Baby Songs Virtual Baby Shower Game

Baby Songs Open-Ended Virtual Baby Shower Game

Description: In this virtual baby shower game, your guests list as many songs with the word “Baby” in the title as they can off the top of their head. Points are given for a song title and corresponding recording artist, however, it is up to the host to verify that all songs actually include the word “baby” and to adjust or remove any song submissions that are not acceptable (if desired). It is also up to you to decide if you will accept variations of the word “baby” such as “babe”.

When everyone has had a chance to play the game, you can choose to turn the game Off and/or show the song lists on the Games page High Scores section

Printable Keepsake

Your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake will include a Games High Score section with the game high scores and each guest’s song lists (optional) so you can print and/or save it before your Web Baby Shower ends!

Virtual Baby Shower Games Help

This page is meant to introduce you to the Baby Songs Game that is included with all Web Baby Showers. If you need specific information on using the Baby Songs Game with your Web Baby Shower, please see Games & Games Manager Help.


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