved ones. With a Zoom virtual shower, you can spread the love to the Mama-to-be and her new little one – without spreading the Coronavirus! Wanna know how to add a virtual background to Zoom? Check this Zoom Virtual Background for Baby Shower

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower So That Everyone Can Celebrate!

Free Trial – 7 Day Refund for any reason
• Only 1 Minute Setup!
• 20+ Custom Themes & Matching Invites
• Use Any Online Registries You Want
• Send Unlimited Matching Invites and Updates
• Private Video Hosting for everyone
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What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

When you think of a virtual event, you probably think of something that takes place online. And you’re right! Simply put, a virtual baby shower is an online celebration. With more people practicing social distancing, What to Expect says, “Many moms-to-be are now planning virtual baby showers in lieu of in-person gatherings. Yes, that basically means everyone meets up over their computers or smartphones.”

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WebBabyShower is a leading, dedicated online baby shower service with a variety of features to meet your needs. In fact, we have been featured and recommended on popular, trusted websites, such as What to Expect, Babylist, and Martha Stewart, among others!

While it is certainly different in many ways than an in-person shower, a virtual baby shower has many advantages. For example, an online shower can last longer than a few hours, like a traditional shower. Instead, a virtual shower is an ongoing personal experience that can take place over the span of a few months, if you’d like. An online baby shower is an event that feels special because every pregnancy is special. What’s more, a virtual shower includes personalized touches, such as dedicated games and matching invites – it’s more like an online party!

Video Chat Services

There are a variety of popular video chat services available online. They all work utilizing the same concept under the hood. It’s called WebRTC, which just means Browser Based Video Chat. For that reason, your browser does matter, and it needs to be up to date. All the big ones will work fine, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. And many smaller browsers work, too. Whichever service you ultimately choose, just remember to ensure your guests have all the information – links, passwords, etc. – they will need before your virtual shower begins. 

With so many video chat services available, which one should you choose? The answer is easy – the one that best fits your personal needs and preferences! We’ve researched some of the most-widely used services, so read on for all the details you need for a successful virtual baby shower!

zoom logo

Planning to celebrate on Zoom? Particularly since the Coronavirus outbreak, Zoom has become the new standard when it comes to video chat services. These days, it seems like everyone is Zoomin’ – college students, families, and businesses – many people are using it for work meetings every day. And it’s no wonder! Zoom offers the most people in a video chat gallery mode – 49!

In a recent article, Babylist says Zoom is “probably the simplest and easiest of the video service options.” The article also notes that Zoom is free for everyone to use and allows up to 100 connected devices. For an extra charge, as many as 500 devices can be connected. With the free Zoom plan, you can get 40 minutes of meeting time per room, plus an unlimited number of meetings. For more time, you’ll have to upgrade. (Learn more about Zoom meeting plans here.) Or, as Babylist suggests, close out the existing room you’re in and start a new one.

Before the day of your shower, What to Expect advises troubleshooting to detect potential tech glitches that may arise. They add, “It’s also a good idea to send guests the link well ahead of time so they can make sure they’re confident using the platform, too.”

The downside? Zoom was originally meant for business, not grandma. This service works best if you download the software, but it can also be used with just a weblink.

 Interested in Zoom? Be sure to snag our FREE Zoom baby shower backgrounds!

Skype logo

Think of Skype as the old standard of video chat services. That said, an added bonus is that lots of people are already familiar with it. This means many people have it installed already, and for that reason, it might be easier to go with a service that people know. Up to 50 devices can connect at once to enjoy free unlimited Skype meetings with a variety of features. Keep in mind, though, Skype can be harder to work than newer platforms like Eyeson, which is also on our list below. 

facetime logo

A Facetime perk? It’s an Apple app. But…not everyone is using an Apple device. Still, it is an easy video chat service to use if grandma is already on her iPad! Facetime allows up to 32 connected devices. 

google hangouts logo
Google Hangouts

Want to use Google Hangouts? Then you must have a free Google or Gmail account first. This video chat service can be more complicated to load for new users. However, it’s a good interface once you’re up and running! Up to 10 devices can connect for video calls. 

eyeson logo

A new platform, Eyeson packs a lot into its free plan. There can be up to 9 video guests, with the rest on audio. To join a meeting, you get an easy-to-share link, so no download needed. It’s also an easier video interface than Skype or Zoom. Eyeson is geared more for social hook-ups than for work or business meetings.

whereby logo

Based in Finland, Whereby is a very nicely designed video chat service solution, and features an easy UX. Unfortunately, the free plan only allows 4 guests, so you may need to upgrade to a paid plan to add more participants.

No matter the service you ultimately choose, Rocky Mountain Bliss recommends, “On the day of the party encourage everyone to turn on their video cameras, so it feels like you are all in a room celebrating together!”

Once you’ve selected the video chat service that is right for you, there are a few other things to consider when planning your virtual baby shower. We’ll help you sort out the details!

Who Hosts a Virtual Baby Shower?

Just like an in-person party, when it comes to hosting a Zoom baby shower, you don’t have to go it alone! WebBabyShower’s platform allows co-hosts full access in order to plan a successful baby shower bash. What if your co-hosts live far apart? Babylist says that’s okay, adding, “it’s still totally possible to coordinate via text, email or social media since the party is entirely virtual anyway.” Not sure how to divide the responsibilities? One person can be in charge of sending invitations, while another plans the décor. It’s totally up to you!

You’re Invited!

Of course, you’ll want to personally invite each guest. Keep in mind, we offer matching invitations you can send virtually – the perfect eco-friendly choice. Or if you prefer, we also have printable invites. They’re FREE, so print as many as you’d like! Not sure what to say in your invitations? No worries! We have you covered with wording ideas for a variety of shower scenarios, like welcoming baby boys, girls, or twins, plus much more!

WebBabyShower you ar einvited hippo

Rocky Mountain Bliss notes the importance of including special instructions guests may need to know before the party, like needed items for games or where to send the gifts. “If you are using a conferencing link, include it on the invitation so it’s easy for folks to find the day of the party.”

How Do You Decorate a Zoom Baby Shower?

For an in-person shower, you’d likely decorate an entire venue. With an online shower, you only need to decorate the space that will be seen on-camera. This equals BIG savings!

Zoom also offers a variety of virtual backgrounds, so you can really personalize your shower. Want a Babylist pro tip? “You don’t even need in-person decor thanks to Zoom’s virtual backgrounds! Just put a virtual background up on your account and let your guests think you did all the hard work.” WebBabyShower also has a guide for adding a Virtual Background!

Schedule of Events

While you certainly don’t have to adhere to a baby shower celebration schedule, What to Expect points out that “you may find it helpful to have a general schedule to keep the event running smoothly.” Need examples? Check out their virtual shower timelines for events lasting 40 or 90 minutes. Rocky Mountain Bliss also has a sample virtual shower schedule that you can easily adapt to fit your personal needs. 

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What About Games?

Can you actually play games at a Zoom virtual baby shower? The answer is yes, you can! In fact, WebBabyShower has tons of fun game ideas already planned for you, from quiz-style guessing games to trivia and our very own Birthday Bets game. What’s more, you and your guests can easily play these baby shower games via Zoom.

How about game prizes? Yep, you can have those, too! For an easy prize, consider giving e-gift cards. If you opt to forgo prizes, remember guests also enjoy bragging rights!

The Right Way to Open Gifts at a Zoom Baby Shower

When it comes to opening gifts at your virtual shower, you have options!

  1. Your family and friends can open the gift for you in their homes, and then hold it up for all to see. (If you’re already shy about opening gifts in front of an audience, this takes some of the focus off of you.)

  2. You may also choose to have guests mail the gifts to your home for you to open on-camera the day of your shower.

  3. Opt for a mix of both gift opening ideas! Perhaps some shower guests sent gifts to your home, while others didn’t get them delivered to you in time. If that happens, you can open some gifts on-camera, while your loved ones open some gifts in their homes, too!

WebBabyShower pregnant mom opening gifts
A virtual shower tends to be less gift-focused than an in-person shower. Also, WebBabyShower allows your virtual shower space – including photos and videos – to stay live for up to 6 months (or one year for an extra $50), so you have plenty of time to do a gift opening video, with absolutely zero stress about timing it.

Another idea? You can introduce baby to your loved ones with a virtual sip and see, plus let attendees see gifts in action if you want! “So you can post photos of belated gifts or, once baby arrives, show them off in that bodysuit your aunt sent for all your guests to see!” suggests Babylist

After the gifts have all been opened, don’t forget to send email, video, or hand-written Thank Yous. We offer some free printable cards. Not sure what to say? We also have some ideas to help you get started here!

WebBabyShower’s Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

Check out our checklist to make planning your virtual baby shower on Zoom even easier! 

Select your video chat service.

Set a shower date.

Choose a host, or co-host, if needed.

Pick a theme.

Invitations – Will you send them virtually, or mail your invites?

Decide on decorations for your on-camera space. And don’t forget Zoom’s virtual backgrounds!

Pick out the games you’d most like to play – plus game prizes if you’d like to have them!

Gifts – Will guests open them, or the Mom-to-be? Or a mix of both?

Post-baby shower – Remember to send Thank Yous to all your guests!

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That’s a Wrap!

Did you enjoy our tips for throwing a Zoom baby shower? We hope they were helpful! Please don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on your shower. Here at WebBabyShower, as always, we are committed to helping you have the baby shower of your dreams – complete with invitations, decorations, games, gifts, and fun with family and friends. A virtual shower is still a party, and we’re celebrating you AND your new little one! Congrats, Mama!

Zoom Virtual Background for Baby Shower

WebBabyShower header virtual party zoom video chat

These days, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, are you searching for social distancing ideas as an alternative to a traditional, in-person baby shower? If so, we have a safe – and fun! –solution for you. Take the celebration online with a Zoom virtual background for your baby shower! Also learn how to have an awesome long distance baby shower!

Are You New to Zoom?  

The now ever present Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows you to meet up with your baby shower guests, with everyone utilizing their own devices from their own homes –all while safely social distancing! 

Did you know virtual baby showers aren’t a new concept? A recent Twiniversity article calls virtual baby showers “a GREAT alternative to having your baby shower in person.”  It’s true! That same Twiniversity article mentions stories of moms being placed on bedrest, unable to attend their own showers, and adds, “In fact, many couples pregnant with twins have already been doing this for years!”

Not only can you celebrate your new baby’s upcoming arrival with family and friends all across the world by hosting a virtual shower, now you can also personalize it even more by adding a Zoom virtual background to your baby shower. You can learn how to Zoom with WebBabyShower’s easy-to-follow steps and tips.  Hello home green screen!

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zoom logo
How Do I Set Up a Zoom Account? 

It’s simple. First, go to or download the Zoom app Creating a basic account is free. All you have to do is Click the “SIGN UP, IT”S FREE” button located at the top, right-hand corner of the page. Be sure you choose the Basic Plan if you want to keep it free.

Next, you’ll receive a series of prompts requesting basic information. You’ll be asked for your birthdate. Then type in your email address. Finally, click the “Sign Up” button. Easy peasy – now you’re ready to Zoom! You can also sign up using Google or Facebook.

What are the Limits on a Free Zoom Account?

With a Basic, free Zoom account, you can host up to 100 participants, but with 25 people’s faces. A Participant is an invitee in a meeting scheduled by someone with a Host license. Participants can join your meeting for free from their phone, desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. A participant does not require a Zoom account in order to join a meeting.

Zoom Basic Plan

You can enjoy unlimited 1 to 1 meetings. The Basic Plan has a 40-minute time limit on meetings with three or more total participants. (Need more meeting time? Either close out the room you’re in to begin a new meeting, or extend your meeting time with a paid plan option. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, Twiniversity points out that you can cancel at any time.)

The free Zoom account offers an unlimited number of meetings, along with ticket support. Video conferencing features include HD video and voice, full screen and gallery view (Show up to 25 video feeds per screen), simultaneous screen share, a waiting room, and an active speaker view –Zoom detects which person is speaking and automatically shifts the video feed to the current speaker.

Web conferencing features include desktop and application sharing, instant or scheduled meetings, private and group chat, plus a personal room or meeting ID, allowing you to create your own permanent online meeting room. Twiniversity says, “Think of this as your Zoom address.” You can start this meeting at any time or schedule it for a future use.

Zoom virtual background patterns by WebBabyShower
Zoom virtual background patterns by WebBabyShower

WebBabyShower Virtual Backgrounds

Grab a matching background for your WebBabShower and get the party started!

Other virtual baby shower background options

Minted – Minted’s virtual backgrounds will work with a range of teleconferencing software. They provide step-by-step instructions for adding your virtual background to Zoom utilizing devices, such as Windows Computer, Apple Computer, and iPhone. If you are looking for a baby shower planner, you can visit and download it here!

How to Add a Virtual Background to Zoom

What exactly is a Zoom virtual background? Simply put, this super cool Zoom feature enables you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. For example, you may appear as if you’ve just landed on the moon with one virtual background. Other backgrounds zoom you to the set of popular TV shows and movies, as well as relaxing vacation destinations. Zoom’s Help Center advises that this feature works best with a green screen and uniform lighting. This allows Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background. You’ll also find a helpful YouTube video on the Help Center page!

Want to upload your own images or videos as a virtual background? You can do that, too! There are no size restrictions when adding your own virtual backgrounds. However, Zoom does recommend cropping the image to match the aspect ratio of your camera before uploading it. Virtual backgrounds can easily be applied using Desktop Client (a Zoom app downloaded and installed in the computer/laptop or phone). 

WebBabyShower Virtual Background Green Screen

Wondering how to setup Zoom for your online baby shower? Simply follow these steps and adding a virtual background to Zoom will be a breeze!

Log in to Your Account – Go to Click MY ACCOUNT.

Navigate to the Settings on the Left-hand Menu – Under meetings, choose “In Meeting (Advanced).”

Then find the “Virtual Background” feature and enable it by clicking the slider to the right.

Log in to the App – (If logged in already before the changes, you must log out of the Zoom Desktop Client and then log in to it again for this setting to take effect.)

For Windows and Mac:

Click the Settings tab.

Click “Video.” Take a look at the video to get the best results for the virtual backgrounds.

For quality images, Zoom recommends you have a bright and evenly lit video (not too dark, not too light).

Go to “Virtual Background.”

To add a new virtual background, click the “+” icon and choose whether it’s an image or a video. Then upload directly from your computer.

Uncheck the “I have a green screen” option if you don’t actually have a physical green screen setup.

Zoom will apply the virtual background that you previously selected. However, if you’re in a meeting and you would like to change it, click the arrow up icon at the right of the video icon. Then select “choose video settings.” Click Virtual Background and select the new background that you’d like to use.

WebBabyShower Virtual Background Bunny

For iPhone

Start a new meeting or join an existing one.

Click “More” or “…” at the bottom right and select “Virtual Background.”

Select the background you would like to apply or click “+” to upload a new image. The background will be automatically applied.

Click Close to return to the meeting.

To disable Virtual Background, open the virtual background options again and choose the option None.

Note: Zoom does not support Android devices at this time.

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Did you find our tips for hosting your own virtual baby shower on Zoom helpful? We certainly hope so. Now get to Zoomin’! And remember, during this difficult time of uncertainty and added stress, WebBabyShower is here – as always – to support both you AND your growing family!