The Best Way to Play Baby Shower Scattergories & Free Download

Need a game that will wow your guests? Look no further than baby shower scattergories. 

Are you wondering how to keep your friends and family entertained while hosting a virtual baby shower? Maybe you’re not sure what it’s like to play games online versus in person. 

When you’re planning an event, there’s so much to think about, from the date to the theme. With WebBabyShower, you can not only host your party virtually but also charm your guests with fun contests and games. This becomes super easy when you use our printable and this guide. To find out more about the game that everyone will love, check out our tips and tricks here. 


So what is scattergories? It’s a word game that you can take part in with 2-6 players. It’s ideal for baby showers, as it brings guests together to interact, and you can make the most of live chat and video when playing virtually. Each round takes about 3 minutes, holding your guest’s attention until the end.

What’s the objective, and how do you win? By gathering points. You earn them when you name things within a category before time runs out. You are given a starting letter that all of your words must begin with, as well. With some quick thinking and creativity, you’ll all be laughing in no time.

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webbabyshower how to play baby scattergories

How to Play Baby Shower Scattergories

Pick 3 Letters

You can pick any letters you like, but it can add some personality if you pick a letter in the baby’s name or the name of the mother or father. You might also pick at random or let a guest choose the letter. To keep everyone guessing, you could also write letters on scrap paper and draw them from a bowl. 

Set up Your Card

Every player will receive their own card to write on, as well as a pencil or pen. Since you’re meeting online, ensure that they’re aware that they need to have these items ready. Each person can write the three letters that are picked onto the card to help keep track as they move through the rounds.

Set a Time Limit

A round can last for as long as you want, but you must decide on it before you begin, and each match must last the same amount of time. For this game, we suggest 3 minutes, as it is long enough to come up with the right answers but short enough that no one gets bored – or, if they’re very skilled, runs out of room on their card!

webbabyshower baby scattergories time limit

Fill Out Each Category

Every player needs to fill out each category with a word that begins with the chosen letter. Write for as many categories as possible, so you have the most chances to gain points. Use any word you can think of that matches both the group and letter to win. You are not penalized for not writing in a category; you just won’t gain points for it.

Share Answers with Other Players

After you run out of time, switch cards with another player. (This only applies if some of your guests are playing the game in person.) Check each other’s answers.

Since this is a virtual baby shower, your guests may need to check their own answers. Remind everyone to play fair! To gain a point, the person must have a word that is different from everyone else’s. It can be fun for people to share and talk about their word choices.


Play again for the other letters and columns, which should be two more rounds. You’ll get to come up with new answers each time. Remember, original words are the key to winning.

Announce the Winner

The host can now gather up the scorecards, if any guests are together, and calculate who has the most points. If all guests are in different locations, simply add up your points and let the host know. Then it’s time to announce the winner!

How Do You Play Baby Shower Scattergories with Your WebBabyShower?

You might be thinking that it could be challenging to play a game like scattergories online. However, our platform makes it easy and fun. Start by setting up and customizing your shower, and then add a live chat. After this, make sure to find the free printables for the game.

When you decide to use WebBabyShower for your big day, you’re given access to all of the printables on our site. It saves time to have ready-made ideas on hand and helps you to get organized quickly. Print the cards and instructions out or send them through email to your guests. That way, everyone knows how to play each game in advance. For baby shower scattergories, you can choose from several adorable themes for the cards.

webbabyshower games scoreboard

There’s no need for the host to record scores when playing the games within the WebBabyShower platform because we’ll do the work for you! Our system records you and your guest’s scores from any of our online games automatically.

You can also plan for your games to take place through video call, so everyone can say hello as you write out your scattergories words. 

How Do You Play on Video Call?

Half the fun of a game is being together and seeing the looks on the other guest’s faces as you make memories at your baby shower. Video calls make that possible. 

Remember to send the printable to your guests in advance. When the day of the shower arrives, all guests should have their printables handy. They should use them to write on during the game. 

To check their scores each round, the players can discuss what answers they came up with through video. Another way is to use the video app’s chat feature to type in their responses and compare from there. The host can then keep track of the scores each round. 

What’s the Difference Between Baby Shower Scattergories and Regular scattergories?

Your guests will love this twist to the classic game of scattergories. The rules of the game are similar. The real difference comes with the categories. When playing baby shower scattergories, each group of words is related to babies, pregnancy, or mothers and fathers. 

What Versions does WebBabyShower Offer?

You can customize your baby shower game by choosing cards in a color or theme that reflects your design. Here are the ones that we offer:

webbabyshower scattergories versions
  • The color version card, in yellow, pink, or blue. Whichever color matches your baby shower.
  • An animal version card. For a cute theme everyone will love.
  • Blank version card with no categories. Choose this one if you want to keep things simple and classic and you plan on doing some DIY.

Category Suggestions for DIY

If you prefer to go the do it yourself route for this game, we can help! Here are some category suggestions for when you need some inspiration.

  • Baby Milestones
  • Baby Girl Names
  • Baby Boy Names
  • Baby TV shows
  • Nursery Items
  • Baby’s First Outing
  • Celebrity Moms
  • Celebrity Dads
  • Baby Food
  • Gifts for mom-to-be
  • Baby Songs
  • Items in Diaper Bag
  • Pregnancy Cravings
  • Baby Clothing Item
  • Baby Items for Bath
  • Baby Product Brand
  • Baby’s First Word
  • Baby Toy
  • Reasons to Hire a Babysitter
  • A Word that Describes Mom
  • A Word that Describes Dad

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When you begin, it might seem complicated to plan an online shower. However, it is simple, convenient, and quick to use our platform. WebBabyShower is the premier spot to plan your perfect party. In addition to the fun games, you can also access free printables, whether you choose to host your shower through the platform or not. We’re here to make your big day more manageable and, most of all, create a fantastic celebration!

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