Cheap Baby Shower Ideas to Host a Perfect Baby Shower

There’s not just one way to host a memorable baby shower — don’t panic if you’re short on cash but need to host an event. New ideas are popping up everywhere, and some trusted favorite solutions can add pizzazz to your party without costing much money.

Cheap and easy baby shower ideas come in many forms. There are lots of ways to make an inexpensive party feel expensive without the high price tag.

Start with where you host. Your venue choice is one great way to save some money, and you check a considerable expense off your list by choosing a cheap or free spot. You can also save on decorations, food, games, and prizes using creative solutions.

And don’t forget about alternatives like a virtual party, a baby sprinkle, or a Sip n’ See event. We’ve got plenty of cheap baby shower ideas and themes for you to choose from here.

Different Ways to Host an Inexpensive Baby Shower

A baby shower may seem like it has to be a certain way, but there are many variations and no actual rules about how to host.

Before you spend more time searching, check out these inexpensive options.

Where to Host

Where you choose to have your party can influence how much you spend. Opting for a cheaper venue can save you a lot of money.

Many venues are crazy expensive, such as restaurants or hotels. But if you are willing to look harder and perhaps be less conventional, there are ways to save!

Home: This may be the easiest option, and is likely the cheapest. If you are hosting and are able, consider having the party at your home. If that isn’t possible, ask an invited friend who lives nearby if you can use their home for the day.

A home is a more intimate setting and not too public, so it’s an excellent choice for baby showers. And don’t worry if your home isn’t huge — all you really need is some space in the living room and chairs for people to sit down.

Church: If you are part of a church, you’ll likely be able to use the space for free. Churches are good options because there’s usually plenty of tables and chairs, sometimes a kitchen, and enough room for guests.

To save money on food, you might even ask your guests to bring a dish to share, as there will likely be lots of room. If this sounds right for you, ask the person in charge of booking events if you can reserve some space!

Park: A perfect option for spring, summer, or autumn baby showers, parks provide incredible natural scenery. However, they are also public, and while you may be able to reserve a space, you may also find it difficult to do so. There’s also weather to consider.

Nevertheless, parks are generally a nice and cheap venue idea! If you choose a park, try to find a space that offers some protection from the weather — like trees or a gazebo. Also, be sure to bring umbrellas and have a backup plan if rain is likely!

Community Center: Lots of community centers rent out space for cheap. Check out one in your local area and see what days are available and for what price. You may be able to rent out a private room large enough for your group without it costing too much.

And — bonus — most people won’t have trouble finding the location if they live in town!

Virtual: Host a virtual shower to include everyone in the family and all of your friends, no matter where they live. You can host from anywhere without worrying about finding a venue or about any extra costs. This is made extra affordable with WebBabyShower, and you will find everything you need in one place.

virtual baby shower laptop food and gifts on the table
Image from: @topherrhyslawrence

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Build Your Shower

Send Digital Invitations

If saving money is a priority but you still want to keep up with style, sending baby shower invitations online with RSVPs will save you time, money, and resources. There are a lot of online invitation makers, including both free and paid options.

With WebBabyShower, your digital invitations are a built-in feature. You can quickly create invites that reflect your theme and easily email them to guests. Our RSVP tracker also lets you know who has read the invites and who has yet to see them, which means you can easily keep track of who will be attending the event.

Including all relevant info and linking to your baby shower website is simple, too!

Choosing Your Decorations

Budget-friendly decorating is super popular and nearly effortless with all the great ideas out there. Streamers, balloons, tablecloths, and centerpieces all go a long way towards making a space look good, and they aren’t too costly.

You might even try getting creative and make your decor if you’re crafty!

Start at the dollar store and see what you find.

Try decorating a few key spaces, instead of the entire room or home, when you need to stick to a budget and want cheap baby shower decorating ideas.

For example, the table where you will serve food and a spot for games or opening presents are good places to put most of your decorations and create a festive environment.

You can also choose a theme that focuses on one or two colors or concepts, and make an even bigger statement while keeping things simple.

Look around and see if you have any tablecloths or if you can repurpose any holiday decorations. Use the things you already have, such as vases and jars with candles, flowers, or candy that won’t cost much.

Go for simple and elegant details that complement the overall look.

Finding Food on a Budget

A food bar will offer a wide range of choices and be very inexpensive. Here are some cheap baby shower food ideas:

  • Ice-cream bar
  • Waffle bar
  • Popcorn bar
  • Cookie bar
  • Hot chocolate bar
  • General dessert bar
baby shower hot chocolate drinks
Image from: @smoothsailinggirl

Some other things you may want to include if your budget allows are a sheet cake or cupcakes, fruit, small sandwiches, chips and dip, or crackers and cheese. When you need to save money, choose a time between meals rather than planning the party during lunch or dinner. An afternoon party can get by with just snacks!

You may also ask a family member or a good friend to help you prepare or bake items, to save on prep costs, and maybe share the grocery budget.

If you need to have the party during lunch or dinner, there are still some ways to save. You can opt for a potluck and ask each guest to bring something to share. You might also ask everyone to chip in a few dollars and order pizzas. Or make a large dish that feeds a crowd, like enchiladas or pasta.

If you invite guests or family members to bring side dishes to go with the main course, the cost will be manageable and let you relax.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games don’t need to cost much, or any, money to be memorable! You’ll find many options online that will work well for your event. WebBabyShower has plenty of suggestions — including some free ones. Check out our ultimate guide here.

Something to keep in mind: Keep games as simple as possible when you want to save money. Musical chairs or a pacifier scavenger hunt aren’t expensive, but they are super fun and get the guests moving around and interacting.

baby shower activity game time capsule
Image from: @all_things_steph

Some games don’t even need to be actual games, just activities! Try making a time capsule for the new baby and ask each guest to add something. Decorate onesies and cute headbands. Or ask guests to write cards with encouragement or advice for the new parents.

Creativity and being thoughtful will go a long way!

Wallet-Friendly Prizes

Prizes should be fun and something your guests can use, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost a lot. For cheap baby shower gift ideas, try theme-following nail polish, soaps, candles, or candy.

You can even try making your own prizes that follow the decor and theme of the event.

Cheap baby shower thank you gift ideas can also be inexpensive. Try wrapping up desserts in festive plastic wrap or giving out cards as people leave. Another unique idea is to offer recipe cards with cooking instructions for something you served at the party.

Be creative, and people will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Cheap Baby Shower Alternatives

If planning a typical baby shower is too last-minute or doesn’t work out for some reason, don’t worry! There are tons of equally special ways to celebrate. Check out these other cheap and easy baby shower ideas that are more relaxed and less conventional.

Virtual Baby Shower

virtual baby shower with mom and dad
Image from: @teresamenesses

Hosting a virtual baby shower has never been simpler. A virtual event means inviting everyone you love, with no concerns about space or travelling.

WebBabyShower makes it extremely easy to host and plan, so your event is stress-free. Everything is already in one convenient place, and we help you host by keeping things organized. We also offer a checklist, help you create a theme, make digital invitations, maintain a guestbook, post photos, and more.

Baby Sprinkle

A Baby Sprinkle is a more intimate and personal event, often for the second child — but it works equally well for the first if you’re on a budget or the mom-to-be doesn’t want a big party.

When there are fewer guests, you will have fewer costs, less hassle, and will be able to stretch your money further.

A Baby Sprinkle is still a party — just simpler and smaller. Hosting in someone’s home is a perfect setting, and you can add in some light snacks and small decorations without feeling like you need to go overboard.

Sip n’ See

This event is a super relaxed way to celebrate the new baby. Typically done after the child’s birth, friends and family stop by the home of the new parents, or the venue, to meet the baby and have drinks.

It only requires some cocktails and light snacks if you want, and a place to visit. That’s pretty much it.

It’s great because it allows the new parents to get settled, and it saves on the cost of planning a larger event. The guests will still get the chance to mingle and talk with the new parents and meet the latest addition to the family, all without too much fuss or stress!

It’s very easy to do a Sip n’ See party virtually, too. You can send drink recipes or mail snacks and then do a video call so everyone can meet the new baby. It’s fun, easy, and costs almost nothing.

spring baby shower crepe
Image from: @easyylivin


How Can I Have a Baby Shower Without Spending Much?

There are tons of ways to celebrate on a budget! If you’ve got a baby arriving soon and need to plan some way to celebrate without the costs, look at hosting at home, free games or fun activities, easy food like small sandwiches or homemade cupcakes, and hand-crafted prizes. It will be just as much fun regardless of cost!

What Can I Have Instead of a Baby Shower?

If baby showers don’t appeal to you, or if you’d rather have a cheaper event, you might want alternatives to baby showers. Virtual baby showers are a great low-key option, especially in 2021. Baby Sprinkles, Sip n’ Sees, and Drive-By Baby Showers are also good ideas.

These Cheap and Easy Baby Shower Ideas are Ideal for Your Next Party

Budget party planning doesn’t need to be difficult, and can still be lovely and memorable! Often, being creative and adding personal touches can make any event even better, so be sure to think about this when planning.

WebBabyShower has even more suggestions for games, prizes, and alternative baby showers, so be sure to check out all of our ideas in addition to the ones here.

But, above all, remember that the day is about celebrating and connecting family and friends with the parents-to-be. Make sure the new mom and dad have fun, and everyone else will, too — all while keeping things inexpensive.

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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