Who Throws the Baby Shower — The Practical and Easy Guide for 2024

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wave a magic wand and create the perfect baby shower? The fun games, the delicious cake, the adorable decorations… but, unfortunately, these things don’t just come together on their own. You need a fantastic host with great ideas and time to plan. 

Most people have attended an in-person baby shower hosted by a friend or a relative — like a sibling or bestie — of the new parents. They plan the party and pay the baby shower costs

When this blog began, that’s what we believed was correct, too. But after helping host thousands of successful baby showers, we’ve learned that baby shower etiquette from decades ago doesn’t work today. 

See our guide for who throws the baby shower and answers to commonly asked questions.

Who Should Throw the Baby Shower?

Tradition states that a friend or close family member should be the one who plans the baby shower. Hundred-year-old rules aside, we say you should ask someone that you feel comfortable with. Someone you know will do a great job and has the time to plan — even if this person isn’t a “traditional” choice. 

You might choose a parent, a neighbor, or a co-worker if you are good friends. 

And, if you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable asking to plan the party? Throwing your own baby shower is not only accepted but a popular choice. In fact, half of the virtual baby showers designed using our website are hosted by the new parent. 

Now for the big question: who pays for the baby shower? Usually, whoever is hosting the event is the person who pays for everything. 

There’s not a set price point for these types of parties, and you get to choose how grand the celebration will be. Keeping the event small while sticking to a budget is completely acceptable. So, regardless of who plans and pays for the baby shower, you can keep the costs reasonable. 

For more solutions and ideas about your upcoming event, read our detailed guide on baby shower etiquette

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Here you’ll find some common questions regarding guest lists, multiple parties, and alternatives to baby showers. 

When Is the Best Time to Throw a Baby Shower?

Possibly an even more common question than who normally plans the baby shower is when to throw it. Short answer: the best time is usually the beginning of the third trimester for the mother — somewhere between 20–32 weeks is good.

This is usually when tradition says to throw the party, and it’s a great time to prepare for a baby shower. But, there are also some things to consider. Read our guide to find out more. 

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Can I Throw Multiple Baby Showers?

Yes, you absolutely can, and should, throw multiple baby showers! Talking to every guest and balancing all the activities and games in one setting can be so much work. It may also not afford the new parents the chance to catch up with each guest.

Rather than try to plan one huge event for a hundred people, throw a party for each parent’s family and a separate one for friends and co-workers, too.

If you’re unsure, know that 72% of Babylist users report having multiple baby showers, and we see that with WebBabyShower, too.

The very best way to organize more than one baby shower is to host a hybrid baby shower. You have an in-person celebration, inviting close friends and family, and also host a virtual event for family that’s far away or for people who can’t make it to the in-person party.

This option includes everyone, is easy, and offers the parents a chance to spend time with their guests.

How Many People Should Be On the Guest List?

There are no set rules, but typically the number of guests to invite for a baby shower is somewhere between 20 and 50. If this sounds like way too many, remember that you can host more than one baby shower — one for each social circle — to make things easier!

Something to think about is keeping the main guest list short. You don’t want to have too many people that have to be at each event: the more people, the more complicated the party.

Making small guest lists will help you stay organized. You can also keep friends and family involved without needing to invite them to a baby shower — include them by sending out birth or pregnancy announcements, or even a gender reveal.

They will feel like they’re part of things without the host planning an event for too many people.

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Are There Any Alternatives to a Baby Shower?

Yes! Sometimes, no matter who it is hosting the baby shower, the whole event isn’t something you want to do. That’s totally fine — there are other ways to celebrate!

You can host a virtual baby shower, or another unique party option is the Sip n’ See which takes place after the baby is born. A Baby Sprinkle is another, smaller version of a baby shower that might feel more manageable.

Check out these alternatives to hosting a baby shower for more fun options. See our guide and find your match from the extensive list of all types of baby showers.

Is It Okay to Have a Baby Shower for My Second Baby?

Yes! Every baby should be celebrated, and a second baby deserves a party just as much as the first. Read our article for ideas and tips on hosting a second baby shower.

Who Throws the Baby Shower Is Up to You

Planning and preparing for this event is fun and marks such a joyous occasion, so make it unique! While there are traditions that some people like to observe, others want to be able to have anyone, or themselves, host their party.

Who hosts a baby shower is entirely up to the new parents!

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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