How to Extend the Fun of Your Virtual Baby Shower All Week

Make your virtual baby shower the event of the season with fun games, guest contests, and extras all week long.

If you thought a baby shower was just some presents, a game or two, and appetizers, think again. These virtual baby shower ideas go beyond just the day of the party, making the entire week leading up to the main event an exciting journey. During the year 2020, web baby showers are a great way to practice social distancing while also celebrating with those closest to you. 

With WebBabyShower, it’s easy to gather your friends and family together. Your guests can visit the shower whenever convenient for them and communicate with you and the rest of the party quickly through messages and photos. That way, even with different schedules, extending the fun is simple!

The point of adding activities during the week of the shower is to build excitement. You’ll get all of your guests involved (no matter how many you invite them to your baby shower), plus they may end up feeling like they’ve gotten to know you – and each other – a little better by the day of the party. Earn a reputation for being the best host while spreading joy and celebrating the birth of a brand new little one. By the time the date arrives, your guests will hardly be able to wait! Here are the best ways to get started with an activity week for your virtual baby shower.

mom and dad with guests in a zoom shower
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Step 1: Invites

The party invitation is the first thing that people see. It sets the tone and theme for everything, and it tells guests what to expect. For a virtual baby shower, there are two different approaches to take. You can pick what makes the most sense for you and your guests.

You can either go with a regular mail invitation or email. Since the event is virtual, you may want to opt for an email. On WebBabyShower, you can customize your own invites for the party and are even able to choose the one that matches your shower’s theme. The upside is that guests will receive your invite right away and not have to wait for days and risk the mail getting lost. With our platform, you can send unlimited invitations. Even better, you can keep your guests in the loop by sharing any updates you’d like to about the pregnancy and birth. If you want to thank your guests with a nice note, you can easily do this through the site’s invitation and email section- you have unlimited sends! In addition to the instant access that Evites offer, you can also update your invitations as you get closer to the party’s date.

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There are also some advantages to a mail-in baby shower invitation. It’s fun because people love to get mail, and you get to experience designing an invitation, adding a personal note if you like, and making it your own. Some guests might prefer this, especially family members who want to keep the invite for memories or those who simply enjoy getting a card by mail. Remember, even if you decide to go with a paper invite, it’s best to have a virtual way to contact guests, like email or Skype.

Explain in your invitation that you’ll be celebrating the whole week of the baby shower, and you’d love for your guests to join you. Make sure to give them the information about where to look for the daily updates. Of course, also include the day and time of the shower. Don’t forget to tell them about any Zoom or Google Hangouts directions to help them celebrate with you through video. And remember to explain to your guests that when using WebBabyShower, they can check out the shower page at any time to communicate with the hosts, play baby shower games, or see what gifts the expectant mother would like. So the channel you choose will decide when to send baby shower invites.

Step 2: Games and Contests

This step is a big part of the week leading up to the shower. Plan to play 2 or 3 games during the days before the party. Anything that is either quick or can be played at any time during the day is best. Your guests might have different time zones or schedules. There are endless options for game ideas, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

baby shower guests playing games in a video chat
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  • What’s in the baby bottle? Your guests will be shown a large glass jar filled with candy or baby bottles. You can do this by sending a picture or doing a live video if you prefer. Your friends and family will email you the number of items they guess are in the jar, and whoever is closest wins. Announce the winners of the games at the party, and tell them they will receive a prize by mail!
  • Guessing Games. Have guests guess the baby’s weight, gender, etc. For a more original game, you can create your own form for them to fill out about you or your new little one. You might also consider playing a birthday betting game with guests. Who can figure out the date of the baby’s arrival? Your invitees will love this, and it keeps them connected with you. On your WebBabyShower website you will have a page dedicated to birthday bets should you choose to use it.
  • Baby Trivia. Have your guests answer questions about babies and pregnancy. You could send a file with questions to fill out or buy a download and send it to them. 
  • Baby Mad Libs. It will keep your guests laughing and is a fun game to play if you have time for a video chat or a call during the week. It can also be part of the shower if you want to simply send out a Mad Libs paper for guests to write on beforehand. 

You’ll find many fun games on the WebBabyShower platform, including baby trivia, matching contests, famous mothers, and other fun options. Your guests can play these at any time they like and get their score recorded to compete against other guests. Don’t forget to give out fantastic prizes! 

Remember to be conscious of your guest’s daily routines, and give them time to respond via email or video to your games. If you decide to play a game at a particular time of day, provide plenty of notice, and opt for a day when guests are not at work, if possible. If you decide to use our platform you don’t need to worry about schedules for games, guests can hop on and play anytime!

Step 3: Countdown

Count the days or hours until the party on your website, or have a fun waiting room on zoom with a countdown function. Your friends and family will love all the unique touches and details you planned out, and a countdown adds to the excitement. Check out this site to help you get started.

mom preparing for shower with friends in a zoom
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Step 4: Emails

Emails are a big part of your strategy for the week leading up to the party. Your guests will love hearing from you. A fun way to help them recognize that the email is about the baby shower is through personalizing. You can streamline your whole email sequence so it matches the theme of your shower! How do you do this? Start by:

  • Color and Font

Give your baby shower emails a unique look by using the same font and colors for everything. If your invites are green, make your emails match! And using the same font also adds an air of elegance and clarifies what the email will be about before the guests read. It helps present a uniform look for the party, and it’s a quick and easy way to add some detail.

  • Images or Signature

Another simple way to add some flair is to create a unique signature for your party emails. You can sign your name or give the party a name that you use on every note. You might also think about adding photos or images that reflect your theme. It keeps things interesting as the guests receive messages from you. 

Remember, you can use WebBabyShower to send invites and all additional emails to your guests. You can program your invites to match your theme, which is the easiest way to personalize.

Step 5: Fun Extras

webbabyshower baby shower favors
  • Party Favors 

You can send out small surprises and gifts to your guests throughout your baby shower week. Do this by gathering little themed mementos and mailing them out 10-12 days before the party. Your guests will get an exciting surprise that makes them think of you!

  • Photos

Get photos during the shower of you and your guests over Zoom or Google Hangouts. Send out pictures in an email for your guests to treasure. You can even add the photos you take to your gallery page on our platform. WebBabyShower also offers a way to create an adorable video album. Your loved ones can make their own videos for you as a way to say hello and offer their congratulations.  

baby shower party favors and thank you cards
Image from: michelle.b.clark

How to Automate the Whole Process

Through Gmail and other email sites, it’s very simple to create a batch of messages and then simply set them to be sent at a specific time each day. You can create a week’s worth of emails, then program it to arrive in your friend’s inboxes at the same time in the morning or evening. (For Gmail, simply click the arrow next to the send option, and pick your date and time.) Your guests will feel like they hear from you every day, even if you set things up months before.

When planning or hosting an event for someone, sometimes it’s nice to have everything checked off the list. If you’ve opted for planning your own shower, this is especially true! Create your timeline based on what works for you. When you organize in advance, you can be busy with other things, and your party will practically run itself.

Check on your emails throughout the week if you are available to see who won prizes. Then send them out by mail or have the host or hostess do so. After this, you simply announce the winners at the party and get back to having a good time!

See how a great online baby shower works

Build Your Shower

| WebBabyShower

To Wrap Up…

Your baby shower should be unique and special, and adding all these fun extras is sure to make it so, without creating too much work for you leading up to the big day. Your guests will be thrilled with the effort and time you took to plan things, and they’ll have a blast.

Web baby showers are different from traditional ones. One of the added perks is sending out those extra notes and celebrating the way you want to. WebBabyShower is all about creating a fun experience for you and your guests. We can help extend your party through videos between you and your guests, photos, emails and more. We’re also here to assist with customizable invites, designs, ideas, and information on our blog. Let us help you make this the best event ever! 

All your relatives and friends can enjoy this time with you for more than a day wherever they may be in the world. With these ideas to extend the fun of your virtual baby shower, you can keep them entertained, and create great memories, all week long.

Alex Loredo is a freelance writer and blogger. She utilizes her knowledge of event planning and organization to create content that motivates and inspires. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, baking, or on a never-ending quest for the world’s best cup of coffee.

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