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Do you need a long distance baby shower solution? An in-person party? Perhaps both? How do you know what to choose?! Baby shower planning has changed quite a lot with the advent of the Internet!

Whether you plan to host an in-person party, a virtual party, or both, Web Baby Shower recommends starting about 2 months before hand, with a solid four – six weeks of planning, making preparations, hosting an in-person party and/or coordinating a virtual baby shower.

What’s Expected: Traditional Baby Shower Parties

Baby shower parties, in person, typically last about 2 – 3 hours and include mingling, food & refreshments, games and opening gifts. Most people who are familiar with baby showers will be familiar with, and expect, this format. With this format, you generally only need to set one date and send out one set of invitations and everyone will know what to do from there.

What’s Expected: Virtual, Long Distance Baby Showers

If you plan to throw an online, long distance baby shower, then it could last up to several weeks, depending how you to decide to let your guests participate. Online baby showers can include website features such as guest books, games, gift registry links, photo album, videos and so forth that guests can visit and participate in as they have time.

An online baby shower can also include a scheduled live chat or video call via Skype, Google Hangouts or other similar services.

At Web Baby Shower, we give you the web tools to coordinate it either way so that your guests can either visit the site as they have time, or participate in a specific, scheduled live chat or video call. Or both if you choose!

Bear in mind that most people are not familiar with the online baby shower format and you will need to guide your long distance guests through the process of participating in a virtual, long distance baby shower.

With a long distance baby shower, you will need to send out more than one invitation and reminder and help your guests learn how to participate in an online shower. If they are web savvy, they will pick it up quickly; if not, you may need to do more inviting and explaining and you may even need to help some of your guests learn how to use a computer, mobile device and the Internet.

Long Distance Baby Shower Considerations

As with planning any type of party, you need to think about your budget. But, with a long distance baby shower component, you also need to think about whether your guests and the expecting parent(s) have Internet access, their level of computer savviness, and what type of accounts they have for social media and live video chat or video calls.

That is why Web Baby Shower has done the “heavy lifting” for you and your guests to make it easy to host a virtual, long distance baby shower. We have already put together a home page, guest book, gift registry links, photo album, “Birthday Bets” game, baby shower quiz-style games, baby shower photo games, adorable baby shower themes, a guest list manager, an invitation manager, privacy options and more. To use Web Baby Shower, there is nothing to download and your guests do not have to create an account in order to participate.

Hosting a long distance baby shower can be as simple or as elaborate as you have the time, energy and budget for.

You can stick to using just the online features of your Web Baby Shower, or you can add extra personal touches with favors, gifts, and printed invitations or thank you cards.

How To Have It All

If you wish to host an in-person party and a virtual party, you can but it does require more planning and delegating.

Web Baby Shower recommends that you work with at least one other person and divide up the tasks according to who is more tech savvy.

If you want to have a video call, video broadcast, or video recorder at an in-person party, then you also need to make sure you are hosting the in-person party at a home or venue that has Internet access and the necessary audio-visual equipment available. Please note that some venues may require you to use their A/V equipment for a fee.

If you want one guest or co-host to use their mobile phone or tablet to run video calls, make sure they are aware of that and bring chargers and have lots of data available on their mobile data plan!

Long Distance Baby Shower Planning

For a complete list of planning stages and preparation check-lists, please make sure you visit the main Web Baby Shower Baby Shower Online Planner page!

Web Baby Shower Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common concerns about hosting a long distance baby shower. The questions link to their answers in the Web Baby Shower Help section or on the Web Baby Shower FAQ: