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WebBabyShower sometimes gets asked over the years whether it’s odd to have an online baby shower. We can see how technology may cause confusion on the point, but we have hosted thousands of successful showers for happy families spread across the globe.

As with hosting any type of shower, you need to know the etiquette basics and how to be a good host.

Here are WebBabyShower’s long distance baby shower etiquette suggestions to help ensure that your Web Baby Shower goes over smoothly:

1. Be Genuine

If you have a genuine need for a long distance baby shower, then whether or not it is unusual should not really be a concern. It would be hard to imagine anyone being so snooty as to tell a pregnant woman on bed rest or on military assignment or who have moved away from home for work or school that she can’t have a shower just because she isn’t at home. We help women like that every day.

However, it always behooves a host to be tactful and to not offend the sensibilities of her guests. If you’ve already had an office shower, a girlfriends’ shower, and a family shower, then having a long distance shower should be thought through. Which leads to the second point …

2. Don’t Over Do It

Whether you are getting together in person or online in real time, make sure the shower is in honor of the expecting parent(s) and that the guests feel they have been invited to something unique. This is true of any type of party, really. It’s really easy these days to get caught in some Instagram envy and overdo it online. We all do it and sometimes in our excitement, we overdo it without even realizing it. So yes! we want to see your belly and ultrasound photos, or week by week pics, and we want to hear how everything is going, but let it happen naturally. Our online showers take place over months, not days, so there is plenty of time.

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3. Keep It Private And Special

Web Baby Shower focuses on privacy not only because we have expecting and adopting parents and their babies to protect, but also to provide a more intimate venue for friends and family to gather. If your social media “Event” page becomes publicly available to anyone and everyone searching for online baby shower ideas, it’s probably not going to make your guests feel like they’ve been invited to something unique. This is the downside of a Facebook baby shower. Even if you don’t use Web Baby Shower, we don’t recommend using public “events” or public social media tools built to sell you ads for your online shower. Keep it safe and special!

4. Give Your Guests More To Do Than Just Send Gifts

Would you invite everyone over to your house, grab the gifts out of their hands and slam the door in their faces? Probably not!  The biggest cry of “That’s so tacky!” usually comes when guests feel you’re just making a “thinly veiled” demand for gifts. This goes back to the first point about being genuine, which is a must, but also host your long distance baby shower in a way that makes the guests feel they are more involved than just sending gifts. Web Baby Shower is already set up to accomplish this, and we’ve always been more focused on creating an online gathering than with just sending gifts. For example, there is a guest book for messages and updates, private video hosting for well wishes, a photo album, Birthday Bets game and quiz-style baby games and a baby photo guessing game. Check out all the features here. With so much to do, you will probably have to politely remind your guests to also check out the gift registry links page. 😉

5. Have A Close Friend Help You “Host”

It’s OK for the expecting or adopting parents, or grandparents, to sign up for and even run a Web Baby Shower, however, there is the old fashioned long-time etiquette rule that showers should be hosted by a non-family member. If you think your guests may be sticklers for this point, then ask a close friend to co-host the shower with you. Solved! Web Baby Shower makes it easy to add friends and family as co-hosts so that they can help you send invitations and manage the online shower.

6. Thank Your Guests

It’s up to you to decide if a handwritten note is needed or if an email thank you would suffice (I know Miss Manners may disagree, but I am actually living in this millennium with you). Either way, make sure you graciously accept your guests’ gifts and let them know you are also grateful for their participation in your long distance baby shower. We’ve even got some great thank you messages for you.

With a little bit of long distance baby shower etiquette, throwing an online baby shower can be a tactful and fantastic social alternative when expecting parents are not geographically close to family and friends.