Valentine’s Day Baby Shower – Cutest Ideas for a Lover’s Day Baby!

What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? Especially if you have a new baby on the way! If you’re looking for some ideas for a last-minute Valentines day baby shower, WebBabyShower is here to help! 

We’ve gathered the very best Valentine’s day baby shower ideas for the perfect Valentine baby shower, and you can check them out below! Landed on here at the wrong time of year? Why not check out our article on Fall baby shower ideas Instead.

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Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If you’re wondering where to begin with Valentine party planning, start with the theme. Once you decide on colors and the main ideas you want to incorporate, everything else becomes simpler. See what you think of these awesome Valentine’s baby shower themes!

Every online shower needs a festive background to make things fun. Check out this adorable banner that celebrates the day, using classic red, white, and pink. You can find the patterned paper at your local craft store, and sometimes you can buy banner sets ready-made.

valentines day baby shower banner and diaper cake
Image from:

A beautiful table with themed treats can add excitement to the party. If you have a few people gathering in one place, this works well. Suppose you’re meeting through a video conferencing app. In that case, you can always have a small table set up showcasing the Valentine theme colors.

valentines day baby shower letter board
Image from: Kendra Russell

Red and pink sounding too traditional? Why not opt for rose gold decorations? It’s a beautiful alternative that is still very Valentine friendly. Try alternative backgrounds and some table centerpieces.

valentines day baby shower pink balloons
Image from:

Love Alice in Wonderland and February 14th? We’ve got the perfect idea. A queen of hearts themed baby shower! Roses everywhere, with red and black as the two primary colors, completes this look.

valentines day baby shower roses
Image from:

If you’re looking to make a statement, a balloon garland is the way to go. It’s colorful, fun, and immediately shows off your Valentine theme colors, like pink and red. You can also use curtains as a backdrop to compliment the garland.

valentines day baby shower balloon garland
Image from: Callherashley

Valentine’s Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Your invitations set the scene for the rest of the baby shower. Make sure to pick one that reflects the Valentine’s day vibe! If you’re short on time, try a printable valentine card.

A classic design will always be a good choice. This invitation features a white background with cascading pink and red hearts. What a cute way to let your guests know about the party date!

valentines day baby shower red hearts invite
Image from:

Looking for a twist on a traditional look? Check out this chalkboard background invitation. The words really stand out against the dark backdrop, creating the perfect valentine card for a baby shower.

valentines day baby shower cupcake invite
Image from:

This Showered with Love Baby Shower Invitation includes pops of blue and gold. It blends nicely with the red valentine hearts to make something truly unique. Plus, the play on words makes it a fun idea.

valentines day baby shower red and blue hearts invite
Image from:

This cute invite is all about the pastel colors and shows off pink and gold hues. Ideal for welcoming a new baby girl, and it makes a great valentine card, too!

valentines day baby shower pink heart invite
Image from:

This cute and classy card is excellent for a co-ed shower. An adorable red truck dominates the front, and the background is a simple white with words printed in black. It’s a great way to keep a Valentine theme. You can use this card for celebrating with mother and father-to-be.

valentines day baby shower car balloon invite
Image from:

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Decorations

Where would any good party be without the decorations that display the theme and pull everything together? We found the perfect ideas to brighten up your party and make it a perfect day. 

One of the cutest decorations we’ve seen yet, this Welcome Little Sweetheart banner is the perfect way to get the party started. You can hang it from a wall, mantle, or table. 

valentines day baby shower white banner
Image from:

If you’re crafty, you will love this Valentine’s heart pom-pom idea. Create these and hang them up for the perfect centerpiece, or scatter them across a table. 

These decorations can’t get any cuter! A cloud with tiny raindrops sits over an umbrella with a diaper centerpiece. It’s the perfect way to blend two themes into one!

valentines day baby shower mini diaper cake
Image from:

This idea is super memorable and surprisingly easy. Tissue paper pinwheels in Valentine themed colors dress up the event quickly. A few of these and your decor is basically finished.

valentines day baby shower origami decors
Image from:

This beautiful and bright heart garland is very versatile. It is the perfect decoration to start with for your Valentine baby shower. 

valentines day baby shower heart banner
Image from:

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower – Food and Cake

Wondering about cake and food ideas? Everyone loves cakes, but valentine’s day cakes can be extra special, especially when paired with a baby shower! 

With a virtual shower, you can take the opportunity to display the cake on a table and go all out with making the perfect dessert. We’ve even included a few of our favorite valentine’s quick food recipes that kids AND adults will love. Check them out!

Brownie Cake Pops

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This is a simple recipe for a baby shower cake. Since cake pops are individual, they’re easy and fun to decorate. They’re also a great dessert for kids!
Photos and recipe here

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie Bites

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Chocolate and cheesecake – the perfect valentine combination.
Photos and Recipe here

Chocolate Lava Cakes with Raspberry Sauce

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This is a great treat to prepare if you’re looking for something sweet and impressive for guests! 

Photos and recipe here

Chocolate Truffles

| WebBabyShower

We can’t stop with the chocolate desserts! Here’s an idea that’s similar to a cake but richer. 

Photos and recipe here

Healthy Banana Pops

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These are great if you need a kid-friendly option. If you want something that has just a bit of sweetness but could still be considered healthy, check these out!

Photos and recipe here

Easy Salted Caramel Apple Tart

T m2PZze6jB8Hc7DR9RUSX0PH6Kxp7AI4ciFlHDagKCq2fWriKHrEr3frARw | WebBabyShower

This is the perfect thing for a baby shower. The apple and caramel contrast will wow your guests.

Photos and recipe here

Valentine’s Snack Mix

FvcuUVezs pDCAA NsUhWKA1zGIvMIt 7yRoUN8y Dk0c6C b2Km52o7XeX9ma1RFWNI3MRCr8r VmrWCRh | WebBabyShower

A treat that even picky guests will love – plus, you can throw it together quickly!

Photos and recipe here

Emoji Chocolate Bark

SODKZ8ZVyBfzFwfmGp789NIkyE8DJNa Gw2zAB | WebBabyShower

Emoji chocolate bark is a playful recipe that is great for parties. Smiley faces, hearts, and chocolate – what could be better?
Photos and recipe here

Valentine’s Day S’More Cookies

| WebBabyShower

Careful – you might end up eating two, three, or four of these unique cookies because you’ll always want s’more…

Photos and recipe here

Sweetheart Cheerio Balls

5HxUFWGWXELWCn PdsJnsXUobnER6EVxD6 hYI7Nrwq8gXJWE98CbSjG QCtI | WebBabyShower

These are a fun twist on an old classic. The valentine colors will make them the perfect addition to your decorations.

Photos and recipe here

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Games

WebBabyShower offers a ton of great game options to help make your baby shower the perfect experience. This is a short list of some favorite interactive party games you can play using our platform. We also have printable games for free available to everyone

  • Baby animals matching
  • Famous mothers matching
  • Nursery rhymes fill in the blanks
  • Baby and pregnancy trivia

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

| WebBabyShower

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Music

If you’re looking for a fun playlist to play in the background of the party, we’ve got it taken care of. Here’s the perfect baby shower playlist on Spotify, we made it just for you. It includes a variety of artists, from Britney Spears to Mariah Carey. Music sets the mood, and this one is both fun, upbeat and of course has the word “baby” in every song, which is precisely what you want for a valentine baby shower!

A cool way to incorporate music with a game is to play Name That Tune. Your guests will be laughing (and singing) in no time!

Baby Shower Favors

Your guests showed up to support you and sent you gifts. Giving a small present shows your appreciation. Here are some fun ideas they’ll love.

Pop the Bubbly Baby Shower Tags are great to attach to small bottles of champagne. Your family and friends can save this for when the baby’s birthday arrives.

valentines day baby shower gift tag
Image from:

These pink Heart Foot Print Soap Favors are so cute; you’ll want to keep them all for yourself. 

valentines day baby shower giveaways
Image from:

Baby Shower Favor Tags that go great with Hershey kisses. Well, let’s face it, chocolate is always the perfect present, right?

valentines day baby shower kisses chocolate
Image from:

Valentine’s Popcorn makes a great and original shower gift. 

This beautiful Heart Thank You Ribbon Craft is an excellent idea for long-distance showers. You can easily mail them in a card and your guests will love them.

That’s It!

Did you enjoy this list of party ideas? We hope it will be helpful for you, especially if you’ve been wondering about how to plan a Valentine shower. And remember, if you want to have a shower on February 14th, but the baby will already be born, you can always do a baby shower after the birth

In this list, we tried to cover everything from food ideas to themes to printable valentine cards. For an easy and memorable party, follow these tips. Have fun planning your Valentine shower!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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