Baby Shower Menu and Recipes

Baby Shower Menu and Recipes

Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful honor and serving delicious and creative food is an important part of creating a memorable gathering. Unless you are hosting an intimate gathering where a sit-down meal would be ideal, you might consider offering a buffet-style meal, with a variety of dishes for you guests to choose from. Set your foods around the room to encourage guests to mingle.

Late morning is a great time to host a baby shower. It is well before the mama-to-be needs her afternoon nap and brunch is such a versatile meal.

If you have an afternoon baby shower planned, try a lunch menu that focuses on ease and a variety of flavors, colors and textures for a visually and tastefully appealing meal. Entice your guests with the following recipes, which can all be assembled ahead of time.

A variety of cheese and crackers, as well as bottled sparkling water and juices, would also make a nice addition to the menu. For an extra-special touch, order personalized baby shower cookies or cupcakes from a local bakery for dessert.

Late Morning Baby Shower Brunch Menu & Recipes

Afternoon Baby Shower Luncheon Menu & Recipes

Baby Shower Menu and Recipes written by Jill Abell. Jill is a food writer and mom living, eating, and playing in Central Oregon. Prior to becoming a mama, she owned Holistic Gourmet Cooking School at Lake Tahoe, California.