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Learn How to Play Baby Shower Pictionary

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Printable Baby Shower Pictionary. Are you looking for a baby shower game that’s fun, free, AND printable? And that is guaranteed to create interaction among your guests, no matter their age or gender? Then you’ve found it – Baby Shower Pictionary! We also have our Printables Favor Tags and Thank You Cards!

A Traditional Game with a Twist! Nearly everyone has played Pictionary, or at least heard of it – right? Well, Baby Shower Pictionary puts a new twist on the traditional game, and it’s sure to be a hit at any baby shower!Not sure how to play? No worries! Read on to learn more.

Pre-Game Prep. Baby Shower Pictionary requires very little pre-game prep, saving you tons of time – promise! Before the baby shower, print off the Baby Shower Pictionary prompts with a baby-related item or action to draw. Then cut the prompts into strips. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Drawing Prompts. Fun Baby Shower Pictionary prompts include items, like onesies, umbilical cord, and stroller. Plus actions, like Labor Contractions, Playing Peek-a-Boo, and Changing a Dirty Diaper.

Game Day Play. It’s the day of your baby shower! Gather drawing paper and markers. You’ll also need a container, like a bowl or a bag (with the pre-cut strips of Baby Shower Pictionary Prompts inside for guests to draw from). Don’t forget a timer – the one on your phone will work!

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Baby Shower Pictionary Instructions. Divide guests into two teams. Team One will choose a player to randomly grab a Pictionary prompt from the bowl. That player will have one minute (or any pre-determined set time) to draw the prompt item – like Food Cravings – for example.

Shhhhh! Player One isn’t allowed to talk or make any gestures. And Team Two can’t make any guesses, or they lose their turn. If Team One can guess correctly before time runs out, they get a point! Then it’s Team Two’s turn. Game play continues until there are no drawing prompts left.

Keeping Score. Keep up with the number of points each team earns for a correct guess. The team with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the Baby Shower Pictionary Winner – all bragging rights included!

Print and Play. Now that you’ve learned how to play Baby Shower Pictionary, we hope you’ll print and play our printable version of the game at your baby shower. And whether your baby shower is online or in-person, WebBabyShower is here to ensure it’s a success!

You’ll Love These Super Cute Printable Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations

WebBabyShower Giraffe Invitation Little Angel

Spread the News! Your baby will arrive soon.And you’re ready to celebrate! How? By gathering with your family and friends for your baby shower. But first, you have to invite everyone. And we have the perfect invitations you’re going to love!

Skip the Expensive Invitations! Let’s face it, with the costs of food, decorations, and a venue, hosting a baby shower can be expensive. So when it comes to invitations, why not choose some that are FREE? Like our printable giraffe baby shower invitations! More free? We also have our Printables Favor Tags and Thank You Cards!

Custom Designed Baby Shower Invitations. We have createdour own free, custom-designed WebBabyShower invitations for your personal use. And they’re printable! You can print as many (or as few) as you need. How easy – and inexpensive – is that?

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A Color Scheme to Match Your Theme. Planning a party in pink? Or blue? Our giraffe baby shower invites – available in a variety of colors – can easily complement the color scheme or theme of your baby shower.

A Little Angel is on the Way. These sweet giraffes announce the news – YOUR Little Angel is on the Way – to your family and friends! And they are invited to share the joy with you at your upcoming baby shower.

Ready, Set, Print! At WebBabyShower, our printable giraffe baby shower invitations are just one more way we are committed to ensuring your baby shower is THE best ever – whether in-person or an online baby shower. So what are you waiting for? Start printing your invitations!

Download our Printable Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations for free!

Fun AND Free Baby Shower Gift Bingo!

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A Fave Baby Shower Game with a New Twist! No baby shower is complete without some fun games for attendees to play. The classic Bingo game has always been a baby shower favorite. But here at WebBabyShower, we’ve created our own version. It’s Bingo, with a twist! If you are looking for more free printables game, we also created a baby word scramble!

Our Gift-Based Version. Throughout the years, traditional Bingo has morphed as people have found new ways to play. We’re offering our own gift-based version. It’s fun! It’s free! And it’s printable! So no worries about having enough cards for all your family and friends to play.

WebBabyShower Baby Gift Bingo Blue

Printable Baby Shower Bingo.One common flaw with printable Bingo is the answers are all located in the same place on each card. That’s not really Bingo! Our printable baby shower “fill-in” version of the game avoids this completely. Every card will be different!

How to Play. First, everyone gets their own Bingo card. Instead of letters or pictures, the squares are blank. Guests will then fill in each square with a gift they think Mommy-to-Be will receive at the baby shower. But don’t freak out! We have a list of suggestions to fill in the squares.

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Gift Bingo Suggestions. When it comes to filling in your blank Bingo squares, we have plenty of suggestions: Bottle, Sleeper, Bib, Diapers, Rattle, Baby Monitor, High Chair, and more! Remember, these are simply suggestions. Your guests can also come up with their own ideas.

Bingo, We Have a Winner! Once guests have filled in their squares with gift items, the game begins. As each gift is opened, mark it off. The first person to get five in a row (Up/Down, Across, Diagonally) yells, “Baby Bingo!” And we have a winner!

WebBabyShower Baby Gift Bingo Pink

Want Color Options? No problem – you’ve got them! Whether your baby shower décor is primarily pink, blue, or gender-neutral yellow, our Baby Gift Bingo cards will easily coordinate with your theme.

Baby Bingo. Ready to play our free, printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo? Then get your cards now! We promise your guests will have a blast predicting the gifts Mom-to-Be will receive next. This new spin on classic Bingo is sure to spark lots of guest interaction – and friendly rivalry! More games? We have our famous fathers and famous mothers printable baby shower game!

Plan Your Baby Shower. Be sure to check out our latest articles, featuring even more games, gift ideas, and all-things baby shower. Here at WebBabyShower, we want to help make your baby shower – in-person OR online – is simply amazing!

Download Our Fun AND Free Baby Shower Gift Bingo!

How to Preserve Memories in a Pregnancy Journal

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You don’t want to forget any gestational journey milestones – whether it’s the wonderful (and weird!) body changes at Week 7, late-night food cravings at Week 22, or finally, picking the perfect baby name at Week 38. But with the non-stop pre-baby prep, like googling car seats and researching pediatricians, how can you remember all the little moments that made your pregnancy so special?

It’s easy! Chronicle your journey in a Pregnancy Journal. Jotting down your thoughts, feelings, and new experiences throughout your pregnancy preserves those special memories and creates personalized Mommy Memoirs that you (and your baby!) will treasure forever.  If you are looking for a planning checklist, you can try visiting our blog!

#1 Why Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

Honestly, it’s impossible to remember every single detail of your pregnancy, particularly if you are the Mama of multiple children! (Was it pregnancy #1 or #3 when you survived that horrific heartburn?) If you don’t jot down details like this in a pregnancy journal now – even the trivial ones – you may not remember them later. Writing down your thoughts today ensures these memories will last long into the future.

In this babycenter article, author Leslie Kirk Campbell, says a woman who keeps a pregnancy journal confronts, rather than ignores, issues that arise during pregnancy. “Her quiet time of introspection and writing will be among the most important moments she spends on her journey into motherhood,” Kirk continues.

What’s more, did you know that journaling can help center you and is medically proven to relieve stress? It’s true! Find out more in thisNational Center for Biotechnology Information article.

alligator gives thank you cards!

#2 How to Start a Pregnancy Journal

Maybe you’ve considered starting a pregnancy journal, but then squashed the idea of adding one more item to your ever-growing To-do List. Journaling doesn’t have to be another chore! Don’t feel obligated to write every day or even every week, if you’re short on time. Writing as you can is the first step in creating something that you enjoy and likely want to continue.

Not sure how to begin journaling? First, choose a time of day when you’re feeling most creative or when you have some down time, like riding the subway to work. And allow yourself the flexibility to write at your own pace.It’s okay if you jot down 10 words to note what you ate for breakfast one morning or an entire page chronicling your emotions when you heard baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Avoid chaining yourself to a certain word limit!

What should you write? How about documenting the advice your well-meaning family members and friends have been giving you lately, such as your great-grandmother’s tried-and-true tips for soothing a crying baby?

On the flip-side, you may even want to make a list noting bizarre advice that you DON’T plan to use, but still want to remember for laughs (like applying a used, pee-pee diaper to eradicate baby’s pimples – Ewww, just don’t!). Keep in mind, this is YOUR personalized journal. Make it as unique as your pregnancy!

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#3 How to Keep a Pregnancy Journal

You did it – you’ve decided to begin a pregnancy journal! But once you start, how can you keep it up? First, consider what format is right for you. There are tons of different pregnancy journals available. So find the one that best fits your needs.

Be sure to capture any unexpected, impromptu moments, like noting a fave song that becomes your pregnancy anthem by instantly boosting your spirits. Or perhaps you received a surprise card or gift from a childhood friend. Such seemingly minor details may be the hardest to remember later on, yet some of your most meaningful memories. Jot them down!

Would a writing prompt be right for you? A writing prompt is a thought or an idea that is used to inspire beginning writers. You know, just to get your creative juices flowing. Mindful School’s Rose, Thorn, Bud activity makes a great daily prompt. The basic idea? Rose=A success or a positive happening. Thorn=A challenge. Bud=New ideas that have blossomed.

Here’s another sweet idea! Create a journal filled with letters from you to baby. This BabyDoppler article has lots of suggestions to get you started, like: “My hopes for you are…” and “I promise to…” Writing letters to your unborn child is a wonderful way to create a maternal journal AND a special pregnancy keepsake – all in one!

Track changes! Your pregnant body is growing and changing on a seemingly daily basis. How can you keep up with it all? A pregnancy diary is a perfect place to record all those measurements that keep moving, like your weight changes and baby’s heart rate from check-up to check-up.

Focus on details and small moments. For example, jot down a vivid dream. A fear you have. Or even the names of new books you’ve read during your pregnancy. Someday, your baby will enjoy reading all the details – even the small moments – that made your pregnancy unique.

online baby shower invitations

#4 Which Diary is Right for You? How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Journal!

When it comes to pregnancy diaries, selecting the right one is nearly as daunting as settling on baby’s name. It’s important to choose the journal that best fits your personal pregnancy needs. (Mom Loves Best) These ideas will help you decide:

  1. Baby Diary. You already enjoy writing, so you need space (and lots of it!) to let your ideas flow. If this sounds like you, select a diary with less list-making and lots of room for creativity.
  2. Tips sound good? Some pregnancy journals offer tips or other relevant information right on the pages. Decide if you would like handy info spread throughout, or if a blank slate is more appealing.

Other journals feature monthly questionnaires. This can seem less restrictive if you’re already feeling short on time. Plus, questionnaires allow you to look back over your pregnancy at a glance (Mom Loves Best). On the other hand, monthly questionnaires may not allow you to log some important details.

  1. Do you want a maternity journal that has space for photos? Then be sure to check out a scrapbook-style journal to blend your words with your photos!
  2. Design. Does the look of the journal make you want to pick it up? Is it your favorite color? Does it feature an inspiring quote? Since you’ll be spending time journaling, choose a design that is visually appealing!
  3. Is the keepsake sturdy enough to survive your real #pregnantlife? Pre-natal check-ups, the gym, a spur-of-the-moment babymoon – your journal will be on the-go as much as you are. Select a journal that is sturdy enough to travel with you!
  4. Size does matter! You may not feel up to lugging a big book around on all of your pregnancy adventures. You might prefer a journal small enough to slip into your day bag.
  5. Don’t cramp your writing style (or your fingers!) chronicling your pregnancy journey in a too-small journal either. Is your journal big enough that you can comfortably write in it?
  6. If you really want to get creative, make your own DIY pregnancy journal! This YouTube video shows you how.

#5 Would a Pregnancy Journal App be Better for You?

If putting pen to paper isn’t your thing, but…you still want to create a pregnancy journal – no worries! Consider an online pregnancy journal app. Google Play’s highly-rated 280 Days: Pregnancy Diary is a free pregnancy record and diary app. Features weekly pregnancy advice for both Mommy and Daddy, plus encouraging message cards to cheer you on!

Sprout Pregnancy offers daily and weekly info about your growing baby, pregnancy checklists, and a pregnancy journal with free PDF to view or an option to print. The app includes over 350 journal entry ideas! (Available only in Sprout Premium Version)

Considering a photo journal? Moment Garden allows you to save memories as they occur – through photos! Touted as “fun, secure, and easy as email,” this app can be accessed from your iPhone, Android device, tablet or computer. Plus, your memories are shareable with family and friends. The best part? It’s free (or upgrade for a small monthly fee) AND you can add personalized journal notes and stories to your photos or videos.

#6 WebBabyShower’s Top Choices for the Best Pregnancy Journals

We’ve compiled a list of pregnancy journals to help you get started. Check them out below!

The Diary-Style Pregnancy Book:

  1. Expecting You—A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Hardbound. 144 pages. One cover only. Pregnancy-specific with prompts and monthly sections. Many well-designed, visually-appealing inner pages, with lots of room to write. Gushing reviews. Suitable for single moms (or dual moms!), i.e. no “Daddy” prompts. See for yourself on Youtube!

  1. Personalized Journal Notebook


Hardbound, custom laser engraved cover. 12 colors (including pink). Handmade – leatherette. Not pregnancy-specific. 112 gorgeous pages with integrated ribbon bookmark. Slips in a tote bag for on-the-go journaling. Excellent reviews.

  1. Single Parent Pregnancy Journal


Interestingly, this spiral bound journal is available in both a single parent and two-parent version. Nice design. Gender neutral. A cross between a diary & photo book.

  1. One Line a Day Pregnancy Edition Journal/Diary/Memory Book

This hardbound book features the “one-line-a-day” journaling method and comes with many cover options. Plus, there’s room for a few photos. Great reviews.

Scrapbook Memory Baby Books:

  1. Pearhead Chevron Baby Photo Album

A photo journal. 48 pages. Spiral bound. Holds about 200 photos. Available in different covers and sizes on Amazon. Check prices, as they vary!

  1. Pregnancy Journal & Memory Book for Expectant Moms


Spiral bound. Also comes in a gray chevron pattern but is larger-sized, more pages, and a tad pricier. You can personalize the cover a bit. Pregnancy or pregnancy + baby shower planner option available. Highly-rated.

  1. My 9 Month Journey Pregnancy Journal and Baby Memory Book


Spiral bound. Hard cover. 40 multi-colored and designed inner pages with writing prompts. Stickers included.

Info and Checklists:

  1. The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal: Monthly Checklists, Activities, & Journal Prompts


Softcover. Beautiful, unique designs. Activity and journal prompts, plus checklists. Trimester sections.

  1. Bloom Daily Planners, New Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year Calendar Planner & Keepsake Journal


Spiral bound. Tabbed sections, with guidebook, medical logs, journal, scrapbook, and lots of planner-style layouts. Two pages of full-color stickers.

Free Downloadable Pregnancy Journals:

  1. Download this stylish diary from Three Bird Nest. Features a page per week style, plus sections for a birth plan, nursery ideas, appointment logs, and more! For more information, contact [email protected].

2. Tips & Health Info Style from the National Women’s Health Resource Center

This free, 52-page trimester-by-trimester pregnancy planner comes complete with FAQs, guidebook, and checklists. Includes a month-to-month daily log section.

Go Mobile with Pregnancy Journaling Photo Apps:

Why go digital? Capturing special moments with the perfect photos has never been easier! Pregnancy journaling digital apps are more photo-based than writing. We have an upcoming pregnancy photo journal apps review, but in the meantime, here are three options to explore:

  1. tinybeans

Chronicle your child’s growth through photos. Free, secure storage for unlimited photos and videos. Social media-style, but private. Journal in one convenient space.

  1. Lifecake

Create a photo timeline, and invite loved ones to follow it. Print photos, calendars, and more straight from the app.

  1. Journey.Cloud


Create customized journal entries with options to change themes, styles, and backgrounds whenever you want. Add multimedia files – photos, videos, sound. Set reminders to ensure you never miss an appointment!

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Have you enjoyed our list of tips and ideas for beginning your own pregnancy journal? We hope so! Just remember -journaling is about finding a fun, stress-free way of chronicling your unique pregnancy journey. You’ll create your own personal Mommy Memoirs, preserving memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. A pregnancy journal is a gift that you give to yourself (and your new baby!).

17 Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Examples for Every Situation

WebBabyShower Header Image Invites
Sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right wording that shows the gift giver how much their kindness meant. Check out these 5 essential tips and examples for thank you cards that are sure to delight! Seven sure-fire ones include...

Virtual Baby Shower Games & Activities

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Baby Shower Games Virtual Baby shower games are typically done with groups of people who may not know each other very well, so games and…

17 Unique Ways to Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

So you’re in charge of planning THE perfect baby shower for your beloved bestie, cousin, or co-worker—right? As you weigh the costs of decorations, food, and various venues, the pressure is officially on. But don’t sweat it!
We have compiled 17 unique ways to help you host an amazing baby shower on a budget—without busting your bank account. And the best part? Your guests will never guess your baby shower bash didn’t cost a small fortune. With our ideas, you can plan an inexpensive baby shower that still looks like you spared no expense. Read on to find out how!

#1 How to Throw a Baby Shower on a Budget

First of all, when planning a baby shower on a budget, remember no one is going to care how much money you spent on food and decorations. (In fact, the guests have no insider budget info, unless you fill them in!) As with any celebration, the baby shower is all about the memorable moments that will make the mom-to-be’s day special (Well Kept Wallet).

With that in mind, there’s more involved than just saving money when planning a budget baby shower. For example, how do you include everyone on the mom-to-be’s invite list? Honestly, this may be one of the biggest baby-shower-planning hurdles you’ll have to jump. Fortunately, we have a solution. A small gathering + an online baby shower is a great way to have that intimate, in-person experience, while still including ALL of the new mom’s family and friends in this special celebration. And by most “Throw a Party” standards, starting at just $89, WebBabyShower is an inexpensive solution. Not only can you invite folks both near AND far, you can do it economically!

#2 Host a Baby Shower at Home (Or Consider a Friend’s Home!)

Skip the expensive venues that limit the number of guests you can invite, and instead, opt to host the baby shower at your home. Not only will you save money, you’ll save time! How? Because all of your decorating supplies and menu items will be on-hand, you don’t have the stress of dropping off party streamers and hors d’oeuvres at a different location. 

Don’t have room at your place to host a party? Consider hitting up a friend of the mom-to-be to hold the baby shower in their home. The cost to you? ZERO! An in-home baby shower also eliminates the costs of rentals, such as chairs (the BUMP). Check out this YouTube video to see how this in-home baby shower on a budget came together! 

#3 Where to Have a Baby Shower on a Budget

If you can’t host the baby shower in your home or at a friend’s house, no problem! There are still plenty of alternate locations to choose from that won’t cost you a dime. For instance, many churches have fellowship halls or family centers, complete with a full kitchen. A community center is also a great choice, especially as they tend to be centrally located. Hosting a warm-weather baby shower? Head to the park! Not only will your venue expense be nonexistent, guests with children will appreciate the distraction of the playground equipment. Just keep in mind, you may need a Plan B in place, depending on the weather. Check out this U.S. News article to read more on the money saving perks of a budget-friendly venue.

#4 Right Size for Your Baby Shower (Less Guests & Smaller Groups)

Sometimes less really is more. And this is certainly true when planning a baby shower! If the mom-to-be doesn’t have a ton of names on her invite list, choosing a smaller venue is definitely easier from the get-go. Also, every new mom won’t feel up to a big bash before baby’s arrival. In fact, a big crowd may feel downright overwhelming. That’s when a small, intimate shower that includes only her closest family and friends makes an ideal choice! Cutting overlapping shower guests is another way to keep the names on the invite list to a minimum (Mommy On Purpose).

#5 Let Friends and Co-Hosts Help: Say “Yes!”

It’s an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of planning and hosting a baby shower—really, it is! But organizing such a large-scale event can also be overwhelming, to say the least! That’s why it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go it alone. When friends or family members of the mom-to-be offer to help by whipping up a dish, hanging streamers, or addressing invitations, accept their offer and just say “Yes!” Live Like You Are Rich has more to say about planning a shower solo versus enlisting the help of others. Someone may even offer to help by co-hosting the shower. Remember, your co-host should be someone who shares the shower planning duties equally and fairly. WebBabyShower also includes a great co-host feature, so check it out!

#6 Go Green—Free Baby Shower Invites

Save the planet (and your time!) when you choose digital invites, like those available online through Paperless Post. Their personalized invitations offer a huge array of awesome AND free baby shower invite designs, like the whimsical Folk Tails, the celebratory Confection, and even custom options to upload your own personalized design. And keep in mind, when you choose WebBabyShower, our baby shower packages also include invites. In this U.S. News article, Susan Johnston Taylor discusses paper invites and post-baby shower digital thank you notes. 

#7 Baby Shower on a Budget Food Ideas

When groups of people gather together, you can expect food to be a major part of the celebration, and a baby shower is no different! But how do you serve delectable dishes without busting your budget? Consider serving inexpensive finger foods, like sandwiches, paired with veggie or fruit trays. Another idea is to serve traditional foods, but in a new, unique way, such as pasta salad served in vintage glass cups or fruit salad scooped into waffle cones ( Miss Mae’s Days).

For dessert, asking a beloved family member or friend to bake the cake will help keep the budget balanced, and will also be a sweet gesture the mom-to-be is sure to treasure. A dessert bar, with a variety of cookie or ice cream flavors and toppings, can also serve as an alternative to the traditional baby shower cake. The important thing to remember here? Skip the caterers to save big bucks! (the BUMP)

#8 Best Time to Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

Did you know the average cost of food/drink is 40 percent of your overall budget? (the BUMP) With food being such a major baby shower expense, choosing the right time of day to host the party sets the tone for food expectations. Hosting an afternoon shower after lunchtime, say 1:00 or 2:00 for example, will help to ensure most guests have already eaten a meal. So light snacks will be perfectly acceptable AND super affordable, too! Read more at Live Like You Are Rich. We also have our When Should You Have a Baby Shower? article.

#9 No Booze (If It’s Not a Sip-and-See Party)

Forgo the baby shower booze, and you’ll also forgo the extra expense of serving guests wine or margaritas. Besides, mom-to-be is most likely not drinking alcohol these days either (Mommy On Purpose). The only exception would be a Sip-and-See party, where guests may be expecting a wet bar. Even then, however, you have options like serving an assortment of teas or even hot chocolate varieties if you’re hosting a winter bash. 

#10 Potluck Anyone?

An old-fashioned potluck is an ideal way to involve a large group of family and friends in the partly planning. Plus, you’ll dramatically slash your food/drink budget when you opt for a potluck. This Mommy On Purpose article suggests turning the potluck into a game—Cravings Table—where everyone brings dishes they craved during their own pregnancy. For added fun, the mom-to-be has to guess who brought what. The takeaway? To save cash, keep it simple!

#11 Free Baby Shower Games

There’s no need to spend a ton of funds on baby shower games when there are plenty of printable games online for FREE! You can find several fun and free printable games, like Baby Shower Animals Match, Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Shower Karaoke, and more—all right here on WebBabyShower! We have created a free baby shower games printable for you!  Plus, find even more free printable games at the Spruce and Fun Baby Shower Games.

WebBabyShower Printables Games Baby Match

#12 Free Printables from WebBabyShower and Others

Don’t stop at printable games! For your baby shower on a budget, SO many things can easily be printed right from the Internet. Ideas range from “Hooray for Baby” posters and onesie garland to shower favors, like labels for mini hand sanitizers (Pretty Providence). And The Yellow Birdhouse offers 65 free baby shower printables—invitations, decorations, cupcake toppers, and more! Also make sure to check out our free printables from WebBabyShower.

#13 Diaper Notes: The Diapers That Make You Smile at 3:00 a.m.

Let’s face it, new moms and dads can expect a lot of third shift diaper duty. Why not offer some advice, encouragement, or simply give them something to smile about for the 3:00 a.m. diaper change? And it’s oh, so easy! All you need are plain diapers (not the kind with the cute cartoon characters) and some sharpies for writing inspiring or funny messages. And the best part? This makes for a fun (and cheap!) baby shower activity ( Well Kept Wallet).

#14 Guess the Size of Mom’s Giant Belly

>Here’s an inexpensive baby shower activity. All you need is string and scissors to get the game rolling. Family and friends will enjoy guessing the size of mom-to-be’s belly. This easy game always generates a lot of interaction, as well as lots of laughs! For even more savings, consider letting tabletop decorations double as prizes (the BUMP). Speaking of prizes, consider repurposing new, unused items you already have lying around your house to save money, according to Miss Mae’s Days. Be sure to explore the website for more fun and inexpensive game ideas to entertain your guests!

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#15 For the Right Audience, Consider “Beer Bottle”

A baby shower is all about having fun, no matter your budget. And the action-packed “Beer Bottle” game is a great way to entertain guests for cheap. How do you play? It’s simple! Just fill a baby bottle with beer or the beverage of your choice—apple juice, sweet tea, lemonade—the list is endless. Then at the same time, the competitors begin sucking their bottles to see who can chug the fastest. (No cheating by unscrewing the ring!) The first one with an empty bottle wins! See the game in action here. For the saucier shower, there’s also Labor or Porn—guests guess which close-up, cropped face photo depicts labor and the other porn—from pregnantchicken

#16 Decorations

Airplanes, sailboats, or zoo animals—there really is no limit when it comes to baby shower theme ideas. But here’s a smart idea! When choosing a theme for decorating, pick one you already have some decor items for. For example, you may have a whole slew of Easter bunnies that would pair perfectly with a bunny theme. You can easily ask friends to loan you any on-theme items they have lying around their house, too. Talk about cheap baby shower décor that won’t reveal you cut corners to save cash! (Live Like You Are Rich)

When purchasing decorations, shopping at stores with budget-friendly prices is another great way to save money. Miss Mae’s Days has tons of tips for decorating—everything from the entryway to tables and windows—all on a Dollar Store budget. Feeling crafty? Add a personalized touch by creating your own décor! Visit our free printables for free decorations!

#17 Skip the Throwaway Favors

Why waste money on throwaway party favors? Instead, save money and offer real thank you’s that people care about! One sweet idea is to send guests home with homemade treats, like cookies. In an article on the Bump, author Allison Micarelli suggests wrapping these made-with-love goodies in inexpensive cellophane bags tied with a pretty ribbon. Yum!

Did you enjoy our 17 unique ideas for throwing a baby shower on a budget? We hope our list helps you to create a memorable day for the mom-to-be, without busting your bank account. And no matter your budget, we hope the baby shower you have planned is a success. Good luck!