Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck + Free Printables

Have you ever been to a baby shower and known precisely what games you would play before you even got there? Most of the more traditional baby shower games are boring and overused.

But, with today’s modern baby showers, you can substitute in games that are unpredictable and actually fun to make your party more exciting!

Here you’ll find a list with a variety of baby shower games that don’t suck. We’ll even tell you what type of games are appropriate for specific gatherings and which will be ideal for any baby shower.

These unconventional baby shower games will ensure that your guests have a blast!

Guess the Baby

This fun game works well for any type of baby shower. It’s super interactive and will likely include some laughs, plus you’ll get the guests talking with each other—so it also works well as an ice breaker game.

The good news is that this game can be played in person or easily adapted for a virtual event using WebBabyShower.

For the virtual version, guests can upload their own baby photos to the gallery page on the website and add a number that the host assigns them. The other guests can then guess which picture matches each guest, either through email with the host or on the website guestbook.

You win if you correctly guess the most baby pictures!

If you are hosting in person, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves. Then, put all the images together with a number and let guests vote—either by using a piece of paper that they turn in to the host, or by a show of hands.

Labor or Horror

This game is fun if your group has a good sense of humor and includes a lot of friends and co-workers. Labor or Horror is downright hilarious for the right crowd!

To play, guests will look at photos of women from movies who are either in labor or in a horror film. They can then guess as to which it is.

It’s super easy to play, and you can download the free printable here. Check out the following image for instructions:

webbabyshower infographic labor or horror

You will need paper, pens, and the free printable to play. Get ready to laugh!

Chug the Bottle

This is a non-traditional baby shower game that is fun for men. If you’re looking for co-ed baby shower games, this is the perfect amount of competition and fun!

Start by giving each guest a bottle filled with water, iced tea, or lemonade. Then set a timer for one minute, and see who can finish chugging the bottle the quickest. Whoever does is the winner!

This game is also easy to play in a virtual setting. All you’ll need is a video call, a timer (you can create one on your phone), and baby bottles with drinks in them.

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Emoji Pictionary

Baby Shower Pictionary is one of the best baby shower games out there that isn’t lame. It’s free, it’s fun for all parties—including co-ed, small groups, and large groups—and we even have a printable version for your convenience!

You just need the emoji printable and a way to keep score. Divide into teams of two or more (depending on group size), and let each group member take turns holding up emoji signs. The goal is for teams to try to guess the baby phrase from the emojis while the host keeps track of points with pen and paper.

Teams should take turns, each trying to gain one point per round and switching up who gets to choose the emojis. You can play up to a certain amount of points or for a set amount of time.

This game is easy to adapt for both an in-person or virtual party. And make sure the winners get prizes!

wbs game printable emoji pictionary | WebBabyShower

Name That Baby Tune

This is a super easy and interactive game suitable for any group, though it helps if they have some knowledge of music! Name That Baby Tune is played in this way: The host will play small sections of songs—typically ones that use the word “baby”—and the guests have to guess what it’s called.

This game is excellent for in-person parties, but it also works great virtually! Everyone can shout out answers and the host can keep track, or you can ask guests to write on a piece of paper to gather at the end.

You’ll need songs, which you can use a phone for, and paper and pens. That’s it!

Pregnant Twister

This game is just like regular Twister, except everyone will have “pregnant” bellies. Each player must add a pillow or a balloon (whichever you choose) and strap it to their stomach. Then the guests play Twister as usual. The last person to not fall is declared the winner!

You will need a Twister game, balloons or pillows, and tape or something similar to hold the “bellies” in place. Fun music is good, too!

This game is best for small groups so that everyone can play at once.

Activity: Decorating Onesies or Diapers

This suits any type of group, as long as everyone has room to decorate. You can adapt this for virtual parties by mailing everyone supplies ahead of time or asking them to have certain supplies ready.

You’ll need plain onesies or cloth diapers without any patterns or colors—one for each guest. Other supplies include fabric paint, paintbrushes, and any other decorating supplies you’d like for an in-person party. Don’t forget to set up tables for people to use while decorating!

Give all the guests a set amount of time to decorate their onesies or diapers, and make sure to play fun music in the background. You can have mom-to-be pick her favorite, and the winner gets a prize!

webbabyshower decorating onesies
Image from: @make_do_and_trend

Don’t Let the Water (Balloon) Break!

This is a fantastic and funny baby shower game for a large group. And it also works well for a co-ed party! This is best played outside, so save it for warmer weather baby showers.

You will need water balloons that are full (go with at least 5 per guest to be safe) and supplies to set up an outdoor obstacle course. You can use chairs, hula hoops, rope, and any other supplies you have around.

To play, each person puts a water balloon between their knees. Then, they must make it through the obstacle course without their “water breaking.” The winner gets a prize for completing the obstacle course first!

Feel free to give out extra balloons to keep the game going, or play several times. It’s great for groups that like a bit of healthy competition!

webbabyshower game don't let the water balloon break
Image from: Beth Weinstein

Feed the Baby

This game works well for groups that are co-ed or large baby showers. Just make sure the group has a good sense of humor!

You’ll need jars of applesauce or pudding, spoons, bibs, and chairs. Divide your guests into groups of two—one person does the feeding, and the other does the eating.

The player who is eating puts on a bib, and the other gets ready to feed them. When the host says “go,” they must feed their teammate as quickly as possible. The player who eats cannot use their hands at all, and whoever completes the task first wins.

This can get messy, so play outdoors or be prepared for some clean-up time!

Karaoke Baby Shower Game

The karaoke baby shower game is easy with our printable version! It contains snippets from children’s songs, and the guests can fill in the correct words to complete them.

This game is great for any type of baby shower—all you need are the printables and some pencils or pens. You can choose to time the guests and see who completes their paper the fastest, or you can go by who gets the most correct answers.

Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy

This game’s great for large and small groups, co-ed or not. You can also easily play this game for hybrid, in-person, or virtual baby showers.

Plus, you don’t need many items to play this game—just a quiz sheet, pencils, and two props representing mom and dad.

The host needs to come up with some phrases about who is most likely to do what—mommy or daddy. These can be things like “most likely to research car seats for five hours online” or “most likely to sign the baby up for sports when they’re older”. The guests will then place their votes on their phrase sheets.

After everyone writes down their answers, mom and dad come forward with their props (such as a mustache for dad and a bow for mom). Then, the host reads the questions, and mom or dad holds up their prop for anything they are most likely to do.

There aren’t any winners in this game, but it’s fun and guests will love it!

These Games Guarantee a Great Baby Shower

If you’re at a loss for party activities, try out any of these baby shower games that are sure to get your guests having fun.

Trying out less conventional games is a great way to break the ice at a party—your guests will make fantastic memories and enjoy the day!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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