15 Exciting Mexican Baby Shower Games to Play in 2021!

So, you’re planning a Mexican baby shower, and you need some games to liven up the party. We’ve got great solutions to get your guests talking, laughing, and winning prizes. Your family and friends will enjoy every minute of favorites like the Nursery Rhymes game and the perfectly themed Fiesta Scratch Card game. 

WebBabyShower has helped over 10,000 happy families enjoy virtual baby showers, so we know what makes for a great party. Check out our favorite Mexican baby shower games to play in 2021. 

What Games Are Played at Mexican Baby Showers?

There are several types of games you can play at baby showers. Most fall into categories like quizzes, guessing games, trivia, and music. If you’re looking for options for your Mexican baby shower games list, we have fun suggestions that your guests will love. Our WebBabyShower games page is a great place to start when you’re deciding on activities.

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15 Mexican Baby Shower Games

These game ideas are great for any baby shower, and the wide range of options allows you to pick the ones that will work best for your event. Think about your guest’s personalities and what they will enjoy doing. From karaoke to trivia, you’re sure to find some winning game ideas here.

Fiesta Scratch Card Game

This game is easy and a great way to get the party started. Give guests scratch-off cards that they can use to win a prize. Each guest can get one, or you can give them multiple chances to win if you prefer. To win, you scratch off the center of the card and see if it contains the item specified on the card, such as “items for baby.” It’s similar to a lottery card, but instead of numbers, you’ll see items in the scratch-off box.

La Loteria

Baby shower Loteria, a version of Bingo, is fun and engaging. Pictures are displayed on the game card, and the host has a deck of cards with those images on them. Players mark their Loteria board as you would a Bingo board, and guests can win by marking off an entire row, column, or diagonal line on their board.

Name That Tune — Mexican Edition

Name That Tune is a well-known game that guests can enjoy at any party, but this one has a twist — it’s focused on Mexican music. Find famous songs by Mexican artists and encourage guests to guess the song’s title and the singer’s name as you play music. You can divide people into teams for this, or allow guests to play individually. They win by getting the most correct answers. With this game, everyone will be partying in no time!

mexican baby shower games trivia
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Mexican-Themed Baby Shower Karaoke Game

Call your guests to center stage for this one! Baby shower karaoke can help to liven things up quickly at your party. The guests don’t have to sing, though, with this written game.

WebBabyShower even has a helpful printable

Ask people to fill in missing lyrics for the songs listed on their papers. For a Mexican version of this game, you might use only Spanish songs. The person who gets most of the missing lyrics right is the winner.

Baby Around the World

For this game, you’ll need some printouts. Each guest will receive a paper with the word “baby” written on it in multiple languages. They must then pair the words with the correct country of origin. Whoever gets the most right is the winner. Your guests can learn a little about various cultures and enjoy a fun writing game!

If you choose WebBabyShower to host your virtual shower, you’ll have this game available to play on the platform itself with a scoreboard so you can see who won- see more about our games further down in this article!

Alternative Names for Baby Books 

This game is fun for everyone and involves a bit of trivia and quick thinking. Your guests will all have a printable that has substitute names for popular baby books. Then, they’ll try to find out what the name of the actual book is. For example, Goodnight Moon might be written as “Night Time Greetings to the Sun’s Opposite.” You can come up with different titles from popular Mexican baby books for a Mexican baby shower game. 

Baby Word Scramble

Each guest receives a printout with words whose letters are out of order. They’ll all be words about babies since it’s for a baby shower, of course! The players need to unscramble the words to win. You might try making your own version of this classic game by including words in Spanish to unscramble. If you’d like an English option, use WebBabyShower’s printable version.

Most Popular WebBabyShower Games

Sometimes it’s good to include a few baby shower games that are known for their popularity. It’s pretty much a guarantee that your friends and family will enjoy them, and it can make your baby shower that much more fun. If you purchase one of our plans, these games can be played by your guests on the WebBabyShower app any time without the need of any printables.

mexican baby shower games webbabyshower

Baby Animals

This is a cute word game. Guests are given a printout and must pair the grown-up animal with its baby. For example, “cat” goes with “kitten.” But not all of them will be so easy! You can time this to see who finishes first with the most right answers.

Famous Mothers

Everyone likes celebrity trivia, and this game has an exciting baby shower twist. You’ll tell your guests a few things about a famous mom, such as movies she’s starred in or maybe who she’s married to. For example, if the famous mother is Salma Hayek, the trivia could be that she “co-starred in the 2017 movie How to Be a Latin Lover.” Then the players have to decide who you’re talking about.

Famous Fathers

Similar to famous mothers, this game focuses on famous fathers instead. Match the trivia to the celebrity dad to win. If the famous father is George Lopez, you might say, “He is a well-known comedian,” when trying to get people to guess the correct name.

Nursery Rhymes

For this game, you’ll test the memory of your baby shower guests. They’ll need to think back to their younger days by completing  popular nursery rhymes. Every participant needs to fill in all the blanks on their printout. The person who gets the most right is the winner.

A Baby in Any Language

This game is like Baby Around the World. The players receive a printed page with the word “baby” written in different languages, and they’ll need to pair up the different translations for the word “baby” with the correct language. You might want to ask the winners to pronounce “baby” in each language too.

Baby and Pregnancy Trivia

You can find questions for this trivia game online or by asking the parent-to-be. Then, ask baby shower guests to answer various questions about babies or pregnancy in general. The person who gets the most right answers is the winner. This is also a good game for teams.

mexican baby shower games trivia
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Other great games!

Baby Shower Name Race

Everyone at the shower has one or two minutes to write a baby’s name that starts with each letter of the alphabet. You can have people work in groups for this game or alone — either way, it’s fun!Maybe the new parents will even decide on a name for the little one!

Count the Candies

This game is pretty classic; it involves filling a jar with candies and asking guests to guess how many there are. However, you can put a twist on this by filling the jar with Mexican candies or some other sweet that goes well with the theme. The person whose guess is the closest is the winner.

Get All Baby Shower Games Printables Here

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What Prizes Should You Give Away at a Mexican Baby Shower?

Using the WebBabyShower games scoreboard makes it simple for you as the host to keep track of the winners of each game. Scores are recorded for the games you play using our platform, so you’ll know who won and who to send prizes to. A great way to announce your winners is to use our WebBabyShower invite manager. It does more than send invitations! Use it to celebrate even after the party by congratulating the winners in an email you can send to the group.

No matter if you’re throwing an in-person or virtual baby shower, your options for game prizes are limitless. You can give out gift cards, candy, or any other kind of prize you can think of. While in-person guests can receive their gifts right away, online baby shower guests can have their prizes shipped right to them. 

It’s also a good idea to choose prizes with the baby shower theme in mind. So, if you throw a Mexican baby shower, why not use game prizes like Mexican candy and miniature pinatas?

mexican baby shower games
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How Many Games Should You Play at a Baby Shower?

Many baby showers last a couple of hours, so you’ll probably want three to five games scheduled for the party. But exactly how many games may depend on whether your baby shower is an in-person event, a virtual party, or a combination of both. 

While you might want to space out games at an in-person baby shower, you may choose to play more games at a virtual baby shower as a way to keep guests engaged. With a WebBabyShower, you can even have guests play games several days in advance if you like. For a combination virtual and in-person shower, play a couple of games online using WebBabyShower, and then host two in-person games. Just make sure any guests in a video chat can also participate. 

Before you decide on any baby shower games, remember to get the opinion of the new parents about games. There may be certain activities they’d like to include or avoid. 

See how a great online baby shower works

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How Much Should You Spend on a Baby Shower Party?

WebBabyShower has the perfect solution for this. We have a cost calculator that completely takes the guesswork out of how much a baby shower will cost. It includes everything from website costs to party favors, so you can get an accurate estimate. 

The Best WebBabyShower Theme to Go with a Mexican Shower

Using a Mexican theme will add a ton of style and fun to your baby shower, and with bright and colorful decorations, the party will look great. We recommend a party llamas theme for your WebBabyShower. It’s simple to customize the colors to match your party and make your own. You can even add your own photos to the page for a personal touch.

mexican baby shower llama
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Baby shower games are one of the best ways to get people into a party mood, and we’ve compiled all the very best Mexican baby shower games here! Using a combination of these fun activities is sure to make your party a hit. 

Did you like reading this list? What other great games can you come up with for your party? Remember to select a theme, games, party favors, and food ahead of time to create a great day that your family and friends will cherish forever.

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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